CNN Reassures Investors: “Don’t Panic… America’s Economy Is Still In Good Shape”

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Forget for a moment that U.S. stock markets have seen their worst start to a new year since the Great Depression or that some $2.5 trillion in wealth has been evaporated in less than two weeks.

CNN says it’s hardly the time to panic:

Time to panic? Hardly.

There are plenty of reasons to relax, especially if you are a U.S investor. Here are the top two:

1. America’s economy is still in good shape.

2. Staying in stocks pays off. Since World War II, investors who remained in stocks for at least 15 years made money

Right now, the U.S. economy is growing. It’s not rock star growth, but 2% to 2.5% a year is good, and the Fed is being very cautious.

More importantly, businesses are still hiring. Over 2.3 million jobs were added last year (the latest data on hiring comes out Friday and it’s widely expected to show more jobs added).

Pay no attention to the fact that last week not a single cargo ship was transporting raw materials in the South China Sea, the first time in history that it has happened. The economy is is great shape and this is not proof that global commerce has literally stopped.

Worry not that Walmart, Macy’s and scores of other retailers had an abysmal holiday season and are now set to lay off tens of thousands of workers. Unemployment, when calculated using models that were used during the Great Depression and that were defined out of existence by the government in 1994 show that some 23% of Americans are out of work. But we don’t calculate like that anymore, so we actually have an employment rate of about 95% in America right now.

And though the economy is officially growing at 2.5% per year based on the government’s trustworthy data, we should absolutely not look at the inflation numbers, which according to Shadow Stats are running about 4% per year. If we did, however, go totally fringe and consider inflation within the context of the economy we might notice that this purported growth is actually negative 2% if not worse.

In fact, we’re doing so well that just 45 million of America’s population of 320 million people are on food stamps right now. By all accounts, a really good sign of not just economic growth, but more jobs and an increase in personal incomes.

And with oil trading at under $30 per barrel, we can see nothing but blue skies going forward because, hey, we’re all paying a dollar less for gas now. We’re sure this will have no effect on the domestic real estate market in places like Texas and North Dakota. Nor will this collapse in oil prices cause debt burdened domestic oil companies to close up shop, potentially leading to a domino affect across the entirety of the U.S. economy. Nor will it have any impact on periphery businesses that service those companies, including all of those restaurants that saw below-minimum wage job growth explode last year.

You have absolutely nothing to worry about. The notion that an economic and financial catastrophe of historic proportions is playing out right before our eyes is the fantasy of internet conspiracy fanatics.

At this point, we encourage our readers to take no action to prepare for the coming calamity, because there is no coming calamity.

Carry on. Everything is awesome. It really is different this time.

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  • august

    CNN is depressors of truth for Big government
    they work for the government, telling the people what the government says
    to tell them a % will believe

    • Adol Hintner

      And they’re owned by Jews. Ted Turner sold out to them, then later lost half his money to a Jew.

      • Reverend Draco

        I’ve been wondering for a while here. . .

        It seems that everywhere Jews go, they’re universally reviled.
        This says much more about them than it does the rest of us.

        It’s not like it’s an occasional thing. . . or only happens in certain parts of the world – if this was the case, one could reasonably say that those occasional people or the people in those particular places are assholes – but that’s not the case.

        Like being in school when I was a kid .. . if you got in trouble, the question your parents asked was, “what did you do?”

        • icetrout

          God Damn a Buffalo I didn’t know there were Jew’s in the Saudi Royal Family… 😛

        • sunshine

          Exactly. If everyone hates you, YOU are likely the problem. But Jews are too arrogant to care. Glad you notice this, so many don’t. Have you ever read the Protocols?

          • Mark

            Jewish terrorism and genocide—a partial listing

          • Adol Hintner

            Awesome link, Mark.

          • Mark

            Please enjoy the site. I suspect that you will find it edifying.

          • I love this new format! Sooo much to learn… thank you, sir! THANK YOU!

          • Mark


          • ALL of his links are awesome!

