Connecticut Mass Shooting: At Least 27 Dead in Horrific School Shooting

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by Alex Thomas

In what most likely will go down as the worst school shooting in American history, at least 27 people, including up to 18 children, have been killed after a gunman (or two) opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

Multiple news outlets are reporting different numbers in regards to how many have been shot and killed but it has been confirmed that at least 18 children have been killed.

On top of that, the Hartford Courant is reporting that an entire classroom of children is still unaccounted for.

An official with knowledge of Connecticut school shooting tells the Associated Press that 27 people are dead, including 18 children.

Many of the shootings took place in a kindergarten classroom, sources toldthe Hartford Courant.

The Atlantic Wire is reporting a similar death toll and also the claim that an entire classroom could be gone.

12:50 p.m.: The Courant reports that “One entire classroom is unaccounted for outside the school” though isn’t clear if that means they are missing, or gathered somewhere else.

12:39 p.m.: John Miller of CBS News says 27 people are dead, including 14 children. Miller also report the suspect was about 20 years old, possibly a parent of a student.

12:37 p.m.: Parents interviewed by ABC-TV say that under normal conditions, anyone enter the school during the day must be ring a bell and be let inside by school officials, suggesting that the gunman was known, possibly a parent.

Residents in the area are obviously stunned, with many disbelieving that something like this could even happen in the picturesque town of a little over 27,000.

“I can’t believe — in a small town like this — we’ve never had anything like this happen,” her father told a local CNN affiliate WTNH. “I was pretty shaken up. I did not know who or what happened.”

“It doesn’t seem possible,” said Alexa’s mother. “You have something happen so close to home. … I guess I’m still in shock.”

In the first reports by the Atlantic Wire, witnesses had reported at least two shooters but, as with almost every single mass shooting in American history, the media is pushing towards the lone gunman narrative.

NBC News is also reporting that second suspect may be in custody.

Clarification on the NBC report: Person in custody, may be second individual connected to CT school shooting (not two in custody)

Multiple corporate media reports indicate that the suspect was in his 20′s, had up to 4 guns, and was wearing a bullet proof vest.

He may have been a father of one of the students at the school.

1:20 p.m.: ABC News is reporting that 1 shooter was a 24-year-old in a bulletproof vest and four guns.

Obviously this is one of the most horrific shootings in history and, sadly, this tragedy will be used to further push for more gun control. (putting guns into the hands of criminals and keeping them out of law-abiding citizens)

Globalist operatives such as Michael Bloomberg are SURE to use this horrible tragedy to further attempt to restrict the American people’s right to bare arms.

PHOTOS: Shooting at Connecticut elementary school

Update:  According to a report on CNN, a man in camouflage gear has been taken out of the woods in handcuffs near the school.

This is a huge development as it shows that there were most likely at least two suspects. It is possible that the second arrest will be completely covered up in the near future.

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  • We need to get a control on guns. Now!

    • Cnsay

      Jackie, you’re an idiot troll. You and Bloomberg would probably ban forks cause one made Rosie O’Donnel fat. You and Adolph Bloomberg would probably institute policy that only chop sticks could be used so people who aren’t skilled in using them would grow frustrated and not eat so much. Sounds like you got a good shot as a communist politician in Oscandalous’ administration.

      • I couldn’t help it. I just had to be the first idiot with that rant! lol. We need to ban guns, knives, forks, cars, chopsticks, death, cancer, and anything else dangerous.

      • Oh, and life. Life is extremely dangerous. We need to ban that too.

    • bowlan

      you idiots out there who think more gun control is the answer,all that will do is take your own gun rights away while the thugs and killers still get their guns threw black market.

      • ncjoe

        It is through, not threw. Who’s the idiot now.

        • SKIP

          Wrong word for sure, but we don’t need grammar police here.This is going to provide some serious political incentive and knee jerk reactions to take away our 2nd amendment rights and then the others will follow. I wonder if these recent killers are muslims? They do that kind of shit ya know.

    • Mariposa de Oro

      Obama has killed more children with his drones. Adults as well (non Al-Qaida). How about the Libtards demand drones be banned?

  • Jean

    We need to get control of the government, and avoid loons like this from developing.

    Instead, we seem hell bent on CREATING people like this… Sane people see the only sane solution to an insane situation is insanity.

    So if we are falling into madness – might as well dive!

    • ncjoe

      People like you are hell bent on creating people like this because you think guns are the answer to every problem.

      • Jean

        Not EVERY problem…
        Just idiocy as you present. 😉

        • SKIP

          Roger that Jean.

