College Student Gets 100 Days In Jail For Registering Dead Voters As Democrats

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A Virginia college student was sentenced to 100 days in jail this week for submitting fraudulent voter registration forms listing the names of dead people as Democrat voters. Andrew J. Spieles, 21, was sentenced in federal court Tuesday for knowingly transferring false Virginia voter registration forms during the 2016 election, according to the Justice Department.

While this should come as a surprise to precisely 0 people, Spieles just happens to be Democrat who, according to a deleted Facebook post, apparently recently ran for Caucus Chair of the Virginia Young Democrats.

Spieles was accused of not only voter fraud, but other faulty information for a political organization connected to the Democratic Party. Spieles, who was a student at James Madison University, worked as a staffer for Harrisonburg Votes. The group is affiliated with the Democratic Party and Spieles was paid to register voters in the area during the weeks leading up to the 2016 election. Spieles’ job was to register as many voters as possible; he reported to Democratic campaign headquarters in Harrisonburg, Va., according to the DOJ.

After filling out a registration form, Spieles entered the voter information into a computer system used by the Virginia Democratic Party. Each week, someone would hand-deliver paper copies to the Registrar’s Office in Harrisonburg.

Last August, an employee from the Registrar’s Office contacted law enforcement after another worker recognized a registration form submitted in the name of the late father of a Virginia judge. The office then discovered multiple instances of falsified forms. Some were in the names of deceased individuals, and others had incorrect middle names, birth dates and Social Security numbers, according to the Justice Department. –Fox News

Spieles admitted he prepared all 18 of the false voter registration forms by obtaining information from “walk sheets” given to him by the Virginia Democratic Party. Spieles said no one else participated in the crime. Spiels offered a guilty plea and will spend 100 days locked up.

It’s too bad really. Because it sounds like Spieles had all the right “special talents” required to be a very successful politician. He just forgot the most important rule: Don’t get caught.

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  • Harry L

    shocking, unless of course you’re George Stephanolofogous.

  • Stewpedaso

    I don’t think treason should be taken so lightly. …100 days it’s like sending him to a corner

    • lee ho fook

      you are quite correct–this is insane

    • lee ho fook

      the question is – who exactly let him off the hook so easily? hmmmm

  • Yarbles

    Isn’t the Virginia Democratic Party also complicit?

  • First off, this fucking douchebag should be strung up in public. 100 days in prison, where he can enjoy buttfucks alllllllllll day? Second: hes a traitor. He RIGGED elections, plain and simple. If you multiply this fucking faggot by 1,000- that can and has, swung elections….

    Time for these fucking assholes to SWING, along with CON-gress!!!!!!!!!

  • Phil_Ossifer

    This is a case of not only voter fraud on the part of the kid but also conspiracy to commit voter fraud by the VA Democratic Party. Okay, Feds, do your duty…(crickets)… This kind of bullshit is precisely why we need a universal voter ID requirement. And anybody who thinks that it’s racist to require ID to vote – SCREW YOU and the Democrat horse you rode in on. Hell, you probably registered your horse as a voter…

  • Kathy Smith

    That is what all the intelligent right wings (Trump Supporters) have been saying ALL ALONG.

  • Robert Paulson

    He’s going to be a human volleyball for his fellow Hillary supporters in the Big House.