Clinton Body Count Piling up: +5 in Just Six Weeks

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Hillary will stop at nothing to claw her way into the White House; unfortunately, people are dropping dead left and right in her path and, in the case of the last two found dead last week, the mainstream media is pretending not to even notice they are gone…

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  • Mike

    Dead via the killary klinton suicide you squad.

  • SexualMustard

    Real numbers are over 1100 dead via the Clintons. There, I said it again. No, I’m not posting links. I don’t have a tinfoil hat or need a new one. Haven’t been listening to AJ for awhile. Don’t believe me? Talk to the Clinton dissidents; oh that’s right, they’re dead.

    • NonYo Business

      Alex Jones is a controlled POS. Wake up.

      • You see he’s tryin’ to go full nazi to stay relevant? LOL! What a spineless blob, just like Michael Moore.

      • SexualMustard

        How, exactly is alex Jones a sellout or controlled? I will remain opened minded to your reply if it isn’t childish. Be rational, intelligent and reasonable please. I shall wait on your reply.

        • sunshine ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

          He’s in the mainstream. They don’t just allow anyone a national platform.

          • Just like Mike Adams with natural news, total sellout, puts a bunch of good info into an article then shits all over it with holohoax lies, the fix is in but the people are waking up.

            **also, nice to see you on again! If you moved I hope it went well!

          • straight shooter

            I totally agree about Mike Adams, Rog. He’s great for health info, but when he starts doing political commentary, he’s still half asleep. I’ve told him so respectfully, but those comments somehow don’t make it onto the site 😉

          • He is a very smart individual that most certainly knows the real story about WWII yet deliberately prints lies which tells anyone who’s paying attention that he cannot be trusted. Natural News is a kosher opposition organization BUT I’m a sucker for health tips so I do read it for that stuff.

          • SexualMustard

            He’s not mainstream. He built his own platform thru 20 years of work. He’s only getting accelerated attention in the last year because of his support for Trump. How long have you been listening to AJ?
            He does cameo appearances on patriotic movies by invitation from patriot producers. He annihilated pierz morgan. He refuses msm Interviews. I can go on. You have no rational opinion just saying he’s mainstream. I’ve been listening to and or watching AJ for well over a decade. Not mainstream at all.

          • lol: – your shill is starting to show, better cover it up!

          • SexualMustard

            Well that was worthless.

          • Because shill = showing, I already told you 🙂

          • SexualMustard

            Your own words. Can you articulate your own words? I’m not buying any jew connection from an Internet troll w/o his own input and rationale.

          • You’re not buying any jew connection? LOL! Here’s more facts for you to deny: – keep calm and shill on!

          • SexualMustard

            Here is my rebuttal to noyo. Applies equally to you: I’ll be damned if I’m opening any links. I both heard and saw the David Duke interview, if that’s what u sent me. The Duke interview needed to be edited from a business owner and news agency standpoint. Think of the backlash Jones would have received if he didn’t. Think about it. The msm would have had a box of hollow points to throw at him. I too was disappointed by the outcome of said interview. But, if that’s all u have it won’t cut, in my perspective.

          • You can make up as many excuses for that controlled opposition organization you want to and you can play SJW and close your ears and eyes and not read things that affect your feels too… still doesn’t change the fact that infowars is cucked. This website here is cucked also.

          • SexualMustard

            Cucked is what you are. So enamored by your dillusional you ignore the headline just hate on source of info.

          • Worships Alex Jones, covers for the jews, calls ME cucked…. PRICELESS!

          • SexualMustard

            David Duke isn’t half the man or news reporter as AJ. Lol

          • I’m not even a huge David Duke fan but he’s a breath of fresh air compared to Alex Jewns the faktriot zionist but of course all cuckservatives would disagree, they’re cucks after all and all cucks hate the duke… who they can’t spook, lol.

            PS: Alex Jones isn’t news, it’s controlled opposition entertainment like most of these websites like natural news and this one.

          • SexualMustard

            Haha. I attack SJW’S and hate them more than you hate jews.

          • And at the same time too stupid to realize where they came from because “muh infowars” failed to… inform you, imagine that.

          • SexualMustard

            You trying to school me is like a pregnant, std riddled cracked whore teaching safe sex to gynecologist. Pizz off.

          • lol, you trying to grasp concepts over your head that Alex Jones hasn’t explained to you yet is like watching a monkey trying to fuck a football 🙂

            *Keep calm and cuck on

          • SexualMustard

            Leftist troll GET A FUKIN LIFE!

          • Faktriot cukservative :^)

          • SexualMustard

            Leftist troll. GET A FUKING LIFE!

