Connecticut Passes Sweeping New Gun Laws

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Connecticut lawmakers have reached a deal on what they are calling some of the toughest gun laws in the country.

Among the highlights are a ban on large-capacity ammunition magazines like the ones used in the December Newtown school shooting.

The deal also calls for a new registry on existing high-capacity magazines and background checks for private gun sales.

Senate President Donald Williams Jr says the negotiations produced the “strongest and most comprehensive bill in the US” that addresses gun restrictions.

The new proposal, made public after weeks of negotiation by legislative leaders, is expected to go to a vote on Wednesday with the support of both Democrats and Republicans.

Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, a Republican whose district includes Newtown, called the proposal “the most comprehensive package in the country because of its breadth”.

It would create a registry of weapons offenders and require a new state eligibility certificate for the purchase a rifle, shotgun or ammunition.

Such a certificate would be issued after the buyer was fingerprinted, took a firearms training course and passed both a criminal background check and checks to see whether the person had been committed to a psychiatric hospital.

Criminal background checks would now be required of all prospective gun purchasers. Currently, federal law exempts so-called private transactions, which can include online sales and sales at gun shows.

In additional to proposals directly related to guns, Mr McKinney said there was also “a lot here underneath the surface” addressing mental health, school security and other issues.

In a compromise, legislators did not ban existing ammunition magazines of more than 10 rounds. Instead, already purchased high-capacity magazines will have to be registered.

Some Newtown parents criticised the compromise.

“It doesn’t prevent someone from going out of the state to purchase them and then bring them back,” said Mark Barden, whose seven-year-old son Daniel was killed in the shooting.

Jake McGuigan, a spokesman for the Newtown-based gun group National Shooting Sports Foundation, also questioned the magazine registry.

“How will they register a magazine?” he told the Associated Press. “It seems a little weird.”

The US Congress is expected to vote on a raft of gun proposals this month, including broadened background checks, but gun rights advocates have pledged to block the measures.

On Monday, Connecticut House Speaker Brendan Sharkey, a Democrat, said the state was showing Washington “the way to get this job done”.

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    • AnyOtherIdeas

      Now there’s a business opportunity! Calling all Gun mfgrs and dealers in CT, come on down to Georgia and make some money. Leave those Loyalists without sources for weapons… that includes their Law and all Personal BodyGuards can’t get guns from CT… but then… maybe they shouldn’t have guns either, huh? Or do the Loyalists simply want their Masters to have guns? Thrilling?

  • jimbo


    • AnyOtherIdeas

      Jimbo, are you kidding? They have been Loyalists since the Revolution. Some Patriots emerged and did good things, but they had to fight the King-Kissers. Those KK hunkered down until they could crawl out and grab the good jobs developed by the Revolutionary heros, who were Patriots-turned-Pioneers and left when heading West. It’s a special breed of Loyalist still proud in many areas upstate east coast. They feel needed when taking orders. Look at the ilks they have elected for years. They are zombies… happy zombies.

  • salley mae

    Gun control is like trying to solve the drunk driving problem by making it mor difficult for SOBER drivers to get a car. STUPID STUPID STUPID!

    • Jean

      The point is that it’s PEOPLE control.
      That’s what’s actually being done.
      That is why so many GUN CONTROL FANATICS in the Congress have CCW AS WELL AS Armed Security details.
      THEY deserve protection: THEY are important. We peasants should learn our place…

      They have come to power during my lifetime. I’m not that old. But they manipulate emotions quite well, and those of us who operate on a conscious (instead of gut-emotion) level are ill-equipped to deal with these animals.
      Having forsaken logic, they are only animals: animals feel pain, have emotions – but very few come close to thinking. Man – the only creature demonstrably capable of thought (IE, philosophy) – was given dominion over the animals.

      We must retake our role as stewards of the planet.

    • Jean

      Yeah, every family has a few black sheep… Soem of us even have Liberals inside our defenses (family)…

  • Dont they have a gun factory in Connecticut? Guess they may be moving out.

