Cop Stomps Handcuffed Man’s Head as He’s Lying on the Ground

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The police in this country catch a lot of flak for the level of force that they often use to subdue suspects. But what is far more shocking and disgusting, is how some suspects are treated long after they’ve been subdued and arrested. When that happens, there can be no debate about whether or not the actions of the police were justified, or if they feared for their lives.

That certainly seems to the case with an incident that occurred in Columbus, Ohio last weekend. On Saturday, officers with the Columbus Police Department arrested 22-year-old Demarko Anderson after hearing reports of shots being fired in the neighborhood. After he was searched, the police discovered crack cocaine and a gun on him. He eventually received weapon and drug related charges.

Though Anderson’s arrest sounds totally justified, what happened after he was in cuffs is inexcusable. A woman who lived where the arrest took place filmed the incident, and caught Officer Zachary Rosen stomping Anderson’s head while he was completely helpless.

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Once the video surfaced, Rosen was immediately reassigned to non-patrol duties. The Columbus Police Department says that what he did was “inconsistent with department training and values,” and that he may face disciplinary actions pending an investigation. Roiesha Peteford, the woman who filmed the incident, told the local news that “He didn’t have to do that, he’s already down and handcuffed. I could see if he was trying to get away.”

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