          • Rebeccalspaulding4

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          • sunshine

            Is this your new site?? Thank you! Glad to see you!

          • EnemyOfTheState

            I’ve read the “Protocols” as you call it. Not a very exciting read but I was actually in dismay reading it. Learned protocols of zionism. CNN is pure establishment propaganda.

          • sunshine

            True, not exciting but eerily accurate, isn’t it?

          • Do you mean the Protocol of the Elders of Zion, which has come to be regarded as a concocted fictional propaganda piece?

          • sunshine

            Yes. Do you think it’s actually fictional propaganda? I look around and what the Protocols said would happen…has either happened, or is about to happen.

            What do you think about prophecies/various prophets?

          • I think virtually everything qualifies as propaganda from one point of view or another. Since I am not a believer in prophesy that I didn’t receive directly from source, and I don’t solicit or propagate it, I prefer trend following, such as that done by Gerald Celente and others. I personally regard most of the bible as suspect as the Protocols, vis a vis prophesy. I haven’t studied either extensively enough to vet them.

        • Adol Hintner

          Reverend Draco, read the book, ‘Jewish Supremacism’. The Ten Commandments only apply to Jews, not non-Jews, according to the Jews. They don’t have the ‘Love they neighbor, Do unto others’ morals that Jesus taught. They own over 80% of the media and every publishing company. Most country’s used to have laws against them immigrating because they take over by Loan sharking and treachery. The early Popes ordered all Talmud’s to be burned because it was filled with hate.

          • They follow the 7 noahide laws that George Bush sr. singed into law recognizing in 1991(right now it is just recognized as “education day” but sets a precedent). You violate one of these, even from being merely accused by a jew without any proof whatsoever… OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

            ICD 9 E 978 “Legal Execution
            All executions performed at the behest of the judiciary or ruling authority [whether permanent or temporary] as:

            beheading, decapitation (by guillotine)

            **above is the legal medical code for beheading in the united states.

        • Mark

          Who is human? Who is not?

        • gato felix

          Reverend your post reminded me of the following quote, “Henceforth no Jew no matter under what name well be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome pest within the state than this race, which impoverishes the people by their fraud, usury and money lending and commits all deeds which an honrable man despises…..” Queen Maria Theresa of Hungary 1744 C.E.

          • sunshine

            Yep, it’s why they murdered her daughter…by guillotine. Revenge. That’s what they are about.

      • Mark

        perpetrators & instigators—not “victims”

      • That must have been when he sold CNN for a vast profit before cable operators became out-competed by satellite television operators.

    • olddog

      The entire MSM is complicit in treason with the (D)em-wit CONTROL FREAK Par-Ta..Has been since the 60s…

      • august

        yea didn’t that begin around the time the civil marching
        protesting black movement start 1960-61 and in Lyn-wood CA the Military was called in to block a black march in to the city 1960 …. some protest

        • olddog

          Raised 100 miles north of LA in the central valley..Hell, in 60′ I was 12 so I just wanted to go outside and play..News was not my thingy…

          • august

            i was Born in,in the southern portion of the Los Angeles Basin

      • Reverend Draco

        If you think that the (R)eps are any better, have any significant differences from the (D)ems – you have this problem with your brain being missing.

        • olddog

          RINOs=(D)em-wits..without the PINK BURKHAS..YET!!! Brain (d)at (D)umb-@zz…now back to your Pink Fur Lined “Safe Space” basement you POS, BIG MOUTH MFer..

          • Reverend Draco

            Just as I thought – a pig-ignorant (as usual) republicrat.

            You might want to hit the ground running – the education you failed to catch is taunting you. . . hurry before it gets away – again.

          • olddog

            From a (D)umb-@zz with the intellect of a fkg Fence Post..Now (d)at bes RICH..HO..but nice try there buckwheat..

          • Reverend Draco

            Whatever you (can’t quite) say in English, Sparkles.

            I wonder if your parents are aware of just how epically they failed as parents?

