Communist Insurgency Gearing up for March

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by Henry Shivley

The so called “Gang of Eight” has put forth their agenda for legalization of 11.2 million illegal aliens.  We have mentioned in the past that the illegal invasion we are seeing from the south is in reality an attempt to replace our workforce here in the US with third world peasants and this latest proposal is just another step down that road.

There are 100 million American nationals out of work, in all reality, displaced, as the majority are baby boomers who were culled right when they had reached the top of their pay grade.   These 100 million American nationals have been swept under the rug by the mainstream propaganda machine.  Those 11 million illegals are in reality 110 million that are to displace us.

If our enemies would have tried to displace a younger sect of our population, they feared there might be a retaliation that they could not hide.  Likewise, they figured the older generation would be easier put down through attrition as we don’t have as long to live.  What they failed to realize was that we are Americans and as long as we breathe, we will resist and as previously mentioned, we are the best in our fields, having built the 21stcentury as the world knows it.

As for our physical depletion, I don’t think we are going to have to walk very far to find a traitor to put under the knife.

The international corporate mafia elite did the best they could in trying to destroy the family in the hope that we would not fight for one another.  The fact is they have failed miserably, as more and more of our youth eagerly absorb the patriotic education that is now readily available via the 100 million of us no longer busying our days withemployment.

The best the communists can do at present is to try to blame our system of law (Constitution and Bill of Rights) for the degradation of our society.  Again, a failing strategy, as prima fascia, the true cause for our decline is the failure to enforce our law, not any misconstruction in its embodiment.  That is the problem with a lie; it becomes more obvious every time it is retold, whereas the truth becomes more obvious under the same circumstance.

Our people are awake by the tens of millions and our enemies are feeling the heat.  All the new draconian legislations seem to be pointing towards March and so time grows short.  We must arm, equip, and train double time, right up to the day that that shot is fired.  And wouldn’t it be ironic if it turned out to be the 19th of April once again?  Maybe not so ironic, as the illuminati are into numerology and tend to plan their attacks in accordance thereof.

There is no excuse for us not being ready.  We still have a little bit of time.  Don’t waste it.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.


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