    • Jean

      There are three I’ve heard doing similar:
      Beretta (MD)
      MagPul (CO)
      I think Barret? Left CA.

      Good start. Let’s make ALL the manufactureres move somewhere… Hopefully right down the block from Me. 😀 I could spend a paycheck a month and have LOTS of fun…

      • I*LUV*MY*AR

        Me too! LOL

  • Jean

    The only option here is to kill those who support this stuff.
    There is no other cure for terminal stupidity and sociopathy.

    (I note that since the cure makes US sociopathic…. The cure is as bad as the disease. But if there’s another solution, I’d like to hear it. So far, listening to these f*cking nutjobs has only WEAKENED our society in every way imaginable. These PROGRESSIVES – not liberals, but Liberals – want to be free from worrying about anything. The only option for that? is death. The peace of the grave.
    So let’s fucking SEND them there already, and the rest of us can go about living.)

  • Apex predator

    @Evelyn…not.all people that have had to kill someone are crazy or unbalanced…remember that

    • SKIP

      ROGER THAT X10

  • Jean

    OK, so… This is the bully on the playground, “I’m NOT TOUCHING YOU!!!!!”

    We have been brainwashed into seeing all aggression as evil. But after a few days (We’re now at YEARS) of this bully, invading your personal space, screaming “I’m not touching you!!!” in your ear: Human beings MUST be permitted to strike back.

    There are two things to keep in mind:
    1. They have already decided we are at war, and they are pushing for an escalation of conflict.
    2. Delaying will make the conflict worse. It enables the bully, it allows more proselytizing.

    As John Adams put it: “Fat George has declared us in rebellion. Why the HELL can’t WE?”

    I would ask the same question: Why are we waiting until the police are strong enough to break down our doors and murder us? Why have we not been taking steps all along to PREVENT this situation? And why, with the writing BLATANT on the wall, in FLASHING NEON LIGHTS, will NO ONE FUCKING DO SOMETHING?!
    Is the entire populace made up of cowards and idiots?

    (And no, NRA doesn’t help – it’s another “loyal opposition” puppet to distract us from the real issues. They will allow a ban on X, Y, Z, but you can still own a POTATO gun, so the government has respected the second amendment, and they’ll declare it a victory and go home to prepare for “the next battle.” NRA is the oldest GUN CONTROL organization in the country. They ARE the enemy, by definition: They want to limit who has what guns. God, I can protect myself from my enemies, but Lord, save me from my FRIENDS.)

  • Apex predator

    @jean…as usual…agreed

  • patriot


  • Stupid fuckers in government. Every single restriction on weapons, ammo, or magazines ever passed is un Constitutional and will be ignored. Fuck with some of us at your peril.


    Maybe the Connecticut gun owners will kick this party off……

  • RickE.

    I’m sure glad that I live in Arizona, here you don’t even have to have a permit to conceal carry!

  • peitro

    i guess these people didnt read thier history books
    Russia , Nazi Germany !
    take the guns from the pesants then you have control !
    any man who gives up freedom for security shall have niether !
    wait we should also include fertilizer airplanes rocks sticks knives cars alcohol heroin rope hammers
    wait all pointed objects !
    all heavy objects ! and any fatty foods and large soft drinks !
    this planet and us as a race of humans has its faults .maybe we are the problem and what we as a society do is the problem .
    the end result is bad things are going to happen if you dont understand that then its your ignorance to reality that inslaves the rest of us

  • Glacialhills

    [Senate President Donald Williams Jr says the negotiations produced the “strongest and most comprehensive bill in the US” that addresses gun restrictions].I wonder how they convince themselves that any and all of this does not infringe, even a bit, on the 2nd. Or is it that they are so smart that of course the founders would have approved of “these” restrictions read infringements. Wait till they get done with the second and really go after those other pesky amendments like the 1st and 4th.

  • But the gun control advocates believe no one should want or own a gun.
    If so that means no protections for the elite and no military.
    War has been hoing on since the beginning of time.

  • Uh-Huh

    why get excited??? How about a “HELL NO!” Not gonna do it..wouldn’t be prudent.