Colorado To Limit Rounds In Magazines

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Colorado is to introduce a limit on the rounds allowed in  magazines and new regulations regarding firearms checks. The state will now require full background checks for anyone wanting to purchase a firearm giving it some of the toughest firearms regulation in the United States. The checks would apply to all gun purchases including private sales. Such sales would require the purchaser to pay for their own background check. Those purchasing on line will also require full background checks which it is thought the purchaser will again have to pay for. The House also approved a ban on concealed carry at college campuses and sports stadiums.

Colorado has the dubious distinction of being the state where two gun massacres have taken place. It joins other states that have limited the size of the magazines allowed for sale. The magazine restriction would limit magazines to a maximum of 15 rounds for all firearms except shotguns which will be limited to 8 rounds.

Republicans have come out in force against the ruling citing a restriction of their Second Amendment rights that guarantees the right to bear arms.

“This bill will never keep evil people from doing evil things”

Said republican Representative Jerry Sonnenberg. Republican Representative Jim Wilson joined the debate saying:

“Do not disarm our young people in general and our young women in particular on our college campuses in the name of a gun-free zone”

The debate highlights the opposing views of Democrats and Republicans on the issue of gun control in the US.

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