Condoleezza Rice defends torture, confirms Bush’s role in the program in new video clip

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In a video for the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Condoleezza Rice defends the United States’ torture program and confirms the role of Bush in the program itself.

The fact that Bush authorized waterboarding is not just now being revealed. Indeed, it has been known since he published his memoir.

However, as the ACLU points out, “What comes as a bit of a shock, perhaps, is how candid Rice is about the role of President Bush himself in authorizing torture.”

“Now Rice has confirmed that President Bush himself was involved in vetting the CIA’s request for approval to torture,” Alexander Abdo, staff attorney for the ACLU’s National Security Project writes.

“The president asked two very important questions in the decision to use these techniques,” Rice says. “He asked the CIA if it was necessary and he asked the Justice Department if it was legal. Both departments answered yes.”

“Only when he was satisfied that we could protect both our liberties and our security did he signal that we could go ahead,” former Secretary of State Rice says in the clip.

In the clip originally obtained by Foreign Policy, which is only 49 seconds long, Rice also claims that torture actually kept Americans safe after September 11, 2001.

“The fact that we have not had a successful attack on our territory traces directly to those difficult decisions,” Rice says in the brief portion of the five-minute video presentation.

“We couldn’t disagree more,” Abdo wrote.

This is far from baseless opinion. In a 2004 special review, the CIA’s Office of the Inspector General itself concluded that “[t]he effectiveness of particular interrogation techniques in eliciting information that might not otherwise have been obtained cannot be so easily measured.”

In other words, even the inspector general of the CIA itself wouldn’t come out and say that the “enhanced interrogation techniques” actually worked.

Furthermore, a study published in March of last year revealed that torture is not only unexpectedly harsh but is also ineffective.

The researcher “found that in order for torture to generate even the smallest amount of actionable intelligence the state must make the supposedly ‘rational’ calculation to actually ‘torture innocent detainees for telling the truth in order to maintain torture as a threat against those who withhold information.’”

Abdo argues that beyond the fact that torture itself is not nearly as effective as apologists like Rice and others claim, it has also actually harmed our national security.

“Torture served as a recruiting tool for our enemies, and experienced American interrogators dissented from the use of torture, arguing that it didn’t work and would produce false statements that would waste time, even if it occasionally produced truthful ones,” Abdo said.

“The level of denial among torture supporters is astounding in the face of all of the evidence confirming that U.S. policy was in fact torture, including this month’s comprehensive bipartisan report from The Constitution Project,” Abdo added.

Yet we still know very little about the torture program and the Senate Intelligence Committee’s 6,000-page report remains hidden from public eyes.

As such, the ACLU urges Americans to contact members of the Senate Intelligence Committee and tell them to release the 6,000-page factual report to the public.

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  • NMBC

    We don’t know when her statement was made. This is just a casual statement during the party. But Bush’s enemies could use it against him later on.
    1. Regarding the interrogation manual, prez Bush said he took advice from his predecessors prez Jimmy Carter (D) and Bill Clinton (D), congress, Michael Chertoff, etc…
    2. Republicans said the interrogation manual, was written by Dems and had been used by Franklin D Roosevelt (during his WW1 and WW2), and also by Clinton and Carter as well. But Liberals only singled out Bush. 🙁
    3. And if there was any problem, our 535 congressmen and congresswomen (Senators and Reps) had the power to stop it. Why are Liberals only after Bush if there was a problem?
    4. President Bush is not aware that his enemies, the media, propagandists are still after him, spreading false info. about him, their massive propaganda 24/7/365.
    It is a much bigger picture than it appears to be, it’s NOT only about Bush.
    Not only Bush won the second term, because he wanted to keep America safe, and he did. Prez Bush was the leader at the time, he had the right to defend his country and to retaliate after the 9-11 attack.

    • Row Weil

      Another person still hung up on the faux Republican/Democrat theatre. Really sad to see a grown man hung up on such a petty emotional connection to a political party that is a construct to manipulate him in precise the manner it’s succeeding at.

      Grow up.

      They are Both at fault – From WW2 Interment to Cold War CIA proxy wars to 9/11, presidents Dem and Repub alike have been manufacturing conflicts and trampling over our rights.

      1. If you don’t believe 9/11 was a False Flag operation, one that Rice, Bush, and the other knew about, then you are living in a fantasy world.

      2. If members of the Bush Administration are guilty of the things the rumors say they are, then 1) Don’t you think those facts should legally come to light and 2) Don’t you want then to be prosecuted for any illegal actions?

      (By the way, back in the day I *was* that one weird guy arguing against all my colleagues FOR the Iraq War/Afghanistan/etc., but i have since seen the other side of the evidence and it is overwhelming.)

      I’d appreciate a reply.

      • NMBC

        Row Weil said, “Another person still hung up on the faux Republican/Democrat theatre.”
        In reality, you guys are labeling common people as conservatives or the enemies of the state. It’s part of your NW0 agenda.
        The media talking heads are blaming the Right/ Republicans every time for every thing that went wrong in this world. In fact, the media outlets know damn well the right does not have any power or owns and controls Wallstreet or banking systems.
        Trying to explain who’s doing what and to correct the media’s disinfo are part of the argument (aka facts vs lies). Fundamental rights have existed for millions of years and in every country until dictators took over……… If I or anyone else choose one party over the other, then it’s our choice, because the Bill of Rights insures its citizens the right to choose. But, unlike yourself and the media, your agendas are too big and too obvious for smart people to ignore.
        You could not deny that 9-11 did not happen, because the ones that probably knew who did it were already dead. Your ALLEGATION that Prez Bush and Condi Rice and the others (who???) knew about 9-11 BEFORE it happened, but you did not provide facts – See – it’s a lie, or as you call, “RUMORS”. 🙁

        Based on your rumors that you and propagandists spread 24/7/365 for over 12 years, So your people will demand to prosecute a leader of a country without proof after 12 years? But only after the Revolution aka the 2nd Civil War, so you would have more control of the system? That’s what you call justice???
        Your alleged facts are nothing more than FABRICATED garbage.
        That’s why you keep repeating the same lies for over a decade.
        As people said this is part of a one world order agenda taking your enemy down, as one of your did — CBS reporter, Dan Rather did. Dan fabricated evidence trying to take Bush down before he was even the president. If you did you would have taken him down at the time, not 0ver 12 years later.
        The Boston Marathon Bombing is recent and more important, so who are the ones behind the two brothers? Which is more important to you guys, taking Bush down or those who are behind the bombers???

  • encjoe

    The respondees are typical sheeple, putting your head in the sand and refusing to face reality.

  • I say use torture of enemies to the Republic if it will save just one American life. What the hell do you think they would do if they got a hold of an American, remember when they cut off the head of an American and taped it? You Liberals, Bush had the right ideal.

  • David

    “In a video for the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Condoleezza Rice defends the United States’ torture program and confirms the role of Bush in the program itself.”

    Condi never called it torture, those are your words, not hers.
    And those interrogation techniques…they led to the courier, which led to Bin Laden.

    Americans were killed, in Benghazi, killed – not tortured. And many of you have nothing to say about that. Still want to talk about f-ing Bush years later, while Obama takes Bush’s policies and increases them exponentially.

  • Barn Cat

    Go ahead. Be on the side of the ACLU. Throughout the history of the US military, terrorists have always been tortured if necessary then executed. It’s only a recent invention of giving terrorists the same protection as POWs.