COMMUNITY ORGANIZER? ‘Obama in Contact with Major Civil Rights Groups Across the U.S. on Ferguson’

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Whatever is about to go down when the grand jury announces its decision in the Darren Wilson/Michael Brown case, rest assured America, our president is on it.

In fact, according to Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill who spoke to Obama about Ferguson on Tuesday, the president has taken time out of his busy schedule to make sure and personally contact major civil rights groups all across America regarding Ferguson.

Via CBS St. Louis:

McCaskill says the president has touched base with major civil rights groups across the country, discussing the challenges raised by the incidents in Ferguson.

Hm. Considering protests have been expertly planned, organized and trained for in 82 cities across the U.S. and one in Canada following the grand jury announcement, this is surely just a coincidence, right?

Sen. McCaskill also apparently told CBS St. Louis that Obama “will become more involved when it’s appropriate.”

What exactly does that even mean? The federal government has already been intimately involved in Ferguson. AG Eric Holder ordered not one, but two federal autopsies for Michael Brown (for a total of three autopsies) and sent the same team to Ferguson that inflamed the Trayvon Martin case.

What exactly has to happen for it to be “appropriate” enough for the president to become even “more involved” in Ferguson? What is about to go down?

Missouri’s governor already declared a 30-day state of emergency and called out the national guard.

One thing is certain: the president is set to announce executive amnesty tonight (which is apparently not going to be televised on any of the three main TV networks) and the mainstream media is floating the idea that the grand jury is set to ever so timely come back with the Ferguson decision on Friday.

In the meantime, police are already arresting protesters in Ferguson today, and the grand jury hasn’t even come back yet.

Good to know the president has been touching base with major civil rights groups across the country in the lead up to whatever is about to go down in (and because of) Ferguson.

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  • Loisteehee

    Obama hates America

  • oldranger68

    Moochelle has proven that she and Barry hate America with her rhetoric, and Barry H. O. has backed it up with his actions to destroy this country. I hope the a’holes who voted for this low class trash are happy with the change. Remember, “…We live in the greatest country on Earth, now help me change it…”? Hope you Communist sh!ts are happy with that change.

  • ivor biggin

    If this isn’t treason what is?

  • cold340t

    Hmmm, from the title here, this IS A PROBLEM? Trying to get people to be calm and prepared to be civil. This IS THE PROBLEM? Really, I would think that the REAL PROBLEM is COPS INVOKING the DEATH PENALTY for petty theft, People having seizures, dogs barking, NO Knock Invasions of WRONG ADRESS’S and the HARM done from these actions. Oh, that’s Right Obama HATES AMERICA! Thats why he became PRESIDENT! Just like Bushjr., Mr.9/11 Goat book reader!

    • Maddog

      Your going to need a lot more cool aid.

      • cold340t

        Ooooh good come back! My favorite flavor is Purple!

      • cold340t

        Yah, thats what your mom said to, after we had breakfast. See, I can post stupid shit too! Just like you! TTFN!

    • Musashi5000

      You’re all over the map there, Princess.

      • cold340t

        Well at least you know what a map is. Thanks for sharing! Do you how to use one too?

        • Musashi5000

          Good comeback, Sunshine.

          You stay classy.

    • curenado

      Kool aid will not help. Go stick your head in the oven, turn on the gas and say retards-are-equal! Over and over until you feel better. We understand. We weren”t stupid enough to vote our self extinct twice (voting race, fraud and hate btw) for the same brutha that just gave half our welfare check away to illegals and wrote us off like you. That must really suck.

      • cold340t

        Damn! What is wrong with You People? Ammosexuals love their Violence. TTFN! Oh, I’m not welfare so, sorry for you. I guess thats why you have time to post such tripe!

    • Nick

      Oh shut up.

      • cold340t

        Ahh, Little Racist have a problem? Meth isn’t good for you, you should stop while you can still chew.

    • maddog2008

      It is racist trash like you and your “God” Obama that has ruined the country with your socialist/Marxist agendas.
      It is the whiners that has done nothing but take from the taxpayers and demand more under the threat of civil disorder, typical lowlifes, you sound like you are one I might add zippy.
      If you are so unhappy here go back to where your “roots” are from, we won’t miss you or anti-American racist trash like Obama.

      • cold340t

        Dude Meth isn’t good for you, you know that right? Also Homeschooling is more effective when those providing it have an education themselves. Unfortunately, for you, your comment above prove my point in SPADES! TTFN! Also, it’s easier to understand you if you take off that Pointy Hat/Mask thing your wearing.

        • maddog2008

          Gee, I didn’t know that I was debating with such a whiz kid. Do you take your talking points and writing style from a fifth grade class or are you so burned out you don’t know the difference zippy?

          • cold340t

            5TH grade? You sound jealous that I have gotten further then you!

          • maddog2008

            Got to say— great come back for a fifth grader.

          • cold340t

            You know you could go back and finish 5th. grade too? Right? It’s never too late to get an education. If that was something you cared to do!

  • Sammy

    Tell me again you don’t think he’s trying to create violence.

  • viction

    ill tell you what that exactly means
    that’s what it means .

    • curenado


  • curenado

    The worst, most unwanted and undesirable of the country being used to usher in islamification, muslim law and harvesting dry what is left of our country. Under guise of a neeka uprising. Despicable traitors 9n bo5h sides no one is stopping somehow?

  • curenado

    That is what I wonder….what the heck are we going to become? Besides less crowded…

  • oldranger68

    I agree 100%, but we have to try. The only outcome I can see is at least fighting like we really want to be free again. Too bad people kept believing all of the lies and just laid down and licked their wounds everytime a new illegal law came along.

  • Nick

    If the left wants to push this to the next level I say let them, it’s long overdue anyway. All week I have heard about how they want to target whites, burn down white sections of town (as if such a thing exists anymore) and about how they have published target lists of companies, people and organizations. These aren’t the actions of “protestors” they are the actions of hate groups and terrorists. If they want a civil war so badly, they feel so froggy, I say jump. I’ve had about all that I can stomach of these Marxists anyway.

    • maddog2008

      I feel the same way Nick and I’ll be more than happy if they want to play in my backyard anytime they want. 99% of them are big mouth lowlife cowards unless they out number someone 6 to 1.

  • Ryan

    TEAR DOWN THAT FENCE! Why is Congress worrying about a fence around the White House …… when the White House is tearing down the fence around this Nation?! If WE do not deserve a fence to protect OUR FAMILIES ….. then,NEITHER DOES HE.

    • maddog2008

      Well said Ryan and 100% correct.

  • Bruce Prentis

    He’ll get involved “when it’s appropriate”?…. smells like impending martial law coming down the pipeline or some other treasonous executive order. Watch out whities, I smell a huge @$$ fuching coming