Conspiracy Theory: Stephen Hawking Died and Was Replaced a Long Time Ago

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Editor’s Note: There are a lot of conspiracy theories going around about Stephen Hawking: that he’s a cyborg/robot, that he’s taking pills like the ones depicted in the film Limitless in order to stay alive so long, and the one about to be presented for your consideration — that he actually died a long time ago and was simply replaced by a new, stand-in Stephen Hawking.

Others have said the only reason Hawking has become the fodder of such theories in recent years is that he came out publicly against the dangers of CERN. Either way, it is hard to deny this evidence is compelling. What do you think? At the very least, is Hawking the recipient of some amazing new medical breakthrough that is being withheld from the rest of the population that would enable a man with ALS to not only live to be 74 but actually appear to get younger over time?

Not that medical breakthroughs that allow certain people to live really long lives would be all that much of a conspiracy… the Powers That Shouldn’t Be don’t want everyone living forever…

Stephen Hawking Died and has been Replaced
by Miles Mathis
(First published April 17, 2015)

I have written several papers critiquing Stephen Hawking, including a long one on his Brave New World series for the BBC. But this is my first paper really linking my science research with my faked events research. I will use simple photo analysis and facial analysis to quickly show you the current Stephen Hawking is not the same person as the original Stephen Hawking.

This should not surprise you too much, especially if you know something about ALS. ALS is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. We are told Hawking has had ALS for over 52 years, which is a record by many decades. Jason Becker is the only person I have heard of who has lived more than 20 years with the disease, so there is about a three-decade difference between the longest survivor and the second longest survivor. That is a more than 100% difference between first and second place. It would be like Justin Gatlin running the 100 meters in 9.8 seconds, and Usain Bolt beating him with a time of 4.5 seconds. In other words, statistically it doesn’t happen.

The average survival time for ALS is four years. When Hawking was first diagnosed in 1963, doctors gave him two years to live. And yet here we are, 52 years later and counting. Should you believe it? Well, no. Like Becker, it appears the real Hawking did beat the odds and live for about 20 years. But at some point he was replaced. I have no proof he died, but I assume that is why they replaced him. He was a very useful public relations entity for physics, and they didn’t want to lose him.

But rather than speculate on that, let us go right to the evidence. I won’t call it proof, since of course you are free to disagree with me. This is an opinion piece, not a court transcript; and even if it were a stamped court finding, you would be free to disagree with it. You don’t have to agree with anything anyone tells you, ever. Remember that. This paper is nothing more than presented evidence, evidence I find compelling. If you also find it compelling, fine. If you don’t, also fine.

The picture under title is the real Hawking. Notice the longish face and skinny neck. Also notice the dark brown hair. Here is another picture of the real Hawking:


Let that etch into your brain. This is also Hawking, a few years later:


You see that his hair is turning gray. But the thing to notice here is his teeth. Pretty awful, right?

Well, it gets worse.


He is now fully gray, and he has pretty much lost his lower teeth. I am not a dentist and don’t know exactly what is going on there, but it looks like those teeth have been filed down or chipped down, with only stub fillings left. The next step would be dentures, right?


Well, no. The next step, apparently, was going from gray to blonde, even in the eyebrows, and a whole new set of old yellow teeth. He also bought some new fat cheeks. Amazing right?

Actually, that is the replacement. That isn’t Hawking, as I hope you can see now that I point it out. Go back two photos and compare the teeth directly. Not even close. They found a guy with the same nose and big ears, but otherwise they don’t look that much alike. This is the guy you have been looking at for the past thirty years. Which means Hawking might not have written A Brief History of Time, which came out in 1988. I haven’t pinpointed the date, but that was about the time they made the switch. My current guess is early 80’s, which—if true—would mean that book was a forgery.

You will say, “That is just a younger Hawking, before he lost those lower teeth.” No, it isn’t. I just showed you the younger Hawking, and he didn’t look like that. Compare them side by side.

