College Offers ‘Cultural Dogs’ And ‘American Whiteness’ Classes

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An Iowa college is set to offer classes on “American Whiteness” and “Dogs, Identities, & Culture,” according to its fall 2017 course catalog.

Feminist ethnographer and professor Karla Erickson will teach “American Whiteness,” aimed at examining “whiteness as a specific racial formation with a distinct history, proactive and defensive politics, and institutional and personal investments,” according to the course catalog. The class will analyze the “advantages that accrue to whiteness, the internal diversity of the category, and the continuous challenges to whiteness, both conceptual and material,” as well as capture and reproduce cycles of whiteness.

Erickson declined to release the 2017 course syllabus, but indicated that the spring 2015 syllabus is the same, according to Campus Reform.

“Whiteness is, among much else, a very bad idea … This course is meant to facilitate a personal journey towards a better understanding of how whiteness functions in a racist nation,” the 2015 syllabus read. The reading list included “Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness” and “The Case for Reparations,” among other texts.

Students will also have the option of taking “Dogs, Identities, & Culture.” The course will “investigate how categories such as race, class, gender, disability, and sexuality speak to dog cultures and cultural dogs,” per its description.

“We will discuss human-dog relationships, histories, and material practices … and will analyze visual and narrative dog representations,” the description adds.

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  • Does that mean that basket weaving is out?

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    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      As is “Pre-Roman Gender-Fluid Menstrual Art.”

    • Could sue and have a ‘basket case’ on our hands 😛
      Oh wait, look around, there are plenty of those. HA

  • Roy Hobs

    “White Genocide”
    Google — Coudenhave-Kalergi plan for white genocide.

  • dav1bg

    Get a student loan for that one, and personally see how white eliteness affects you.

    • NonYo Business

      I wish that white eliteness would kick in for my student loans. My elite ass is getting crushed by student loan interest.

  • NonYo Business

    The only people who will take these classes are underachievers who need a liberal arts credit and want to use little effort to get it.

    • lee ho fook

      the only people who create & teach these courses are the haters of the white people.

    • Frank Energy

      And then want the Government to “forgive” their student loans, especially if they are non-white.

  • Joel W

    If I were in college, I would honestly take the “American Whiteness” class. Only to see how quick I would have been dropped from the class, or expelled altogether.

    • Frank Energy

      That would be fun too challenge the teacher until they had to take drastic action, and then document fully, hopefully with film, and then film a criminal or civil lawsuit.

  • David E

    How long will it be before someone brings an equal protection lawsuit aimed at stopping this obviously racist nonsense?

    • Frank Energy

      Only an imprivledged elite whitey would think like that, sarc

      • Geraldinelzackery


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    • lee ho fook

      what’s stopping YOU?

  • lee ho fook

    Ms Erickson sound jewish to me—she’s teaching about whiteness? What would she know about being white? Other than the Talmudic Ones destroying white people, culture, civilization by flooding white countries with brown 3rd worlders? How long will we the people put up with this extreme racist hatred?

    • Frank Energy

      How about those 2000 Muslim “Crusades”, and now the newist set of them financed by the JWO

      • lee ho fook

        yes, I enjoy all that stuff, too!!!

  • lee ho fook

    how bout whites offering courses on Jewish Hatred of White People? Concentrating on Talmudic Jews and their ancient desire to destroy all other ethnicities and the advantages they accrue from stealing everyone’s boundaries and money and how their existence continually challenges all of humanity, most importantly reaching a conclusion on how much longer the people of the earth will allow this to go on?

  • John C Carleton

    At this point, anyone attending University/college in USA, is pissing their money down a rat hole.

    • Frank Energy

      Actually worse, pissing money, and ability to think, and being filled with false ideas. Indoctrination.

      • lee ho fook

        not really pissing money away–they ARE learning to be really really good Snowflakes.

    • Fingal Carson

      Paying to become a retard on their own dime. People should also drop out of High School and get a GED instead. Help devalue HS diplomas into nothing, then people will be done with the PC factory known as public education after 10 tortuous grades instead of 12.

      A college diploma means nothing, a HS diploma is on the verge of meaning nothing. What does it matter anymore? Very few professions need college education which could also just be done in trade school.

      Amazing what 40+ years of destroying an entire culture and three generations will do.

      • John C Carleton

        High school diploma don’t mean anything anymore.

        • Fingal Carson

          Correct. I hinted it holds a super tiny value because for people trying to get those shit jobs, it still occasionally shows the “perseverance” they’re looking for. As opposed to a GED which some people don’t like.

  • gazoo3


  • Clementine

    Racism and “white” genocide, plain and simple. It is truly sad that Caucasians are allowing this to continue.
    Divided we fall… that is the plan…

    • Frank Energy

      Yep, they divided the fuck out of the USA, and now can slide in the poorly hid stealth plans.

      • lee ho fook

        not if lazy White people stand up and say “we’re not gonna take it anymore”….