            If they have anosognosia as badly as you do. . . they probably have just as much of a clue as you do – which is to say, “What’s a clue again?”

          • olddog

            Typical (D)erelict..bes hasin yo momma splain it tus yus HO..

      • Those who control “the (D)em-wit CONTROL FREAK Par-Ta..” had roots long before white men touched this continent. Republicans and democrats are members of an elitist party with two distinct wings and a multitude of splinter groups.

        • olddog

          RINOs=(D)em-wits without the Pink Burkhas..YET!!!..IMO..

          • Speak engrish troop~!

          • olddog

            bes hasin yo moma splain it tus yus (D)umb-@zz..Now swallow the Choomer Chimp and wipe (d)at NASTY Chin..HO..

  • SP_88

    Thanks for the advice. I’m gonna run right out and do absolutely nothing right now.

  • Meltonmark

    1) In the headline photo, where is the white male?
    2) In the UK we have what are called ‘Zero-Hour Contracts’. These are jobs which carry no fixed hours of employment. The employers can just call the employees in whenever, and forever how short or long a time, they want. There are an estimated 1million persons in the UK now employed on ZHCs. This is how the government gets around the unemployment problem. All those persons are technically employed in gainful occupations. The fact that they might only work a few hours here or there, or maybe only work sporadically, doesn’t matter. They count as employed. Therefore the UK Unemployment Rate has fallen. da-da!

    • 1) Well he got pushed a row back because he’s a racist and hasn’t fully recognized his white privilege even though his demographic has the MOST money in stocks.
      2) Sounds like Obamanomics(double the low pay part-time jobs to make it look like we aren’t sinking). Hey, are they working together or something?

  • AllodialTitle

    CNN has never mislead anybody have they? Plus anything you read on the Net must be true. Life is good !

  • SP_88

    CNN is such a joke. Does anyone ever really watch them anymore? When is the last time they put out an honest story? When is the last time they did some honest journalism? The MSM in general is working to cover up for the government corruption and helping to spread their lies and disinformation. They work to keep the public as uninformed as possible so they won’t start getting worried about economic collapse or some other disaster.
    But the alternative media is not under their control. They have been able to tell people about the lies and the crooked agendas and the manipulation of the economy and the support of terrorism and the wars for oil, etc, etc. The alternative media is beginning to undo all the dishonest work that was done by the MSM. The government is losing control over the narrative because of the alternative media, and they know it. And most of their options to stop it would set off a big backlash, and the government would suddenly look like the tyrants they are even to the people who typically would support them, and they would possibly start a revolution. So they can’t just do something crazy like shut down the internet or censor the alternative media because it would set off a response from the public that would further erode their agenda.
    But I’m sure that they will try to eliminate the alternative media or control the content through some nefarious means. If nothing else, they are stubborn and persistent.
    But hopefully the people will be able to overcome whatever the government tries to do to stop the spread of truth.

    • They already control most of the content of the alt. media, it’s a zio-cuckfest of zionist cuckolds out there.

  • Nexusfast123

    Bit sensationalist as ship tracking sites show shipping movements. I doubt if commerce has stopped as orders will continually be placed for products, etc. You will get inventory build before orders are stopped which is what is happening at the moment. I have no doubt that commercial activity has slowed and will continue to slow.

  • Nexusfast123

    The collapse in oil prices will have a big impact on the petrodollar and those countries in the Middle East where the vast majority of their revenue comes from the sale of oil.

  • Justa Grunt

    That’s funny, Citibank says 65% chance of recession
    and Bernanke promised no recession back in 2008 right before everything fell apart lol

    so…. they are either morons, or liars…. you be the judge

  • Shipyards have been very busy in the same way that home builders were busy during the building of the sub-prime bubble. They were building new, larger ships at the same time that the investment bubbles were being built, and now they have a large inventory of ships that are totally unneeded in a shrinking shipping market. The problem will be resolved when the oldest and most decrepit of the world’s shipping fleets are sent to be salvaged.

