Cop Beats Up Young Man with Down Syndrome for Packing…a Colostomy Bag

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This is apparently what happens when a 22-year-old with down syndrome attempts to walk half a block home at 9:30 at night by himself in Miami-Dade, Florida:

Gilberto Powell says the police were following him in their cruiser as he was walking home. The police report says the officers decided to stop Gilberto after they noticed a “bulge” in Gilberto’s pants. After an officer tried to conduct a patdown, the report claims Gilberto attempted to flee.

Gilberto denies trying to run away and says he did everything the officer asked him to do. What happened next resulted in the photograph above.

After Powell was finally handcuffed and questioned, the officers realized he was “mentally challenged, was not capable of understanding our commands, and that the bulge in his waistband was a colostomy bag,” the report said. (source)

By that time, Gilberto had been hit, knocked to the ground and the bag had reportedly been ripped from his body. The father says by the time he and Gilberto’s mother ran outside to their son, the cops had removed Gilberto’s pants and had him out there by his boxer shorts.

The mother asked the officer, “Didn’t you know he was a Down Syndrome kid?” to which the cop responded, “I’m not a doctor, I didn’t know.”

The family’s attorney Philip Gold said that it should’ve been immediately obvious that Gilberto has special needs:

If you just look at Gilberto, he 5-foot-3, 130 pounds with Down Syndrome, it’s 100 percent obvious he has Down Syndrome,” he said. It’s impossible to believe [the police’s story] if you hear one word out of Gilberto’s mouth.” (source)

The case in currently under investigation. The family wants an apology.

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  • Mark Robertson

    Everyday the Police get one step closer to being a statistic themselves! The joke is, when it happens, they will wonder why? (Crazy world.)

  • lan

    The police shoot and kill 500 innocent people each year. The number of beat downs such as this are not even tracked but they must be in the hundreds each day. That and the routine murder of family pets in their own fenced yards.

    When will it be enough?

    • Reverend Draco

      Meanwhile, fewer than a hundred donut grazers are killed – while they whine and cry about “officer safety.”

      What about “innocent people safety?”

      These tax leeches need to start appearing scattered throughout random dumpsters.

      • Booo

        Don’t know if that is proper. It would be proper to demand the SOB that hired that officer be fired along with the stupid perp cop.

        • matism

          They’d both be picked up by another pig sty a few miles down the road in a matter of days.

          • Ike

            Don’t forget or forgive the power that lets these oikers do it. The city or municipal officials are more responsible for hiring men with IQ’s of 20.

          • matism

            Their Masters indeed do deserve the special “rewards” coming to them. But this swill, even with the IQs they possess, are able to tell right from wrong. Yet they keep insisting “I VUS CHUST DOINK MEIN CHOB!!!” and “I SEE NOTHINK!!!

            Gotta clean out the enablers first. After enough of their corpses are stacked in the streets, their Masters will be easy pickin’s at one’s leisure.

          • nevilleross

            I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again-we in North America need to do what’s done elsewhere with regards to how cops are trained:

            Education is highly stressed in police recruitment and promotion.
            Entrance to the force is determined by examinations administered by each prefecture. Examinees are divided into two groups: upper-secondary-school graduates and university graduates. Recruits underwent rigorous training—one year for upper-secondary school
            graduates and six months for university graduates—at the residential police academy attached to the prefectural headquarters. On completion of basic training, most police officers are assigned to local police boxes
            called Kobans. Promotion is achieved by examination and requires further course work. In-service training provides mandatory continuing
            educationin more than 100 fields. Police officers with upper-secondary school diplomas are eligible to take the examination for sergeant after three years of on-the-job experience. University graduates can take the examination after only one year. University graduates are also eligible to take the examination for assistant police inspector, police
            inspector, and superintendent after shorter periods than upper-secondary school graduates. There are usually five to fifteen examinees for each opening.

            About fifteen officers per year pass advanced civil service examinations
            and are admitted as senior officers. Officers are groomed for
            administrative positions, and, although some rise through the ranks to become senior administrators, most such positions are held by specially recruited senior executives.

