Colorado GOP Quickly Deletes “We Did It. #NeverTrump” Tweet, Blames Hackers Like Total Liars Would

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Had you visited the Colorado GOP’s official Twitter account on the evening of April 9th, you would have seen the Tweet below:


The Tweet was hastily deleted, followed by this lame excuse, which was left up:

Gee guys. What rotten luck. Hope your “investigation” turns up the culprit. Sure you won’t have to look too hard.

Funny how that rogue Tweet just so happens right as the Colorado GOP skips Super Tuesday and hands a victory over to Ted Cruz like a bouquet of fairy kisses, leaving many Republican Coloradoans feeling angry, disenfranchised, and ready to dump their party.

As reported earlier, the Colorado GOP never really gave a justifiable reason why they changed their own rules and didn’t have a normal polling process this year:

The Colorado GOP hasn’t even given a bad lie as justification for doing this to its voters (via another DP article):

GOP leaders have never provided a satisfactory reason for forgoing a presidential preference poll, although party chairman Steve House suggested on radio at one point that too many Republicans would otherwise flock to their local caucus.

Wait, what? Since when does the GOP get upset because too many people might vote?

…but most everyone has surmised it is to make sure Trump doesn’t get any more delegates.

In fact, one Republican voter named James (who is actually from New Jersey, not Colorado) sent an email to Colorado GOP Party Chairman Steve House threatening to burn the GOP down over stunts like this.

House’s reply was published at The Gateway Pundit:


Thank you for your note. Go ahead and burn the party down if that is what it takes to put this country on the right track then I am open to anything.

What happened over the weekend was simple and had no manipulation or underhanded process in it. The Cruz campaign worked harder than anyone else over a longer period of time, using the process that we have to create a victory for him. He came to Colorado, and was the only candidate who did, gave a great speech and won. I would have been perfectly okay with the result being for Mr. Trump had he and his team done the same thing. I will support whoever wins without hesitation but blaming other people when you don’t get what you want is only relevant if you did the work honestly and someone manipulated the process. That didn’t happen here.

I think people are upset right now because they either don’t like the process or don’t understand it. I am one of the people who doesn’t like it. It’s complicated and many don’t understand why we don’t just have a national primary across all 50 states in about June, pick the winner and go after the democrats in the general election. There are complications to that as well but it comes down to states rights on how we pick candidate. We should have a presidential primary here but the legislature eliminated it in 2002 because it costs to much and that is a limited government move. Up until this year no one cared. We will put a presidential primary back into our law before this year is over.

Lastly, the one thing I do not get from the Trump supporters who are mad at me right now is why so many believe he isn’t going to win. I think Mr. Trump has woken America up and we should be thankful for that. But why do you think he isn’t going to win. He has a big lead, the easiest path to the nomination, a lead in critical states like NY and California etc. Channel you energy into getting your guy elected and in the end if really manipulation happens I will be there to light the match for you.


Hm. Wonder if it was House who sent that Tweet.

“Go ahead and burn the party down…”

Many people think that’s exactly what Trump is doing… and many of them think it’s about damn time.

Not that the Democrats are any better, clearly attempting to hand the whole thing over to Hillary while the head of the DNC fails to even remotely explain how their process isn’t also rigged.

Are people finally waking up yet to what a sham this entire process is?

After all of this, they’ve got to be…

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