  • bowlan

    gun control,

    what we need is police working as guards inside the schools.
    its not gun control that’s the problems its the fact that most schools have police on site,this school had non.
    they will twist this into a reason to pull all your gun rights away.

    you idiots out there who think more gun control is the answer,all that will do is take your own gun rights away while the thugs and killers still get their guns threw black market.

    boy are you people stupid.

    More gun control means only the criminals will have guns.

    • bowlan

      a better idea then police in schools is
      arm the teachers so they can defend their class rooms.
      they arm piolets why not teachers.
      disarming America only allows guns to go into the hands of the criminals.

      • ncjoe

        Further evidence of the stupidifying of America.

      • Jean

        Most of the “teachers” I had until high school I wouldn’t trust with anything more dangerous than a burnt-out match. Fair number of the professors in college I wouldn’t even trust with a burnt-out match…

        I’d anticipate a fair number of the teachers I refer to would leave their weapons armed, un-safetied, available to anyone who walked by and grabbed it off their desk or out of their purse… And wouldn’t even notice. Might not even care.

        The things that used to build character in this country have been demonized. Self-reliance is deemed anti-social. Rejecting authority is deemed a crime. Questioning the government is treason.

        There is no recovery from such a situation. The children are in fact toughened by their survival of this event in a way not even their parents can comprehend. Not that that’s a GOOD thing – just a fact. Make no mistake, it could easily be a false flag, and traumatize the children to do the things I listed above… Erode our freedoms by forcing a “red ball” mindset, a fear of guns, non-conformity, adults, noises, crowds, who knows how many things…

        Need to fix the culture, this one worships death – in the WRONG ways. It is seeking destruction. Only when the teachers are improved can we arm them – and then arm the students, once they are “corrected”.
        About 180 degrees away from how they’re being “corrected” now. 🙁

        • notanidiot

          That’s because most teachers are libtards.

          • Nexus789

            Do you have to be so snide and disrespectful. What have you achieved in your life? Educated others, contributed and supported your community, etc. Easy to troll.

    • Philly has metal detectors in schools with armed security. Meanwhile on the streets many are killed, some over dumb things like the choice of sports teams. I think we need more good paying jobs. Part time does not cut it, it puts people in the same place, toi much time with nothing to do. If people were busier and had hope of being vzlued and getting ahead we would not have so much crime or gun violence.

  • me

    No, We need to prosecute the people who do these kinds of acts. It could have been a knife, a ball bat, a hammer ect.

    • Jean

      Prosecute and execute.

      • Jean

        Shouldn’t have submitted so fast – need to acknowledge, some if not all are likely patsies in false-flag ops.

        Stampede the herd over the cliff – the ones on the outside see it coming, but can’t stop the herd, or stop moving.

  • gun is for war. killing many people at once.
    no one can have gun in south korea. so i never seen gun shooting or mass murder in south korea for 23 years except the army. i saw crazy person did shoot many people in the army because there are gun and other weapons.
    but the result and statics never lie.
    if you really think gun is for self-defense, i have no idea what to say. you are dumb ass literally.
    go to army if you need gun. become a soldier. and protect people. that is the fair way to have a gun.
    if a childish stupid pedophile adults like hitler get guns, i don’t even need to explain. you can imagine what will happen.
    anyways i never seen mass murder and shooting in my life in south korea.
    don’t trust americans and america.
    they are not 100% right.
    no gun = better peace.
    i don’t mean it is 100% peaceful.
    also bullying and torture must be the crime.
    and they must live in the prison forever or they must be kicked from my country.
    they are enemies if they tried to harass and kill someone.
    enemy deserves death.

    • anonymous

      my friend, i dont see the idea of having a gun for self defense as being stupid. I believe one has the right to be armed to the same degree as the person harming them, to protect themselves. When someone breaks into your house (which may or may not happen in idyllic south korea) no one can help you really. The police are only good for finding the people after they have done the deed. When SHTF, you can only count on yourself, and you need to be armed with the right tools.

      And lets not get into defense against tyranny…

      • Nexus789

        Of the 60 or mass killings in the US none were stopped by the mythical armed citizen. Of the few instances where armed intervention took place the majority were off duty cops. They are trained.

        Lets get into defense against tyranny. Having a gun is NO defence against tyranny – the value of the 2nd amendment is an illusion. The US military , para military and police are far better organised, more heavily armed and can easily impose control.

        It is just as likely that your neighbors are more heavily armed than you and support the government just as much as you oppose the government.