(click to enlarge)

Besides, the first picture is Hawking from the 1970’s. The second is Hawking from the 1990’s. Amazing that he aged 20 years with a debilitating disease and got younger looking at the same time, isn’t it?

Hawking was still looking young in 2007, when he went aboard the ZeroG Plane:


See how it says “zero g” on his shirt? That is from when he went up in the plane, which was in 2007. He was supposed to be 65 in 2007. Looks great for 65, eh? Unfortunately, he already looked older than that in 1982, 25 years earlier:


His face also got shorter. Normally your face will get longer as you age, not shorter.

Here is a more recent photo of the impostor:


Again, the teeth are the clue. This may be the same guy as our blonde impostor, but it certainly isn’t Stephen Hawking. Go back to the earlier photos. Those four lower teeth were supposed to be gone decades ago, filed down to filling nubs. Are we supposed to believe they regrew? Do those look like caps or dentures to you? Would you pay a dentist to replace your teeth with those? No, we are supposed to believe that is what he has left of his real teeth, obviously. But I have just shown you why that cannot be the case.

Here is a photo I found of the blonde impostor where is it really easy to see he isn’t Hawking:


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  • august

    LMAO come on man

  • disqus_3BrONUAJno

    Regardless of the status of Stephen Hawking, the likelihood of CERN creating a earth-dystroying black hole is approximately as likely as the Trinity Site detonation igniting the atmosphere, and that obviously didn’t happen.

    • gingercake5

      They did the CERN experiment last fall and…..well, nothing new happened. It caused great consternation in the physics field. Very funny to watch them squirm. Oh the problems physicists have when they can’t accept the
      existence of God. They have reached a turning point, maybe even the end
      of physics (the presenter said). 14 minute video.

      The big question: Why is there “something” rather than “nothing”?

      • disqus_3BrONUAJno

        You must not be very up on particle physics to think that the discovery of the much-theorized Higgs boson isn’t something new.
        The distribution of religiously superstitious among particle physicists and cosmologists is similar to that among those who don’t understand what they do, as demonstrated by the nickname for the Higgs boson, the “God particle.”

  • Bob

    True. If we entertain the idea that Stephen is still alive, this is a medical breakthrough for someone with ALS to still be alive and still able to interact.

    • SneakaFreaka

      And breakthroughs never happen. The nose and other points are exactly the same. His lower teeth have been replaced with fake teeth, a very old and quite common procedure. Anyone buying into this is the sheep, because you have to be gullible and lacking a critical brain to believe this without proper evidence.

  • mabera19

    I’m sure they have a few clones hanging around. Just like they do for the DC bunch…

  • deRigueur

    I never even heard of this guy..

  • PaulfromTexas

    Having watched two friends die from ALS, I can attest that ‘Hawking then’ isn’t the same as’ Hawking now.’…..

  • Jonn

    The reason that Hawking has survived so long with ALS can me stated very simply:


    See, when you have money and prestige, life threatening illnesses are much easier to manage. You have access to medical treatments and experts that regular people simply cannot afford. The average survival time of four years for ALS is because most people run out of money and/or insurance benefits to pay for premium treatments and interventions.

    • jaguar

      It doesn’t matter if you have money… ALS victims get to the point where they can’t even breathe and they drown in their own secretions…

      • Kristinwserrano

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      • Jonn

        Unless you have the money to pay for machines and other medical interventions to breath and excrete for you. And people who are motivated enough to keep all that going.

        You’re probably more familiar with those ALS victims who cannot afford those things, or cannot afford them for the remaining years in a typical lifetime. The technology is there. The ability to AFFORD that technology is not…at least as far as typical ALS victims are concerned.

        Keeping Hawking alive is valuable to some highly influential people. Their money plus his own finance his “life support system”…both mechanically and professionally.

    • Gary

      Lol. Is the fact that he’s filthy rich also the reason that his face has changed, and he’s gotten younger?