    • I just read that the titanic was a false flag.

      • Since it didn’t involve another vehicle, I think it was simply a bad case of terminal dumb ass.

        • ..that conveniently killed the ONLY 3 people who objected to the formation of the Federal Reserve from the meeting at Jeckyl Island, the article has some pretty damning info in it IMO. The ship captain had over 20yrs sailing experience in those waters.

          • I have over 25 years of driving tractor-trailers around the lower 48 states, but that wouldn’t prevent me from hitting any random moron in front of me, or an unsighted iceberg which I was going too fast to avoid, as was the Titanic, by all reports. My driving record is squeaky clean for the last 40+ years, because I gave up taking childish risks after puberty, and the return of my license after a quarterly suspension.
            The ship was built to be unsinkable, but the crew had left all of the bulkhead doors open that would have sequestered the flooded part of the ship, and saved her. Since most rich people cluster together, it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’d do so to their deaths.

          • With your 25 years of driving tractor trailers I am sure if you knew of a road with many deadly obstacles on it you would inherently know to slow down instead of speed up?

          • Long before I ever climbed into a truck, I knew that the other drivers on any road are the most deadly obstacles thereon. Large trucks are far more maneuverable than they are stoppable, so the key is to allow more than enough space to take evasive action than to be able to stop. The most dangerous gear is reverse.

          • Off topic: Have you ever run your water distiller all day? If so, how much water can you distill? We had a conversation almost a year ago about it and I told you I bought the counter top unit from Pure Water but I was intending to buy the one you have. Well, I am struggling with keeping up with the distilled water demands of my household(colloidal silver generators, ultrasonic humidifiers, snake cage water bowls + what I drink which is more than a gallon a day) and was curious of the output of your device because I am going to make a purchase soon if it’s good and you would know… if you’ve ever used it before, that is.

          • I have a Waterwise 1600Non-Electric Distiller that I have never used. They claim it can produce 16 gallons a day. It is in a storage locker 4 hours away, along with a dozen cases of Mountain House freeze-dried food. I will eventually move all of that stuff to where I have moved to, but sometimes plans take a while to fulfill:-)

          • Ahh, I see. Thanks for the response, I think I am going to buy it and I will run that thing all day and let you know how much water I can get out of it. This gallon-at-a-time crap is for the birds!

          • I never bought it for routine daily use as long as a gallon of multi-filtered municipal water is available at Walmart for 37 cents. Since I have lived around (and sometimes down by) a river for many years, I figured that selling pure drinking water would be a good way to pay for everything else, and the rivers never run dry in Wyoming. If they ever did, there’s always a lake or reservoir downstream. I’ve got both within 5 minutes travel, and the reservoir powers a hydroelectric dam that powers the town.

          • We are buying 10+ gallons a week from the store + what we make ourselves and are still struggling to keep water in the house, this thing sounds like a cure for that problem!

          • Unless you are using it for more than drinking and cooking, you have a large household and/or a thirsty one.

          • I drink a lot of water and I have the snakes with their water bowls.

          • Have you ever tried the snakes on water without halogens?

          • The lights are incandescent and they are standard under-cabinet lights + there is a 12″ shelf protruding out underneath of them. I use the pro heat panels(mounted on the ceiling) we talked about before for heat and their water bowl is on the other side so I don’t have evaporation problems but in 1 glass cage I have with a ball python in it. The cage is so small I had nowhere else to put the water so it constantly dries out. It’s a temporary cage situation so I am just dealing with it until my young retic gets his large cage.

          • Have you tried inverting a container so that the water can feed out as air seeps in?

          • I have upside down cat litter boxes for hides but aside from the one glass cage evap is not much of a problem.

          • The upside down container is the animal version of the sippy cup.

