Cop “Accidentally” Shoots and Kills 12-Year-Old Girl While Serving Her Father with an Eviction Notice

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Headlines regarding the police massacre of U.S. citizens they are supposed to “serve and protect” get more disgusting by the day. We don’t even know if 2015 was the deadliest year in that regard, because the feds just now got around to deciding we need a database on how many citizens are killed by police “in the line of duty”. The media outlet the Guardian claims in its tally that at least 1,138 people were killed last year by cops in America. It’s an average of at least three people a day, way more than other Western countries.

Now comes this heartbreaking story out of Pennsylvania.

Twelve-year-old Ciara Meyer was shot and killed while police were serving her father with an eviction notice.

Constable Clarke Steele fired a shot at Ciara’s father Donald Meyer which passed through the man’s arm, striking and killing the little girl. She was pronounced dead at her home.

It all happened in seconds. The story goes that Meyer answered the door to the apartment, then shut it, then opened it again armed with a rifle. He argued with Steele, then “leveled” the rifle at him according to the police version of events. Steele fired off a round at Meyer that passed completely through his left arm and into his kid, killing her. Ciara just happened to be home sick from school that day.

Mr. Meyer has been charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment, and terroristic threats. Constable Steele has voluntarily suspended himself pending the completion of the investigation.

Some will say Meyer is responsible for killing his own daughter for answering the door with a gun. But the real question is, did it have to go this far in the first place?

More and more people are being driven over the edge in the American police state. Its just sad that we live in a country where people are losing their jobs and ability to support themselves and their families left and right, where home after home after home sits vacant across the countryside while people are arrested for feeding a burgeoning homeless population, and where you can get forcibly evicted by law enforcement with no recourse and have your child killed all in the same minute. And the people running things are trying to start more overseas war.

What about the one that’s being fueled right here at home?

Ciara’s mom has set up a GoFundMe account to cover Ciara’s funeral costs.

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  • ISpartaChrisI


  • doucyet

    Dumb a s s cop. Know what’s beyond your target, it’s one of the basic safety rules.

    Very sad……….

  • NonYo Business

    More of that protecting and serving coming your way

  • Abe

    I guess this doesn’t matter since she’s white!

  • Another Thought Criminal

    And yet the father didn’t return fire with the rifle?!

    • Reverend Draco

      Can’t return fire with what the cop invented you have.

      • Deb

        There were witnesses from the apartment complex that confirmed the father leveled the rifle at the constable’s chest! I never cease to be amazed at how freaking gullible you people are to believe this horseshit!

  • Dan Morgan

    Headline should read : Stupid Dad gets daughter killed.
    What exactly did this genius think was gonna happen when he confronted cops with a gun.
    There are plenty of examples of really bad cops out there. But sorry, Dad made this happen.

    • Reverend Draco

      Funny – I must have missed the part where the guy shot his own daughter.

      Or did the gun decide to kill her on it’s own?

      • Dan Morgan

        So, personal responsibility only applies to other people? As a parent and now a grandparent, I can’t imagine putting my kids in this kind of danger.
        My guess is, Dad’s ego got the best of him.
        Answer this Rev, what would your expectations be if you pointed a gun at a cop?

        • BW83

          No, it only applies to cops if you’re in his crowd. I’m as outraged as the next guy when it’s possible it’s the cops fault. Given the information we have, which is the only thing we can judge this on (not by the possibility the info was altered) this is squarely the fathers fault.

          The man opened the door, shut the door, opened it again with a rifle, then pointed it at the cop. Literally every escalation was due to the father. The situation would have never reached the point it did if not for his actions. The fathers fault.

    • BW83

      I bet he didn’t think a pass-through would hit and kill his daughter….

      Yeah, ultimately the dad did take this to the level it got to, and yes the blame should rest heavily on him. All in all a terrible situation for all involved

  • 2016usaofzimbabwe

    Chalk one more up to The bankers/hope and change crowd…….going to see a lot more of this this year…But Obama says everything is lookin up!

  • whiteberry

    What the father did is something you’d do if you WERE HOME ALONE, out of respect for others lives! Standing your ground, if that was his intention, does not include endangering the lives of children. Inappropriate timing on the dad’s part…

  • Guillotine_ready

    Armed gangs with badges, there is no other description of these uniformed thugs. They have the backing of the legal system and local politicians who fear to oppose them because they would stop protecting them.
    We need to disband the cops in every city and provide our own protection from actual crime not victimless crimes meant to bring in more money for these totally corrupt bastards. And as a bonus when the police are disbanded crime actually goes down. Imagine that.

  • signalfire1

    The lack of money killed her also – if the father wasn’t getting evicted, none of this would have happened. Now the house will sit empty and the girl is dead. And the banks? They’re blameless, right?

    • BW83

      Really? Talk about a game of shift the blame. Lets not blame it on the guy that caused it, let’s blame it on the bank that wanted a payment on the loan it made. Not the guy that took a loan he couldn’t pay.

      Or let’s blame it on a cop, performing the job he legally has to do, who has a gun pointed at him by formentioned guy that took out a loan he couldn’t pay (thus violating a contract he agreed to).

  • Pearl Harbor

    What was the constable supposed to do?

    • BW83

      The mob around here has an IQ on the level with a typical mob as well. This mob thinks it’s composed of geniuses that see through the conspiracy though lol

    • BW83

      Obviously the constable was just supposed to let this guy potentially shoot him. By the logic around here he automatically deserves to die for being a cop. The guy who endangered (and ended) his child’s life by instigating a gun fight is clearly a saint.

  • Dan Morgan

    Never happen, maybe when you grow up you’ll understand.
    There are more than enough bad cops out there to direct our energy towards, this article is about bad decisions made by a father, clear and simple.

  • BW83

    You’re an idiot. Seriously. There’s a difference between being an apologist and being realistic, Dan’s being realistic. Then you have the opposite spectrum, you, who will find a way to twist it to a “cop always wrong” conclusion despite all the evidence to the contrary. Then add in the fact your grasp on grammar, punctuation, and the English language in general is weak at best (I bet you hate on immigrants who don’t learn the language), and you resort to the “boot licker” type “logic” that fellow idiots resort to when they have nothing else to fall back on.

    You make all of us with unconventional views regarding government look bad. Go away, shut up, or get an education.

  • BW83

    Thank god we have patriotic warriors like yourself, who can’t grasp the difference between there/their/they’re, to fight the good fight against oppression.

    Glad your trailer park finally got a wifi connection.