      All that money, yet not enough to pay for dental work? Sad, really sad. :)

      • Jonn

        LOL. Ever hear of a program called Photoshop?

        • Gary

          Lol. Yeah. So what? Lol.

          • Jonn

            I gave myself red hair with that once. Removed some wrinkles…blemishes…some loose skin under the jowls. I swear it made me look years younger.

            My point is that just because you see a picture of someone on the Internet or in a magazine (wow…remember those? I’m such a dinosaur…) doesn’t mean it’s a realistic portrayal of them. It’s FAR easier to make someone younger with Photoshop than to get someone, use plastic surgery to make them look like someone famous, give them ALS, and then take a picture of them.

          • Gary

            Either way, it sounds as if you accept that the image presented to the public is dishonest and has somehow been modified. I think for nefarious purposes, clearly, you think purely for cosmetic purposes, as if to make the guy look more attractive somehow.

          • SneakaFreaka

            “as if to make the guy look more attractive somehow”
            Because that’s not standard procedure now right? Oh wait…

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    It’s probably a CIA program. I wonder how many body doubles they had for bin Laden? Hell, one of them is President now….

    • Gary

      Yeah, they had too many body-doubles for that one. They’re trying to dump some of the excess in Europe at the moment as Syrian refuges, and there’s a plan in the works to send the rest back to Kenya where they’ll fit right in.

  • Synickel

    Just the condition of having rotten teeth pretty much negates a person health, whether it be mental or physical. It affects the whole person, so can you imagine what it should do to someone with ALS?

    And, why in the world cannot a person who is suppose to be the smartest guy in the world, get some dental care? Things just don’t add up.

  • Verner Hornung

    CERN’s biggest threat may be to the budgets of France & Switzerland. But diagnosis of motor neuron diseases is as much art as science, and ALS, the cause of only 1 in 50K mortalities, doesn’t occur often enough to declare it a disease entity with invariant limits on its progression parameters. Lots of things work out that way. If Jeanne Calment, who lived to be 122, had been drawn from a population of a hundred thousand or so, then she might well have been 20 years older than the 2nd placeholder; we have numerous centenarians only because the world has billions of people. Photographs aren’t as revealing as we’d like, either. Lighting, angle, the persons facial expression, and Hawking’s condition that particular day all affect matters. White resin fillings probably replaced some of the older amalgam ones; only that last photo had a good view of those four teeth. I don’t think this conspiracy will go as far as Oliver Stone’s JFK.

  • mirageseekr

    I am glad to see some of Miles Mathis work on here. I have been following him for awhile and I must say he points out many things that most people just “miss”. Once you start reading him you see that the false flags and psyops have been going on long before Sandy Hoax and the Boston Smoke Bomb.

  • Jay Sprueill

    Whatever the truth of the matter might be, CLONED, DOUBLE, MEDCAL MIRACLE, it does not change the way any of us live or die. Seems like a bunch of GOSSIP B.S..

    • Gary

      You are obviously blissfully unaware of the crap ghost-written for this mouthpiece.

  • Bedbugger

    You never see Hawking and Woody Allen together in the same room.

    • Bedbugger

      When this was put to Woody he replied……”what are you saying…..are you crazy….”

  • Guillotine_ready

    I have seen this on several sites and after trying hard I still just don’t care.

  • Publeus

    Dr. Beters’ ghost………………..

    Robotoids among us…………..

    … sometimes I do wonder…

  • Gary

    If I were these guys, I’d be making obvious changes to his features between actors, preparing some ridiculous excuse for how these changes happened, then laughing it up with my buddies about how stupid people are to believe anything. But that’s just me…

  • doodaa

    I think Mr. Hawking will be the first human to be transplanted into a computer chip. Oh…snap…..

  • nomark

    Really? This is worthy of The Daily Sheeple? What next? Bigfoot runs for President on LGBT agenda?