Conservation Director Warns ‘ Unfounded Complaints About Water Supply Could Be Considered Terrorism Under Homeland Security

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By Cassius Methyl

In Tennessee, a Department of Environment and Conservation deputy director told some Maury County residents that unfounded complaints about their water quality, may be considered an “act of terrorism.” One might ask, is concern with fluoride in the water supply, an ‘Unfounded Complaint’?

Or how about being concerned with toxic substances such as PCB’s ending up in water, is that ‘Unfounded’? I would think not, considering that toxic PCB’s were found in nearby Alabama city, Anniston’s water supply. Either way, the right to free speech is guaranteed by the Constitution, and anyone who wishes to prosecute someone over that, even with a slick fear based disguise of a ‘terrorist attack’, should legally be removed from their office.

I think simply the occurrence of an event like this, a public official displaying a tone of such arrogance and failed intimidation, accurately illustrates this current time in our era of history- the time when the people finally stand up, demand their rights, will say what they will, and use their rights no matter what. Joycelene Johns, resident of Mount Pleasant in Tennessee, says  ” I will drink it [the water], but I pray before each sip.” The meeting was organized by State Rep. Sheila Butt, R-Columbia, and attended by residents and local officials. Sheila Butt was shocked at the statement as the residents were, said “I think that we need to be very careful with how we use the words ‘terrorist’ and ‘terrorism,   I thought it was out of context. That did not apply to anything that we were discussing at the meeting.” It appears that every time the government or government associates or agencies mess up, or slip and reveal how they do nothing good for the people, or make pathetic attempts to be intimidating or ensure their jobs are easy, it always blows up in their faces.

It becomes more and more obvious that the government of the United States does far more harm than good, and there seems to be a raging fire of ‘scandals’ going on lately. The truth, i believe is, that the entire system of government is scandalous. The constitutional rights of the citizens of the United States may seem to be barely alive, but indeed even the mainstream media cant hide the dysfunctional nature of government right now, and a lot more people of all walks of life as of late are realizing they must defend their rights.

It is not difficult, and it is necessary — the Awakening is well on its way. It has been said that Brazil and Turkey’s citizens care more about liberties than Americans these days, so who will (peacefully) stand up for liberties in America, and protest in the streets? “


Cassius Methyl is a writer for , a liberty activist in any way possible, and he plays every instrument and vocals for experimental metal / truth movement project core of a virus. Find his music

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  • RickE.

    Sounds like any complaint, any disagreement, any dissent is now terrorism!

    “so who will (peacefully) stand up for liberties in America, and protest in the streets? “ NO ONE, as anyone that protests, disagrees, etc., will be beaten down or murdered by our “to serve and protect” mad dog police!

    • MOST americans worship lucifer,THE POLICE GANGS were given an OATH TO GOD,if you lied to him ,he turnes you over to your new daddy lucifer,THE POLICE GANGS LIED to get their job,they never intended to HONOR the US CONSTUTITION,they belong to LUCIFER NOW,there not human beings any more,there no different then animals now,VICIOUS ANIMALS,be very careful when approched by wild animals,they are extremely dangerous………..

  • Locus

    You’re fine so long as you do not shout “dirty water!” in a crowded theater.

    What is at issue is there is a bizarre conflict-is-bad mindset where authoritarian persons feel that everyone has a ‘right’ to a serene, untroubled existence. And that they are the ‘guardians’ of that serenity.

    In the absence of any real dangers they will (ultimately) amp up their sensitivity until even a hint of discord or disagreement is perceived as a threat. They will start to sense discord even as the people around them are behaving normally, it is a constant state of nervous hysteria.

    Then they will ‘snap’ suddenly at some thing, personally conflicted because with one part of their mind they know it is not a clear threat… but another part of their mind is relived to be springing into action… ‘crisis response mode’ they have been craving.

    It is the relief to be able to exercise their authoritarian nature in a crisis, even if it is a false one. A sense of arrogant superiority gives them license to lash out at any who would claim that their actions are unwarranted.

    For these people bullying others is a stress-reliever, due to a mental aberration in which they themselves created the stress.

    That is the mindset of teachers turning ugly at small children drawing pictures of guns. And public servants equating dirty water complaints with terrorism.

  • Ken, your UK friend

    What can you do with water for Christ’s sake? Be an ‘aquatic terrorist’ threatening to raise a Tsunami through the powers of Witchcraft?
    Pardon my exclamation of “Bollocks!” But there is a genuine issue surrounding Fracking. Have you seen the U tube vids of water flowing from the taps which can be made to catch flame? No this isnt Magic or Witchcraft. This is serious methane bubbling up out of the water. This is a SERIOUS FIRE AND HEALTH AND SAFETY RISK which seems to be ignored and the complainers dismissed as ‘mad conspiracy theorists’.
    Fracking is the subject of other worrysome online articles so I’d better not digress again but I invite further debate.
    BTW have you ever thrown ‘water bombs’ (balloons or condoms filled with water) from a high rise block of flats as a childhood prank?

    • DaytonaMatt

      Hi Ken, the methane in water systems comes from individual wells. It happens in my home town, and we’re nothing but sugar sand. It builds up after only a few hours & takes several min to flush out. But you are right about it being a fire hazard! A friend of my Gran hair caught when I was a child. Her hair never grew out the same & bad scars too! Be safe over there brother!
      Standing ready in Daytona

  • IF you hire MORONS to run your country,don’t be surprised of anything they do,BESIDES,they don’t want to talk to you ,they want you to use a baseball bat on them,and not say anything,just crack their skull……thats the only message they care about…………

    • Frank

      I’d have to agree. It seems anything short of physically threat does absolutely nothing. How were the TARP bailouts passed? The bankster elite threatened to throw the political switch to enact martial law… viola! Politicians pee their pants and pass legislation to rob the nation in order to cover the banks reckless gambling debts… so maybe we need to build a few guillotines on the Capital lawn.