        Furthermore, and contrary to myth the Nazis did not disarm the general population in Germany prior to WW2. The Nazis created and then imposed a totalitarian state as they won over the minds of the population. Control is exercised through control of the mind and not through the barrel of a gun. This is a lesson you will never understand.

    • SKIP

      Does South Korea have lots of violent blacks and muslims infesting the country? If not, STFU!

  • ZombieDawg

    Agree. We need control on guns !!!!
    After all we can’t have these evil guns loading themselves and going down to schools and malls killing people by themselves now can we.
    Perhaps we should also have psychiatric counselling available for mentally unstable guns too?

    Oh hang on !!! Doesn’t it take a person to actually fire this inanimate object called a gun ?

    What was I thinking ! Oh yes, I wasn’t 😉

    But with 18 kids dead, you Americans be pretty damn sure your days of gun ownership will be coming to an end real soon.
    Unless you can expose the killer as yet another government controlled,drugged to the eyeballs lunatic on a mission from Obama to ban guns.

    • Nexus789

      Gun control might be pointless but not for facile flag waving and libertarian reasons. In the US there are tens and tens of millions (estimated to be 200m) of guns are already in circulation. The lesson of prohibition is illustrative in terms of trying to control access to drink and more latterly with the current idiotic war on drugs. All that will be created with gun controls would be a lucrative black market for guns.

      Another point is that guns, gun ownership, gun rights, etc, are enshrined in the American political system, its consumer and popular culture and historical mythology. No other nation has this attitude to guns as I can see. It is a unique US thing.

      There is no 100% way of preventing a wing nut slaughtering people anywhere in the world. Intelligent and patient wing nuts will still get access to weapons even in cultures with very strong controls (Norway for example). The issue in the US is the sheer preponderance of guns which makes accessing them easy.

      A final point is that the gun industry in the US is large, powerful, lucrative and lobbies politicians extensively. At no point does the industry pick up the external costs of its products in terms of the economic loss related to death and maiming by shooting (accidents, gun homicide, etc). For a middle manager on $120,000 with 20 years work left this is a loss of $2.4m in potential earnings to them or his or her family.

  • thc0655

    These mass shooters are sick individuals who are bent on murder and suicide so they can go out in a blaze of glory. The media is largely responsible for enabling them because the perps know they will be made famous around the world after their deaths. If the media were to voluntarily begin following these simple rules for reporting these incidents, the perps would be robbed of their motivation and the incidents would dry up. 1. Never mention the killer’s name. 2. Never show the killer’s picture. 3. Never discuss in any detail the killer’s motivations/grievances.

  • Intrinsic

    Larry Pratt, head of Gun owners of America is spot on with his comments on this. “Gun control supporters have the blood of little children on their hands. Federal and state laws combined to insure that no teacher, no administrator, no adult had a gun at the Newtown school where the children were murdered. This tragedy underscores the urgency of getting rid of gun bans in school zones. The only thing accomplished by gun free zones is to insure that mass murderers can slay more before they are finally confronted by someone with a gun.” It is time to stop ALL gun bans and start protecting schools.

    • ncjoe

      Bullshit. I know of no teacher who wants to be armed or administrator.

      • patriot

        That’s because their all a bunch of wimp libtards.

        • SKIP

          ROGER THAT! Most teachers now are damn Obamuslim zombies.

  • Joe

    Multiple shooters were involved in this and other shootings around the country. One is usually a federal agent who knows how to shoot and kills and the dummy doesn’t know how to shoot and gets killed or jailed. The so called dead/jailed shooter becomes the patsy just like when JFK was slain by at least a dozen shooters, but the one guy who could not shoot got blamed. When these events happen now the purpose is to stir up the population to demand gun control, but there are too many people who know what is going on and will defend their right to protect themselves.

  • patriot

    Something about this is not right. There are red flags going off in my brain like crazy. The cops seem very unsure of what happened. They seem lost.

  • SKIP

    It wouldn’t hurt my feelings very much is a “rogue shooter” did this during a session of congress or perhaps ala Terminator 1 in a large police station. Why do none of these shooters think of doing that for some real feel good vibes?

  • Manwhoiswideawake

    It os not gun control that is needed. It is getting rid of all shrinks and their fake diagnoses!! There are multiple reports that this shooter was on psychiatric drugs!! This is a classic FALSE FLAG. Do not let the dinosaur media fool you into believing for 1 second that the NRA is to blame or”meaningful action” is required.Our gov’t did this by allowing millions of fake diagnoses of psychiatric disorders followed by issuance of deadly,brain rotting prescription drugs to be taken by kids as young as 2.Guns don’t kill people,PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dan

    in my opinion, the shooter had mental issues and should have been committed. Problem with that is, it is almost impossible to commit someone in the usa.