          • Ahh, I see what you are saying now…

          • I think you could save a lot of time, money, and water if you were willing to partition your water. I do this by using water from Walmart’s filter machine for drinking and cooking, and standard tap water from wherever for personal hygiene. I don’t worry about the chlorine and fluorine for the latter, because they act like VOCs when heated at atmospheric pressure in a well-ventilated van. The ventilation is a requirement of having breathable air where all heating is by way of a 35K/btu/hr stove fueled by propane. I’ve been able to cut way back on burning propane by use of a new -50 sleeping bag.

          • Wags71

            Do you need distilled? Or can it be RO/DI? I settled on a Berkey, but that’s for drinking water and really slow. I’d also like to get a whole house RO/DI.

          • I need distilled specifically for the colloidal silver generator and the ultrasonic humidifier as well as the monsoon auto-mister, all the rest I just want clean water! My friend does the RO/DI for his salt water tank, I wonder how good it is? Do you have to soak RO/DI water in Tulsi leaves to remove the fluoride? I need to learn more.

          • Wags71

            RO/DI water shouldn’t have any fluoride in it already. It also has all trace minerals removed so it’s not exactly great for drinking unless you add a little sea salt or himelayan salt to it. It’s pretty close to distilled IIRC. The biggest problem I have with RO/DI is that a ton of water is wasted which is why I settled on a Berkey with fluoride filters.

            Soon, I’m not going to have to worry about fluoride after I start iodine supplementation (still researching).

          • Boron displaces fluoride, it’s illegal in Europe and in Germany you can only possess up to 20 grams but it must be registered… here they sell it in the laundry soap aisle by the box.. Mule Team Borax.

            Also using Tulsi leaves gets the fluoride out of water by soaking water in them. I want to try the iodine thing out too because fluoride displaces iodine in the thyroid. I was gonna get lugol’s.

          • Wags71

            yeah, both iodine and boron displace fluoride. I’m going to do both. It really helps with the thyroid and decalcifying the pineal gland, which is the part I’m most interested in.

            I have a nice iodine guide I can get you. The detox can be pretty intense because it also displaces a lot of other heavy metals. You need to take selenium and magnesium and vitamin c along with sea salt to help detox. I’ll find it.

          • Cool, that sounds great and like something I’d do, thanks!

          • Wags71
          • Wags71
          • Wags71

            lol, screwed that up. Disqus is weird sometimes.

          • Wags71

            I didn’t have any selenium or magnesium, but I did take 100 mg of iodine one day just for the hell of it and it was pretty uncomfortable. There are two schools of thought, to start slowly or start at full dose. I’m just going full dose. You can’t OD on iodine because whatever the body can’t use it just passes the rest through urine. I’m using the 5%I/10%KI Lugols.

          • Where did you get your lugol’s, amazon?

          • Wags71

            Yeah. This is what I got. There may be others that cost less now, but that should give you the idea.


            Oh and this doubles as a prepper’s necessity for radiation or water purification too.

          • sunshine

            Oooh let me know what you think of it too! He recommended a good shortwave radio I’m about to buy 🙂

      • sunshine

        WHOA! They’ve been playing that game for a long time too. No surprise. Remember how many scientists were on the missing Malaysia plane?? Killing anyone who stands in their way, objects to them, or could expose them.

        • Yep! And there is always a cover story as not to suspect the true intentions of the event…sneaky bastards. In the plane accident wasn’t it about a semi-conductor patent? It was with one of those crashes…

          • sunshine

            It’s always something, seems like every time a plane goes down, it’s to kill someone they want dead! I think one of the Malaysia planes was about a bunch of microbiologists, that had created an airborne Ebola virus? Hmm now I have to go see where I read that. Lol there’s literally so much info that it’s hard to keep it all straight.

  • Heres Albert

    Communist News Network run by CIA Cooper making sure you stay in the market until your retirement has been stolen from you. Check out this DHS drone stalk this car

  • Guillotine_ready

    This is actually a true statement because the economy does not have anything to do with everyday people. We feel the effects of changes in it after the fact and we an get suckered into schemes like the stock market but mostly it has nothing to do with us and those it pertains to are doing simply great, why would they change a thing?