Coming Soon: Americans to be Taxed for Every Mile They Drive

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The government has plans to tax Americans for every mile they drive.

This is about more than just generating revenue or saving the planet from all of those “greenhouse gases”.

This is part of the Agenda 21 lot to corral people in one place. It is to discourage people from living outside the city and commuting to work. It is a plan that will force many to rely on public transportation. Lots of people in a small area are far easier to control than people scattered about in wide open spaces.


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  • Mike

    They can all kiss my ass. Old cars work wonders.

  • amongoose

    So if we get taxed by the mile for fairness of course does that mean that the federal gas tax will be repealed?
    I know, dream on.

  • Rick E.

    This is simple. It is a bunch of horseshit!!!!!!!!
    How in the hell are they going to create and install meters in every car in order to accurately gauge the milage??

    • Reverend Draco

      I dunno. . . if this passes, I’ll unhook the speedometer/odometer on every car I own. . . just as a precautionary measure.

      • Dan

        That’s a federal crime

        • Rick E.

          I surely hope so! Nullify all illegal and unjust laws. Simply ignore as many as one can!

        • Reverend Draco

          Sweet! That makes it even more delicious.

        • DontLikeWimps

          Obama isn’t even an American born President…. So all his laws should be null and void and he and his entourage needs to be thrown in jail for Treason….

      • knotjammin2

        They don’t need your odometer working. They can do it by using the GPS in your phone. Even when you turn it off.

        • Reverend Draco

          I don’t always carry my phone – I know, shocker – but when I go shopping or out to dinner with the missus, I leave my phone at home. I don’t want to be that rude bastard at the next table, yapping into his headset while everyone else is trying to have a nice, quiet meal.

          • knotjammin2

            I here you but I think we both know they will have a way unless they are shutdown!!

    • drones

      • Rick E.

        Wish I had some, Tim! lol.

        • It is possible to purchase drones, the small ones at least. Mark Dice flew one around some police dept. in California a few months back for fun.
          Imagine dropping items off in FEMA camps to encourage the hostages to release themselves and prevent forward momentum of their kidnappers.

    • jack reacher

      They will simply phase it in into new cars and phase the older cars out with regulations. Maybe you will be unable to buy gas unless you install this device

    • Ever Vigilant

      Every time you go to get your car inspected they put your mileage into the computer

      • Rick E.

        They don’t inspect vehicles in Arizona. No safety inspections. Except for the Phoenix area for smog control purposes.

  • Clark Baylor

    Energy independence is another reason for improving gas mileage.

  • I travel only , I NEVER DRIVE. Websearch: Trave vs Drive.

  • Joseph Lizak

    We are already being taxed by the mile. It’s called 4 bucks a gallon.

  • MrApple

    “Taxman” by the Beatles

    These guys must have seen into the future. Enjoy.

  • truthbetold

    The Government is really desperate if they think they can tax us for every mile we drive. We already pay taxes with our gasoline; emissions tax, wheel tax, registration. This can be defeated easily. DON’T PAY THE TAX. If everyone sticks together on this and REFUSES to pay the tax they will be unable to penalize the mass numbers of people who refuse to pay. We are be taxed to death because they are unable to stick to a budget. STOP PRINTING MONEY. These idiots don’t understand printing money devalues the dollar. Unity is power. It is time we show these SOB’S that they work for us, not us for them. If they want to save money, then pull the troops from the Middle East. A Trillion Dollar war that has drained our economy, and has allowed our infrastructure to deteriorate, not to mention the loss of American lives, and innocent Iraqi and Afghan lives. If you want to stop terrorism, then stop meddling in other countries affairs. They don’t care what freedoms we have, but they do mind the United States sticking their noses in their business. How would the United States feel if another country told us how to live? Being a super power doesn’t mean you should be nation building. Democracy will come from the people when they are ready, and no sooner. Time to VOTE out all those politicians who are on board with this mile tax. LETS CLEAN HOUSE.

    • DontLikeWimps

      We are being taxed to death because they want you to be so poor you cannot even afford to buy food… And to be able to control you more…plan and simple.

      • Rick E.

        I’m sure you’re right! But, if it gets to where food is unavailable or not affordable, I’ll have to harvest it myself. I live off of the grid in the high country. There’s plenty of deer, elk, antelope, and wild burros around my area.

  • Fleendar the magnificent

    The digital era is a blessing and a curse.
    Cash for clunkers? Get old, pre-chipped or hard to chip vehicles off the road.

    How will they be able to read your mileage and tax you, you ask??
    The SAME way they track and record ALL of our emails and phone calls. WIRELESS Digital, microwave and internet technology.

    The SAME way they track planes. A black box.

    • Jas

      The black box didn’t seem to help with that missing plane….

      • Fleendar the magnificent

        Because that plane isn’t missing or even crashed. It was somehow, in some way taken and is likely sitting in a hangar somewhere waiting on it’s WMD retrofit.

  • Geo

    Agenda 21Sample:

  • patriot156

    no phone no gps so fuck off!

  • patriot156

    and use cash fuck em!

  • Warlord2_2

    I like what you said…

  • David Mowers

    Time for Americans to assert their Constitutionally-protected “Right to Bear Arms” at D.M.V.’s across the nation.

  • bobmaginnis

    If the electric car battery improves 10X, then folks will be buying less gasoline and paying gas tax, but for now, we need a doubled gas tax to pay for road building and maintenance. Years from now, electric cars can pay their share via an annual fee. No snooping of my odometer or gps!!!

    • Jas

      Double the gas tax!! Are you insane? Do you want people to starve? How do you think all the food and other stuff gets to the shelves? They get plenty now, maybe they should stop stealing it and dumping it into the general fund.

  • Fleendar the magnificent

    Agreed. They want *everyone* to be crippled and unable to be independent.

  • euragone

    Coming soon…empty highways, more unemployment….

  • Jas

    Why not, all the illegals here in Az drive with out tags or insurance….

  • Jas

    Better gas mileage? Before they gave us emissions standards an early 80’s Honda CRX hf model got over 40 in town and 60 on the highway, a VW rabbit diesel 4 banger got over 50! That is why they had to do the ‘Cafe’ standards to make it seem like they are looking out for you when the reality is…emissions standards are really like a governor on the engine killing mileage and making all of us consume more. The only way to meet the Café standards is to drop the weight of the vehicle, which has caused more deaths and severely injured people…thanks government!

  • TooLittleTooLate

    I’m sure they’ll try…. as it is… I’m about to have to drive in 40mi each way…. every day….

    I moved a couple of years ago… out of the city… finally got my dream home…. almost 3000 sq ft….. a barn… a detached shop and over 10 acres with paddocks 220 to the shop and the barn.. water to all my paddocks barn and chicken coop… pretty much heaven for me… best thing is it’s almost paid for….

    So… if they think that I’m going to pay for every mile I drive… well…. I have to keep it clean here but, I’d ask them to use a spoon and get dinner from my butt.

  • excellent

  • Rudy Campilii

    I think,but not exactly sure, cars six years old and newer already have these black boxes in them. They just need to be activated.

  • Q as in Cuba

    Texas can succulently draw on my tailpipe if they throw down on this.

  • victor Godinez jr

    okay, one more excuse to use my care even less, and more for a bike, is only it did not get to 110+ F over here i would ditch my car and use it only for out-of town and emergency trips