Cop Says to Terrified Woman After Shattering Her Car Window: “You wouldn’t comply”

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“Because I said so, that’s why.”

That is the creed of authoritarians and thugs in jackboots the world over and that was basically what occurred in this traffic stop gone terribly wrong.

A simple traffic violation ended up with an angry cop shattering a terrified woman’s car window and forcing her to the pavement face down simply because she only wanted to roll the window down half way. In true “serve and protect fashion” the officer said to terrified woman, “If you don’t open the window I”m going to break the window.”

The woman made no attempt to roll the window up on his fingers. She didn’t wave around a weapon. She didn’t attempt to put the car into gear and flee. She kept her hands in plain sight on the steering wheel throughout the encounter (until, of course, she was cringing away from the flying glass). She simply refused to open the window all the way, a tactic that is often recommended to women alone when they are in a situation with police that makes them feel uncomfortable. This particular cop must have missed the PSA advising women to be cautious because her attempt to politely maintain her safety apparently enraged him.

When the woman calmly and reasonably asked why he insisted the window be rolled down more than halfway, while steadfastly refusing to cave to his raised voice and threats, the uniformed bully escalated, shattering her window and sending glass all over her as she visibly cringed away from him. She was then dragged from the car and placed face down on the pavement before being cuffed.

When she asked why, the answer was simply, “You wouldn’t comply.”

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  • One more example of jackboots that DO NOT KNOW THE LAW and will VIOLATE YOUR RIGHTS with zero repercussions in almost every case. Tyranny rising motherfuckers.

    • The more these traitor bastards get away with the more of this we are going to see.When will enough be enough?

  • I guess,she didn’t feel like being RAPED on the side of the road in front of anyone passing by,RAPE BY POLICE GANGS,of young women is VERY common now days,TO BAD ALL THE MEN were put into prison for noT KISSING THE GOVERNMENTS ASS,now all you women have a problem,THE ALPHA MALES are in prison,and now your on your own,AND THE POLICE GANGS KNOW IT…………….

    • Libby

      Do you know of anywhere that rapes of women are performed by policemen? This doesn’t pass the smell test.

      • javelin

        yes…daily. and also acts of molestations etc…It is time for your eye opening and the scales to be removed…here you go……..take the red pill

        • mike

          i bet you actually believe the bs spewing from your
          mouth. like everyone who signs up to be a cop signed up to rape some helpless black women. pathetic display of intellect.

      • agmand

        Yes, I do.
        In LA both police officers and sheriff’s deputies were arrested and locked up for REPEATEDLY raping and abusing women they came in contact with while on duty.

  • GrandpaSpeaks

    You will comply. Resistance is futile. I can hear taps playing softly. For the country.

  • Chris Jones

    Its for the safety of all……

  • general777

    Can we call them jack ass thugs instead of jack boot

  • Chris

    typical pig

  • No JO JO

    I’ll $10 that the Police thug is a X Iraq/Afg vet.
    At least the city has one good point–forces the cop to wear a body camera. just imagine if the lady did a serious crime (spit on his shoe) and what this freak would have done–Teazer or shot dead.

  • good cops need to start executing bad cops, else more innocents will suffer like this lady who had caused NO HARM or LOSS, unlike that fascist swine of a cop.

  • This is why every time one of these jack-booted thugs takes a cap my nipples get hard.

    • Sambo

      Yours too? Heh heh

  • Copsuck

    And pigs wonder why we hate them. They can do anything they want and charge us with what THEY have done yet they walk away free every time.

    Most cops I have met cant even explain the laws they say they are enforcing.

    They are sanctioned domestic terrorists, you call them what you want but it will never change what they are.

  • Jeff Simpson

    The cops always say their victims the ‘didn’t comply’. As though their word was god’s. As though every order they give is moral or just or even legal smh

  • buddy smith

    what do you expect from a typical cop with a 2 digit IQ

  • Harvey1

    The officer was dead wrong! She was wrong when she rolled the window completely up. The officer lied when he said she tried to roll the window up with his hands inside!
    The PD and city might as well get the check book out and ask how much she wants.
    The male cops needs to be fired and charges with assault and civil rights violations.

  • Did I hear the pig bitch tell her shes gonna get tazed, circa- 2:35. If the jackass is concerned for his safety now, the piss ant, bedwetting pillow biter is gonna be in for a big surprise one day for too long. Reciprocate their actions in kind. Semper Fi. III

  • Poupinette

    She just needed to call 911.

