COP: “When I Get These Cuffs Off You I’m Going to Kick the Piss Out of You”

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  • You have no rights slave. You should be thankful this fine thug gave you the attention to begin with. Think of all those other sheep out there that want a beat down and arrest, yet he picked you. Where’s the gratitude?

    Seriously, anyone think you’re still living in a free country? This place is getting as bad as any banana republic dictatorship.

  • Bob Stevens

    the police email doesn’t work, use the city admins

    • Anonymous

      Good call. My email was sent. Everyone should say that they expect a response to their questions and will continue following up until a response is received. Do not let this go unanswered.

  • yeeee hawwwwwwwwww



  • William Simpson

    I have a can of mace in my car just for this.

    • KillEmAll

      I’ve got a .40 in my truck just for this….


    There is PLENTY of .40 caliber available still…

  • Roger Stearns

    email link is bouncing back but someone did answer the phone so keep those call going. This officer represents a far greater threat to society than a loud muffler. No way in hell should he be allowedt o continue to act with any authority. Way to go to the young man who did not cave in to this thug.

  • Redrum

    Emakl these Gestapo them know what scum they are.

  • charlie tango

    Every order deserves a bill. Comply and bill for the order. The man in uniform should have a psych eval.

  • SKIP

    Sometimes these police that act like this need to be reminded that they have families, children and loved ones and if they do not play by the rules then there are no rules and families are no longer sacrosanct. I like the scene in “Sons of Anarchy” where the bikers get their revenge, as they said they would, on the abusive deputy.

  • No names?

  • anon45

    Cops in NJ are contracts they are not oath keepers people. They are ran by BLACK WATER. WAKE UP.

    • anon45

      You can kill them and get away with it! But just don’t go after one go after them all!

  • tayronachan

    I’m not even going to watch the video. Why? because I feel like I’ve seen enough videos of police officers being abusive. I’d like to see some videos of good officers helping people.