  • Vitamin_R12

    Wait, lets see here. 27 Dead, and of the 27 were 20 children. One person was wounded. He had two 9mm handguns, which has about 15 rounds each, so a total of 30 rounds. He had a .223 rifle in the TRUNK of the car. No mention of multiple mags. Which comes out to about ONE bullet for each victim if he only had about 30 rounds total. Is that even possible?

    Either this guy is a master marksmen with a handgun or there was a second shooter.

    • SKIP

      This same math applied during the Mai Lai thing in Vietnam, Calley’s patrol was said to have “massacred” nearly 500 people and the truth is that a patrol simply does not carry that much ammo! The shit is heavy and even then one would have to be an expert shot (one shot, one kill sort of thing) and most line troops are NOT GOOD SHOTS! Also, I would point out that having been in many villages in SEA during the Vietnam war, a count of 500 people living in one small village is highly questionable as few villages had that meny people in total! The number of people living in those villages being totally dependent on the amount of food that could be raised by the village itself as there is/was no such thing as welfare in those countries and if you didn’t grow it, you don’t eat.

  • doc

    adam lanza was another one ” under psychiatric care” said to be autistic, so one can bet he was on some type of ssri holmes. like loughner..many others.

  • David

    Yeah there was more than one shooter! The local media was on it at the beginning, then went silent! Same thing happened in Colorado !! We already have drones overhead so why don’t we arm them like we do in Pakistan or Yemen ?!! We could put 2-3 Blackwater employees in the schools, that could be a great deterrent !!

  • This has a pattern all are mentally ill and children is used as a propaganda campaign. Yet, I do not see much coverage by the media on the increase of low wage jobs, very anti family. The thousands of homeless families on the streets and in shelters. This can definately be blamed on government that sold out to banks and corporations. We do not need jobs or money to purchase food, health insurance or anything as will take care of it, by f giving money to the corporations to fake profits. Lots do not want to accept the reality they can be a debt slave no matter what they do does not matter. This may be making lots mentally ill. Just saying.

  • johnd24

    Expect more massacre to come since the people in your gov’t is part of it and support it. Above and below should be “Headline News.”

    More solid evidence what really happened at that school..

    Turns out DHS was behind it and many week minded people can be programmed, talking to a friend who listened to all the dispatcher tapes. I was informed that the town in Connecticut
    is referenced in the book Hunger Game’s …..same town and a mass school shooting. Kinda like the Joker at the cinema in Colorado. So will the libtards blame the Hollywood Elite for this or sweep it under the rug?

    They say the guns were hers And a School teacher with all those guns? Someone buzzed him in..”the shooter.”

  • johnd24

    Lets keep in mind in the early 80’s and 30’s their was 3 schools bomb. This isn’t a big deal like the media portrays it to be. Especially when the feds are taking your kids everyday for sex slavery, and many others die daily by gun man. Bla
    h, Blah, blah, same shit different day.

    If these cock suckers in DHS and the FBI were not wasting your tax dollars and time on paying close attention to Militia groups, the Resistance and so forth. They can prevent small things like this ahead of time. Just goes to show you where the real problem lies…You want to point fingers point them at the people in Washington, not people who own guns. Or guns themselves.

  • The media is not reporting a second gunman, but the police showed up at his brothers house. What would be the reason for this? Mother divorced recently, wouldnt the ex husbznd hzve more info.Profiling is not as accurate as it once was.i wish all of the outrage would be about shipping jibs to china and they need to do something now.
    People are very misinformed.

  • Joe

    Former CIA Director,William Colby said that “the CIA owns everyone of any significance in the main stream media.” This has been true for more than 50 years, so everything you watch on ABC,CBS,CNN,MSNBC,NBC,Fox, and most other major news channels, is controlled by the government. Nothing gets printed in the NY Times and other major newspapers or broadcast over major TV networks unless the storyline put out has been approved by the people in government. The CIA sets the agenda and creates the stories people are privy to, and it is called news. There are always at least two shooters in all the senseless shootings, and the MSM is ordered to ignore witnesses who report multiple shooters as was the case in CT, MI, and CO. Get your news from more reliable sources than the MSM unless you like reading, listening to, and watching propaganda.