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Government Control

Is the Government out to get us?  What do you think?

For the past three months, I have sat back and made a noble attempt to absorb the events of the day. Being a seeker of truth and finding clear cut answers lacking, for a while I felt a personal spiraling down as I was unable to connect the dots.

Here are a few key events that formed the basis for this dissonance and this inability to understand what I am being told and what I feel in my heart of hearts:

October 29, 2012: Hurricane Sandy makes hits landfall in the United States causing billions of dollars of destruction to mostly unprepared citizens.

December 14, 2012: A shooter guns down innocent children and six adults at Sandy Hook elementary in Newtown Connecticut.

January 11, 2013: Activist Aaron Swartz is found dead in his apartment of an apparent suicide.

These three events are seemingly unrelated and yet they have one common theme: each is emotionally charged with speculation not only as to what and why but with a lingering question of “who did it?”.

And then finally, a fourth event:

January 16, 2013: President Obama signs numerous Executive Orders on gun control with the stated intent of putting an end to gun violence in the US.

Breaking it all down

Let me address the “who did it” first.

As much as I don’t like to be labeled an advocate of conspiracies, it is difficult to avoid current speculation that natural events can be man-made. For years, our government and the military have been experimenting with cloud seeding and other weather changing tactics. Call it the modern day version of the Native American rain dance if you will but it does exist.  The difference is that these days it is called the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP).  And let us not forget about chemtrails.

8426528490 5a059eaa56 m Coming to Terms with Government Control   Backdoor SurvivalWith the Sandy Hook shootings, to this day there are unanswered questions about the shooter, his motives, good Samaritans labeled bad guys, and media bloopers that announced the shooting before it even happened.  Let me be clear:  I am not saying that I necessarily agree with all of this.  I am simply suggesting, rather strongly, that there are some niggling unanswered questions.

You might be asking:

”Do you think that our government is capable of murder?”.  The PTB may not call it that, but yes I do.

“Do you think the government set this up to find support for disarming the country by taking away firearms owned by private citizens?”  Maybe.

“Why are they doing this?”  Elimination of the middle class and control of the working class . . . among other things.

And then there is Aaron Swartz.  As a former technologist myself, this hit me hard.  A lot of tech and software gurus are brilliant nerds who shun the spotlight.  But in Aaron Swartz we had an exception.

He was an outspoken young man who stepped up to defend our rights over and beyond what he had to do.  Instead of cruising along in life, he was strong enough to speak his mind publicly over and over and over again.  This type of person does not become so despondent that they take their own life.  Instead they retreat, regroup and come out fighting with renewed vigor and inspiration.  Something is fishy here, plain and simple.

It came as no surprise when President Obama made it official: this is America and there will be no more guns in the hands of our citizens.  Okay, those are my words not his but in effect that is what he did by signing  those 26 executive orders on January 16th.  And while this did not come as a surprise, the intensity of how the stroke of his pen divided our country was explosive.

This final event has filled the airwaves, print media and internet with speculation, fear, anger and just about every other emotion you can think of.  In the blogging world  you will find that sites are writing about guns, gun control, ammunition hoarding and firearms shortages and more – on a daily basis.  There does not seem to be an end in sight. – the debate over gun control is everywhere.

Getting to the Point: Are We At the Edge of an Abyss?

As I recently mentioned on my Facebook page, I have been struggling with these events not within the context of a single event, but within the greater context of all of them together. Which gets me to the point of this article.

While natural disasters, senseless shootings and gun control are hot issues, the larger concern today is our migration toward totalitarian government control – control that seems to be playing out right in front of us.  Clearly, to me at least, our government is taking a slow, methodical approach to control its citizens.

Sound scary?  It is, but examples abound.  One example near and not so dear was the creation of elite corporations with executives that are above reproach when it comes to their misdeeds.  This was done was by rewarding their shenanigans with huge sums of money so that they could line their pockets with perks and bonuses while letting people like you and I slip further into the abyss of dependency by taking away our jobs, our homes, and our rightful place in the American Dream.

And then there is the somewhat suspicious push by government to convince our  population that all will be well no matter what if they do just a little bit of prepping to get them by until the government, under the guise of FEMA, comes in to take care of them.  Talk about managing expectations – do a little and get a lot – what dufus thought of that?

Now for sure I am not knocking prepping.  Being prepared is my mantra and I support self-reliance and independence in all aspects of life.  It is the message that the government will roll in to take care of what ails you that I am opposed to.  Like I said, prepare a little, wait for us, and we will take care of you – that is the government message and it is just plain wrong.

You might recall that in  June 2011, the NASA Administrator sent an email to all NASA employeesencouraging them to prepare themselves for potential emergencies such as fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, terrorist attacks and other unforeseen catastrophes.  Why then?  And why NASA?  And now we see that the CDC, FDA, EPA and a whole alphabet soup of agencies are getting involved.

Could it be that the uninformed are destined to succumb to a false sense of security?  Is this the first step toward submission and being controlled?  I don’t have an answer to that but it seems likely.

Is it all about division and distraction?

Let’s talk about Obama’s gun control initiative.  Other than the Viet Nam war, I cannot think of any single event that has divided neighbors against neighbors, brothers against sisters, and communities again communities.  Even law enforcement has gotten in the act both for and against each other on this issue.

Think about this:  if we are so distracted by the infighting between gun control factions, how can we pay attention to what is really happening?  What a clever cover-up for clandestine actions that will result in restriction to our movements, our actions and even our ability to live in our own homes.

As we fight among ourselves and argue about the right to bear arms, perhaps we are missing the other traps that are being laid – traps that we do not see because we are so divided and so distracted by the issue of gun control.

My fear is that those traps will eliminate our freedom and lead us into anarchy, tyranny and that dirty word that I call socialism.

If you study Nazi Germany and period before the camps, you will learn that the rank and file population were seduced into thinking everything was a-okay.  The citizens were lured into a false sense of security.  The German government was good. They were helpful.  They wanted you to support the war effort so they helped the businesses and  factories by providing them with lucrative contracts and extra labor.

Of course we now know what really happened.  The Nazi’s took over businesses once their own people knew how to run them and sent the owners and their families to their deaths.

The Final Word

Except for the various events which have indeed taken place, what I have said today is all speculation on the part of a prepper lady who perchance thinks too much about the worst that can happen.  Call me crazy but some of these thoughts come from my own firsthand experience with FEMA (see FEMA Faceoff: Truth as an Urban Legend) and my distrust of the Washington power elites in general.

So am I right?  Who knows and perhaps it does not matter.  I share these thoughts today to advise you to avoid distraction, to open your eyes and to stay alert and aware.  Look beyond the headlines and beyond the distractions that may be preventing you from noticing what is really taking place in our country and in our world.

I hope to heck that I am off base and 100% wrong.  But I don’t think so.

Enjoy your next adventure through common sense and thoughtful preparation!


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