  • Kulafarmer

    Guys like that should be hunted down and gutted like the pigs they act like

    • Andy

      When the 2nd Revolution starts a lot of these type cops will be hunted down and dealt with harshly,so they better watch out how they treat citizens.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

      • Little Bright Feather

        Amen !

    • Tamara

      Pigs (the animal) don’t even act like these cops act. Please stop putting up with these actions or they will only get worse!

  • We should have a very long memory of whom in power abuses us and who followed the order to do the abuse.
    Perhaps if tyrants’ heads (and also their enablers) were still routinely mounted on sticks alongside the highway, for both a punishment and a reminder of their misdeeds, we wouldn’t have to endure such foolish people as them and the evil they set upon us.

    • Sambo

      I agree Carl. Karma is keeps score, she is a B’eotch in that respect.

    • Jean

      Carl, that’s BARBARIC!
      Leaving the head even REMOTELY intact.

      It should be properly removed, with a .50 or larger. And if the splash damage kills their family or frieds – say, you scored an RPG – Oh, well. Accidents happen…


  • 0jr

    the race card won’t work on this 1 she did roll the window up she needs to see a head dr.

    • Jean

      For telling a Cop “no” she’s mentally ill?

      I think you’re projecting a bit. I bet you tell cops YES all the time… 😛

  • Fab Fred

    How appropriate, the police dog [copette] or accomplice has “Police K9” on its body.
    Woof Woof!

    • Jean

      And shooting, stabbing, or even throwing a K9 off you is considered assault on an officer.

      For dealing with dogs: DO NOT try to pull away – PUSH INTO them. Dog’s teeth are designed to keep things IN their mouth – pull away, make damage worse. Grab the back of the head, shove INTO the mouth – you push their jaws open. Still damaged, but less tearing done to you – you retain more function. Also – you now have a lever to maneuver their head.
      Especially for a decent-sized male, you get one inside the mouth, you get the other arm behind the head, they can’t keep biting, and you can wrench their head off their spine. Best if you also trap the body. Dogs don’t think this way, it’s tooth and claw – you can practice with any family pet, though. Your hands are equal to their mouths, but we outweigh them and are (normally) smarter. Control your fear, control their animal, kill their animal. (Killing a cop, be warned.)
      Proceed to kill the officers if possible, or run if not feasible to kill Piggy.

      Address Piggy another day. And remember, gas, glass, and rags are cheap – find Piggy at home, light’em up. That means the family…

      It’s LONG PAST TIME to say, “ENOUGH!”
      This country was founded on a list of abuses – ALL OF WHICH WE HAVE EXCEEDED!

      Why did it come to this without violence already? (Not that I’m complaining, mind, avoiding violence is better, but since war is coming, PLANNED FOR even – let’s make sure it’s on OUR terms and not after THEY are all set for any resistance.)

      • GrandpaSpeaks

        Jean, another tactic uses the fact a dogs front legs cannot open wide like ours without splitting their sternum. Square off the attack, legs slightly bent, arms and hands at waist height. The dog will go for your arms/hands. When the dogs front legs leave the ground grab them and use the momentum from the dogs attack to do a backwards summersault while holding their front legs. Send them to the rainbow bridge, then duck and cover. A bicycle rider attacked by a pit bull yelled “Get off the couch” at the dog. The dog stopped in his tracks. Got to box out of the think. Thanks Jean, fare well.

  • DRG

    In all fairness to the officer, he must have given her 150 chances to “comply” and he answered her questions of what did she do, and why was she being detained, almost as many times. She just kept ignoring his answers and asked again, exactly like a 2-year-old. I did not think his tone of voice was rude or belligerent. I have seen and heard of plenty of bad cops but I don’t think this one was that bad.

    • Davidski

      Are you fucking serious? She has no legal obligation to do any more than facilitate the traffic stop, in this case by having the window down enough to do the business and then leave. he didn’t detain or put her under arrest and saying she was being detained and then smashing her property, not reading her her rights and acting like a childish cunt makes him an asshole.