            The police forces are subject to external oversight. Although
            officials of the National Public Safety Commission generally defer to police decisions and rarely exercise their powers to check police actions or operations, police are liable for civil and criminal
            prosecution, and the media actively publicizes police misdeeds. The
            Human Rights Bureau of the Ministry of Justice solicits and investigates complaints against public officials, including police, and prefectural legislatures could summon police chiefs
            for questioning. Social sanctions and peer pressure also constrain
            police behavior. As in other occupational groups in Japan, police officers develop an allegiance to their own group and a reluctance to offend its principles.

            Law enforcement in Japan: Conditions of service

        • StellaDavis Virgil

          I’m with you!!! Take the firing up the chain of command! They are all responsible for this ignorance disguised as law enforcement

  • Truth, Justice & AMERICAN Way

    Time to Hang da ILLEGAL COPS in the middle of the mall parking lot…the only good thing about a PIG is … BACON

  • madtxn

    only an apology, he^^, there are probably 100 attorney scum banging down the door. i hope when they are guilty, they and not the taxpayer pay the award. making them pay and prison for abuse, might help curtail the “punish and penalize” crew.

  • Police state du jour.

  • Booo

    Another point. If every citizen in that town showed up in the mayors office demand accountability. Then we might have a chance for accountability. Till then just keep pissing and moaning. Stand up take your country back. Do not tolerate this kind of ignorance from any elected official. Time to STAND up.

  • matism

    I think that pig’s corpse needs to be in the street. Stacked with the corpses of every of his fellow pigs in that department.

  • The family should get a muti-million dollar apology…

  • John W Weaver

    I fully support the killing of those sub human sissies.

  • John W Weaver

    Someone needs to find out their personal addresses and post them. Some nut job will do the rest.

  • chthompson

    Apology??? I would be suing the PANTS off of these maniacs!

  • Cracker122049

    He doesn’t know the law at all,he makes his own as he goes along.All a cop need to know is to do whatever his superiors tell him to do without question and ignore the Constitution because it only gets in the way of their power trip!

  • Peter Steele

    Wow, apparently this cop was a real role model, besides beating and ripping out Gilberto’s colostomy bag 3 years ago (no consequences to officer Villa for that btw), in 2007 he headbutted and choked his sister saying “Fuck you, bitch. I feel like killing you,” (no consequences again), in 2009 he kicked and elbowed Delroy Hibbert for smoking a joint so hard that he shit his pants (got away with that too), in 2011 got away without any of those pesky “excessive force” labels after killing an unarmed Durrall Miller and also that year with 10 other cops open fired during a raid killing three robbery suspects and their informant Rosendo Betancourt (who got thanked with 2 bullets to the head). Officer Villa did however get charged and suspended after passing out drunk behind the wheel of his squad car, naked but for a pair of cargo shorts, with only his drunken foot preventing the vehicle from rolling into a busy West Kendall intersection.

  • Gen


  • Lord_Mithras

    These cops need to get their ass beat. When we the citizens of this country finally rise up and take our country back, these fascist pigs are going to learn some goddamn manners.

  • J.J.

    That cop deserves to lose his job, hows a fucking idiot cop like that even get to wear that badge. I guess theyre giving it out to every dumb shit out there now? I hope your readign this whoever that cops was I want to tell you that YOUR A FUCKING MORON PIECE OF SHIT THAT MAKES GOOD COPS LOOK BAD.

  • no

    The mother asked the officer, “Didn’t you know he was a Down Syndrome kid?” to which the cop responded, “I’m not a doctor, I didn’t know.”

    Arent these the same people who lecture ‘ignorance of the law is no excuse?’ to people with minor infractions before throwing the book at them?

    Personally I wouldnt want anyone that ignorant making hamburgers,much less being in charge of public safety

  • Donna Manning

    Okay, so it’s 4 years later. What was the outcome?

  • lindasek