Cop Shoots 20-lb Puppy While Writing Owner a Parking Ticket

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by JG Vibes

This week a family in the Chicago area is outraged after a police officer shot their 20lb puppy, during a situation where the officer was writing the owner a parking ticket out front of their own house.

According to a local fox affiliate:

A North Side family is furious over what they claim was an unjustified police shooting of their 7-month-old miniature bull terrier, Colonel Phillips, known to the neighborhood as “The Colonel.” Residents are also upset, not just because police shot a puppy they all knew, but also because the shooting occurred not far from a preschool, on a street where pedestrians including children could have been hurt.  He was shot by a Chicago Police officer in front of his owner’s gated, North Side home. Police were writing a parking ticket for a van belonging to Al Phillips, so Phillips came out to move the vehicle.

“My little bull terrier followed me out,” Phillips explains. “Then, all I hear is boom! Boom! Two shots. You shot the dog!”

Morgan Phillips, Al’s daughter, rushed the dog to an emergency vet.

“He needed five hours surgery. They took shrapnel out of his stomach. He had shell casing in his leg. It lacerated his muscle. We were going to show him, but we can’t now,” Morgan says.

The article also said that:

While FOX 32′s Larry Yellen was interviewing the dog’s owners, two police officers drove by the home. 90 minutes later, they came back, asked why Phillips why he had contacted the media and gave him a ticket for not keeping Colonel on a leash.

“They were giving us a ticket, three days after the fact,” says Phillips. “So I think they’re probably trying to cover their rear ends.”

A police spokesman says the shooting is being investigated by the independent police review authority, which investigates all police shootings. The Phillips family says they’re considering a petition drive to have the officer who shot their dog taken off the streets.  They also say that after shooting the dog, the officer put his gun back in his holster, and calmly finished writing the ticket for their van.

After the initial report, FOX 32 posted a followup story saying that the puppy is alive and has been released from the clinic, but still in very serious condition, the article also stated that the family plans on suing.


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  • Robert Ussery

    Just letting you in on a little secret “pig” , I would have just as calmly walked back to my front door , reached around the corner and brought out my AR 15 , put the bead square on your mouth and blown you away . I would have then walked over to your corpse , emptied the other 29 rounds into your throat and chest , severing your head , slapped in the second attached magazine and pumped another 30 into what was left of your skull . No open casket for you , hero . You have my real name now so gimme a holler , so I will be inspired to make the trip to punish you . Your day of judgement will be soon , you evil filth .I pray your final day on earth is the one I have imagined …

    • Anonymous

      As a dog lover myself…. I gotta agree with ya

  • terbi

    It’s high time that police were held accountable for their actions, just like the president and the rest of the whitehouse scum- Most everyone in the U.S. has had it with all the top authorities doing what they seem to think they can get away with- I don’t blame you one damn bit for feeling the way you do, and I feel the same way- I’d do it, too, if I had to- I DON’T have a problem with that at all-These ‘IDIOTS’ need to be put in their place, or in the ground, one of the two- If they don’t like it, they can drop and hug-

  • WTF

    How do you get shell casings in a dog’s leg?

    • SKIP

      Not everyone is familiar with weapons/ammo terminology, most of us here know what she meant.

  • Vic


  • Smarty

    This dirty fu%cking pig needs to be exterminated. It’s nice to know that the community now knows who this pig is, and appropriate action can be taken. This pig is a power hungry little girl, but even little girls will get what they deserve when they misbehave.

  • Wolf

    Most cops are scum. Not all, but most. I hope people will wake up soon but Im not going to hold my breath. I will refuse to be run over by a scum cop, or anyone else for that matter. What about you?

  • Sons of Liberty

    Now there’s a reason to ban weapons- from law enforcement not law abiding citizens! Why do they have weapons in the first place? Their job is to investigate crimes and make arrest after the crime has been committed, not to protect us- that’s each individuals responsibility to do so! If every abiding citizen was arm armed( yes learning how to use it included) even a dumb criminal

  • Sons of Liberty

    would even think twice!