    • badgesniper

      GFY dead trollllllllllll

    • Jean

      Why did she have any REASON to comply?
      He got what he needed without her leaving herself exposed to what might just as easily have been a criminal impersonating an officer. IT DOES HAPPEN.
      And this isn’t the first time this sort of incident has happened.
      Look up also: Puppycide
      Search Youtube for “cops plant evidence”
      Watch the OLD “COPS” shows compared to the new ones.

      PoliceOne is a good site – for fellators of pigs works, too – but from the anti-cop side.

      Cops are backed by lethal force if you don’t bend over pre-emptively. You need to check yourself, you’re indoctrinated into subservience.

  • tinhat

    The law enforcement has changed from helping to bullies “Do as I say or I will arrest you” Soon te people will start to fight back and all will lose

    • Jean

      Not really, THEY lose faster – they run out of bodies to throw at us. Especially if we have a watershed moment and act en masse.

  • Davidski

    Hopefully he is now looking for another job. Time to start following these cunts home after work and dishing out some of teh same treatment to them and their fucking families. What a piece of shit.

  • Anonymous

    It’s never been this bad.

  • The window halfway down was plenty-enough. She said why and he said because I said so? These thug cops are out of hand.

  • Mike

    Many of you lay blame with the officer. This idiot was given plenty of time to respond to his requests. Only after she attempts to roll the window up on his arm does he resort to force. HER FAULT!!!

    • badgesniper

      GFY dead trolllllllllll

    • Franco

      ‘Only after she attempts to roll the window up
      on his arm does he resorts to force.’
      Are you serious?? Look at the video one more
      time.. His arm or hands were nowhere near the
      window.. HIS FAULT!!!!

  • badgesniper

    I cannot wait for the war to start. One the 1st day, I will KILL at least 10 pigscum. Then the zioscum are next, then the banksters and their families, then the rich corporate scum and their families, AND of course, all the DEAD cia TROLLLLLS we ID., etc etc etc etc etc. I will use bullets as little as possible. Knives, flamethrowers, bats, whatever kills the slowest and most painfully. …Molon Labe.

  • Little Bright Feather

    ALL Police need to be eliminated or else we the people must begin attacking THEM sinec they are armed criminals on our streets where they pose the most danger to all of society. Ever since 2001 when Bush gave new orders to the Police (that Lincoln created by the way and disarmed the citizens who were the law enforcement up to that time) the cops have had freedom to do ANYTHING THEY WANTED TO WITHOUT ACCOUNTABILITY ! Their new Bush orders were to intimidate the public into compliance with whatever they were ordered to do and there were no limits placed on what they can be ordered to do – so poliice have free reign to rape, beat,tase, etc anyone at any age they want to. Police and TSA have the “duty” to force the public into total compliance and fear and slavery anyway they see fit to do it – they have no limits since 2001. The Police (not the Sheriff) are a Federal entity. Bush also militarized them so they could inflict the most fear and damage on the public. They are a criminal Communist gang that needs to have the fear of God put into them by he public and they must be eliminated from society – the Polcie were a Communist ploy in Lincoln’s NEW DC Marxist system he established in 1861 with a full coup on the Founders DC govt..This is TRUE hisotry that no one in this country was to ever find out about – all the govt schools have fed propaganda and fabricated ‘history’ to the public for the past 155 years and it is called RECONSTRUCTION and it’s still going on. Remember ANY Country with a govt run and controlled school system IS A DICTATORSHIP by definition ! YOU have just been MADE to accept it all as “normal” – but this Lincoln system we are still under, is the opposite of what the Founders established. WE have been under a Communist system, since Lincoln established it in 1861 but since y’all have been born to it – you think of it as “normal” since you have never experienced real freedom that the Founders established this land to be. A slave does not know he is a slave when he is born to it and knows nothing else and is told that slavery is ‘freedom’. THAT is exactly what has happened in America ! WE have been made slaves to the DC entity since 1861. This is why every student that goes to a govt school (they are ALL govt run and controlled schools) has been made to honor, practially worship the dictator tyrant Lincoln – because he is the one who establdhed the foundation of the Eltie’s OWG in 1861. Lincoln is of the Rothschild Elite line in spite of the fact he was born illegitimate to a North Carolina barmaid. Today Obama walks in his shoes. Follows the exact same path as he did. NOTHING you have been taught and TOLD to believe about Lincoln is true – like Obama – his entire life and birth was CREATED. The public would be shocked to know our TRUE real history that has been very well hidden. Odd how no one has ever asked for PROOF of anything the DC System has told us to believe, yet put some real truth out there, and everyone yells ‘show us the proof’ ! This is the Communist system – where the programmed public is MADE to reject truth and accept lies. It’s the master manipulation from the Communist Manifesto that DC has followed to the letter since 1861. Wake up Amreica – you have been had and manipulated and fully programmed and mind-controlled by DC all your lives! Never believe ANYTHING from out of DC ! Get some truth history books – they are out there ! Like “Lincoln’s Marxists” ; “Everything You Were Told About the Civil War Was Wrong” ; “The South Was Right” – everyone raves about this book !; “War Crimes Against the Southern Civilians” – written by those who lived it and compiled by Walter Brian Cisco. “Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists”. “Facist Socialism in America” by William M Knight. These books give you documented details. And this just scratches th surface – there are like 1500 TRUE history books out there. And none of them are written by DC’s David Barton either !

