Cold War Heats Up: Tanks and Troops Heading to Eastern Europe

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Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, Commander US Army Europe, with Georgian Defense Minister

Lieutenant General Ben Hodges has told AFP that the United States Army plans to station up to 150 tanks and armored vehicles in the Baltic states as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. The phone interview, conducted with AFP from Estonia saw the newly installed head of US Army forces in Europe confirm that extra personnel would be spending time in the area.

“The troops will come over and train, and they’ll go back. The equipment will stay behind,” Hodges said. “I’m going to look at options that would include distributing this equipment in smaller sets, company-size or battalion-size, perhaps in the Baltics, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, places like that,”(source)

There are about 29,000 U.S. military personnel stationed in Germany, Belgium and Italy but temporary deployment and training exercises are being stepped up. These deployments start mid-december when around 600 members of the 1st Calvalry Division arrive for a three month period of training in Eastern Europe. The deployments will go on throughout 2015 and 2016 at the very least according to Hodges.

Although the people of Eastern Europe may welcome the American support in their region, it’s highly unlikely that Vladimir Putin will view the move in the same way. The annexation by Russia of Crimea has made many of its close neighbors nervous that the same may happen to them. NATO is determined that will not be the case.

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  • Happy thanksgiving folks, while you are eating your delicious turkey world leaders are making moves behind your backs. I am from one of the Baltic states and although this makes me feel a bit safer I find the general situation so terrible lately in Europe. Looks like we are leaping 25 years back.

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    • Nexusfast123

      A bit dumb falling for the bullshit being spewed by the degenerates in Washington. The encroachment and threat is from NATO and not Russia. The North Atlantic Terrorist Organization is anachronistic and leaping back 25 years as they try to justify their existence,

      There are 8m plus ethnic Russians in the Ukraine. Threatened with genocide by avowed Nazis nutters in Kiev. Around a million Ukrainians have crossed into Russia. What do YOU think Putin should do in the face of such evil and the lying pricks in the capitals of the West?

      • KuhnTewk

        What do you have against the Nazis? If the Nazis had won WW2 we’d have universial peace and prosperity today.

  • Nexusfast123

    Wow….150 new targets.I bet the Russians are worried. The people of the Crimea voted to rejoin Russia. Unlike the stupid fools in the rest of he Ukraine that has a US puppet (fascist) government imposed on them.

  • TommyTCG

    Meanwhile the people of Germany etc are crying foul now that the idiotic forced-on-them-sanctions by US warmongers are really biting them. 6500 GermanCos doing business in Russia and it’s get more and more difficult.
    Meanwhile the idiot warmongering Yanks send more tanks, troops and guns.. Don’t they know Russia is part of Europe and nothing to do with them, except.. Russia stopped the Yankee streamroller crushing, raping, stripping and devastating Rssia.