Cop Claims Dogs Were Shot For “Charging” Officer, Video Proves The Cop Is Lying

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Ciroc suffered from a broken jaw and is recovering from the bullet he took to his face.

Remember the video of the Minneapolis police officer shooting two dogs in a yard? Well, police have come out swinging, saying that the dogs “charged” the officer.

Jennifer LeMay, the dogs’ owner, bristled at the suggestion that either dog charged at the officer, whom she identified as Michael Mays. “Video surveillance doesn’t lie,” she said. For those who have not yet seen the surveillance video of the “charging dogs,” it’s being included. Jennifer LeMay uploaded the video to Facebook after the trigger-happy cop shoot her two service dogs while wagging their tails.

*This video is graphic and shows a police officer shooting two dogs. It may not be suitable for all viewers.

On the video, a uniformed Minneapolis police officer can be seen shooting the dogs, who are obviously not charging or a threat to the cop in any way, while the cop is in the dog’s yard. In fact, Ciroc is clearly wagging his tail. Yet, the Minneapolis police department says that cop was justified in the shooting of these animals, and they are willing to pay for some of LeMay’s veterinarian bills.


Rocko after his surgery.

A police report filed in the shooting of two dogs inside their north Minneapolis yard by an officer says the animals “charged at [the] officer,” an account that appears to widely differ from the resident’s security video of the encounter. Police Chief Janeé Harteau did not criticize the actions of the officer who shot the two dogs, but on Monday said the department “will be implementing mandatory training specifically for officers identifying effective tools and tactical strategies with police and dog encounters.” In a statement, she said the video of the officer shooting the two dogs “was difficult to watch.”

Harteau said her department will help the family with the veterinary bills “to ensure that both dogs are adequately taken care of.” Meaning the cop’s negligence will once again, fall onto the backs of the taxpayers. If the cop was justified in shooting these “charging” dogs, why is the police department offering to help pay? Obviously, someone here is lying and based on the video, it’s the police.

There is a now also a petition titled “Justice for Ciroc and Rocko,” which demands that the cop who shot the dogs be fired immediately. According to the petition, “thankfully, it appears the animals will survive, and donations have poured into a Gofundme account the family set up to help pay for the vet bills.”

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  • Roy Hobs

    Let’s see a Politician (whatever the hell that means) step up to the plate and actually “work” to write a bill prosecuting trigger happy dog killers.

  • Jeff

    Maybe the cop was just wondering “What’s for dinner?” and thought: “Hmmmm. Dog.”

  • Howard Beale

    Cops are lying, thieving scum. The worst of the worst gravitate to that profession.

  • Beauzy

    What a gutless individual
    Yellow as a lemon

  • dav1bg

    Problem is they are doing the same to people. WTF.

  • Hyper88

    That pos needs to be hunted down and treated in the same fashion. That’s not a person out to protect and serve. Nothing but a low life in a uniform.

  • James

    Be thankful she did not turn a child out in the yard. As the cops say a dog a day saves lives.

  • jimmy joe

    So, the fucker lied. That tells me anything it says is a lie, all reports need to be scrutinized now, because it lied and the video proves it lied!! No credibility there!!! The union will back up those proven lies too!!

  • RMS1911

    They will think it’s a big deal when we start treating them like that.
    Just shoot them on sight be sure to tell yell let me see your hands at least three times while shooting.
    Then when they’re down stomp on them while yelling stop resisting everytime you stomp or punch them.
    When questioned just repeat how you were afraid for your life and the most important thing is that you go home at night.(Constitution be damned)
    Be sure to reiterate how you’re a self proclaimed hero and without you in three days society will collapse into total anarchy.