    • badgesniper

      Little Feather, glad to see another awake Patriot, like so many of us here. History, particularly since 1861, is a huge LIE, as you pointed out. The good news is that on day one of the war, for the actual suicidal cops who report to work, well over 200,000 cops will get what they have been BEGGING for, a wall of Patriotic lead, straight to their putrid bodies… USI [united states of israhell] will become the USA again. Please, let’s get it started! I am MORE than ready.

  • dan

    a non victim and non violent traffic citation…turns into a violent one sided confrontation….because a citizen ask a question of a ‘police officer’..and he answers her with a violent physical refusal to answer her oral question…after his unacceptable and unlawful actions..he answers her question…with a standard unlawful did not comply…as in his unlawful request for her to obey him….Every day these events are happening in this country….soon they will stop….the end is near….law and order will be restored to this Republic…..and the tyrants will be judged by the people……imho

  • Non-compliant American


  • Libby

    Daily Sheeple: I am done with your site as the people who comment have no other way to express themselves unless they use nasty words or engage in name-calling. To have a coherent thought with back up fact or logic is not a strong point with you.

    • badgesniper

      CYA back to the cia for you.

    • Rascle


    • PoorLibby

      Maybe we behave as we do because we are sick and tired of wilful blind ignorance and acceptance by people like you. The time has come to choose a side so be sure to choose wisely. You either choose the side of violent sanctioned offenders or citizens standing up for thier rights and freedoms. We may use “nasty words or engage in name-calling” but we are also the ones that will step up in a crisis and assist you without hesitation or reward. Try and get one of the politically correct crowd of Obamanation to lend a hand. They wont make the effort to help themselves and I promise you they are alot less tactful than we are.

      As to the part of your comment about fact of logic… you previous comment about cops raping was responded to with 2 decent comments and a link. Follow it and you might learn something. Google is your friend as well, you can learn even more. Maybe you have lived a sheltered life thus far but soon enough you will have to face the cold hard reality of what this country is becoming. I sure hope you find the truth before the truth finds you.

  • Bob Marshall

    The police who are more like the gestapo do protect and serve. Just not the public. In truth, they never did.

  • yeh sure

    I fear greatly that the police have lost the trust of the people. They run amok and do not look to their own indiscretions for fault. They say they police their own but they do not cross the thin blue line. The good ones don’t control the bad ones. Most people wonder if there even any good ones left.

    Yet any action on the part of the citizen is “an offence”. I don’t wish for bad things to happen to police but history shows again and again that when the people lose trust and confidence in those supposedly protecting them that there will be trouble on a grand scale at the very first possible opportunity. Think LA riots times 100.

    I beg all policemen to immediately reflect on these words and to pull back the steroid driven attitude towards the already stressed herd. You might think you are tough but that’s because you attack 1 person with 10 swat troops. You are no tougher than anyone else when 1:1 or worse for you, 50000:1000 against you. These are the kinds of dire odds you face.

    Failure to comply, and I mean right damned quickly, is going to lead to the deaths of many good people. There is no way the police can protect themselves once the crowd turns on you. I don’t want it. I don’t want the martial law that will likely ensue. But you keep pushing and pushing. You keep violating the law and the constitution. You keep believing that you are a special class with your own set of rules that average citizens are somehow below. Again, this is the lesson of history. Please heed it IMMEDIATELY and back off or you are putting us all in incredible jeopardy.