Coming Soon: Buying Stocks At the Grocery Store?

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It is often said that a market bubble has reached its peak when everybody wants to get in on the action. When it becomes a fad that attracts the gullible masses who have no business buying into it, then you know that the market is completely saturated, and will likely burst in the near future.

Keep that in mind as you read the following. Apparently stores like Kmart, Office Depot, Safeway, and Toys “R” Us are preparing to sell stocks in their checkout lines, which will be sold like gift cards. Instead of cashing them in for merchandise, you’ll be able to cash these cards in for stocks. The idea was created by patent attorney Avi Lele who wanted to give his nieces and nephews stocks for Christmas, but was frustrated when he had to attain their Social Security numbers first. “It is taking something complicated and expensive and making it accessible to everyone,” he said to the Wall Street Journal.

So far 20 different companies will be available, including heavy hitters like Facebook Inc., Coca Cola Co., Apple Inc., and Berkshire Hathaway, and even precious metals like gold and silver (the fake kind of course, who would want real gold?). Mr. Lele is hoping to make his stock cards available in time for the holidays. If this isn’t a shoeshine boy moment, then I don’t know what is.

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  • Why would it be different if Avi Lele’s nieces and nephews gave him their social security numbers since they’d have to supply them to buy the stock? Since the social security numbers belong to the government and not the person to which they are assigned, it shouldn’t be a matter of whom they give the social security number to, but whether accepting the stocks is worth giving up their privacy, albeit very limited already. If his nieces and nephews don’t trust him with their social security numbers, his mindless admiration of stocks might be an indicator of why.

  • Rick E.

    Stock market speculating is what enabled me to retire several years early, I am thus, comfortable. HOWEVER, I would NOT invest in in anymore, as it is much too volatile and unstable right now!
    Only a fool would buy stocks to wait for a profit at this time. It looks as though they’re contemplating trying the easy way of buying stocks in order to continue to prop up a dying market!
    Precious metals are still worth investing in, as there’s a demand for silver especially, due to its value in scientific venues, as well as its value in monetary terms.

    • I know of no one who is recommending to buy stocks and these people I am talking about know what they are doing as I’ve told you before.

      • Rick E.

        Exactly! One would be a fool for sure. The market is way too volatile, and the dollar could collapse any time now, which would absolutely devastate the stock market completely

  • americuh

    It might be a better purchase than some of the gift cards offered, or lottery tickets. What fees are charged for buying and selling? If for some unforeseen reason one made a few bucks, would you have to pay capital gains tax?

  • Airb0rne4325

    “In 1928 in New York City, John D. Rockefeller was having his shoes shined. The shoe shine boy, presumably not knowing who Rockefeller was, started giving him stock tips and financial news of the day. Rockefeller took his shoe shine boy’s advice but not in the way you would expect. He decided that if a shoe shine boy was giving stock tips.. It was time to get out of the market. He did! And it’s the reason his family was able to stave off the Depression, and continued to be one of the richest in our history.”

    I remembered this story from somewhere in the deep recesses of my putrid gray matter. It seems history maybe not be repeating itself, but it sure is rhyming a lot.

    • arahn

      That story is an urban legend. Another version of that same story had it that it was Joseph Kennedy, Sr.
      The reason for the urban legend was to dispel the mystery of the super rich getting out of the markets just before the crash — it was ’cause of shoeshine boys and not insider knowledge right 😉

  • Infidel51

    China anyone? The past few years the Chinese stock market experienced a robust influx of retail investors. That of course culminated in the market taking a giant dump and wiping out the wealth of the very people who can least afford to lose it.

  • Guillotine_ready

    Desperation on the cusp of ignorance

  • blueyes48

    What, now we don’t know how to purchase stocks or any other financial instrument ourselves? Must we really be cajoled into mindlessly frittering away our future with no thought whatsoever? We can do that on our own, thank you very much.

  • abinico

    The wall st jews are getting desperate for fresh meat to feast on – and it ain’t pork.