          • Faktriot cukservative 🙂

        • Here you go:
 – it is BLATANTLY obvious when you figure out who he is shilling for.

          • SexualMustard

            Yes, the zionist jews have fuked the world and control nearly everything, but I’m no jew lover and AJ is no jew either. I don’t see AJ shilling by the definitions of your link. The question that needs to be asked of you is, are you a subversive plant by the left to discredit AJ? It seems most of the time you are a cheerleader for the status quo, Alex is not, is this your beef?
            Where is nunyo? He’s the one I asked.

          • Oh! We like to put words in other people’s mouths do we? What a subversive technique, just sayin’. Alex Jones shills for the jews, everybody knows it.

          • SexualMustard

            Ok. Your link won’t cut it. I want you to explain to me in your OWN words how AJ is a sellout.

          • Alex Jones is a Zionist sellout, those are my words. Here is a video that he pulled from his site then lied about:
   Because David Duke took him to taskon the issue, lol. It seems you are one of the few out there that still believes he is legit. You know he even went all nazi lately(to remain relevant) when a few years ago all he talked about was evil nazis, he flip-flopped and it seems like the infowars crowd has a short memory like everybody else.

          • SexualMustard

            It’s too bad you’re so fixated on some jew connection. We otherwise see mostly alike or similarly. No, I’m NOT jew, I’m German/irish.

          • Yeah… too bad.

          • SexualMustard

            Ok jackazz, it’s been two days. Go fuk on someone else. You’re an idiot. Where else are you going to get news? Who else has awakened so many people? Why are you always on AJ’s site if he’s a sellout? I’m done with you, go the fuk away. Go listen to David dukes podcast and read his website, oh, he doesn’t have a podcast or informative website does he? You are hear to read and hear world news; and to troll and change the narrative. Dumbazz.

          • I’m not online every single day cuck boy so I’m just responding now.

            Where else are you going to get news?

            From non-cucked resources, there’s a whole slew of them out there but only the uncucked bother to look…. so don’t bother, lol

            Who else has awakened so many people?

            David Duke served in our government and represented the interests of white people, in other words, he did real things other than running a fake, kosher opposition website and he got slaughtered by the (((media))) for doing so.

            Why are you always on AJ’s site if he’s a sellout?

            I’m not always on his site… because he’s a sellout, however I will swing by and check out the articles every now and then to see what the CIA says I should be thinking at the time 🙂

            Go listen to David dukes podcast and read his website, oh, he doesn’t have a podcast or informative website does he?

            Well he does have this little ol’ website here:
            And this little ‘ol radio show here:
            And these little ‘ol videos here:
            But I guess all that doesn’t count because he’s not selling penis juice to fight the new world order like Alex does.

            You are hear to read and hear world news; and to troll and change the narrative. Dumbazz.

            lol, the big picture narrative has already changed but your insulated, cuckold “news” networks you subscribe to haven’t filled you in on it… imagine that. You can call me names, I really couldn’t care any less. Right now you’re a useful idiot but in time that may change, I can only hope. Follow the money, if you can do that then you’ll see. I can’t wake you up though(which is why I won’t list websites), only you can do that for yourself but I can tell you right now that it is in your best interest to find better resources for info than infowars(or this website). You think I’m trolling you and can’t realize that I’m trying to help you, oh well.

          • SexualMustard

            YOU literally made my points for me. Thank you. Dumbazz cuck boy. Go page thru your tattoo mags and rev up your bike. Jailhouse logic has no juice. What A dumbazz! LMFAO! HAHA!

          • LOL! Hey cuck boy, there’s a war on for your mind… and Alex Jones has control of it! LOLOL 🙂

            PS: tips for clueless cuckservatives, the term “cuck” is designated for anyone who puts the interests of Israel or jews ahead of their own race. Alex Jones is a cuck, you worship Alex Jones = YOU’RE A CUCK! You can call me a cuck because you have no better comeback but that will never change the fact that in deed, YOU are the cuck.. CUCK BOY!

            Let’s see if your next attempt-o-defense is just as weak as your last one 🙂

          • SexualMustard

            Your prison terminology is incorrect, again. “Cuck” is far from your understanding, cuck is shortened from cuckhoded. A feminine man beholden to his dominant wife or lover whilst she gets it on with another dude. Sounds like you, brainwashed by your your local chapter of skinheads.

          • Wrong again cuck boy, there’s a whole political world outside of the infowars safe space you relegate yourself to and that term has been solidified in the far right/alt-right circles that Alex Jones tries to act like he’s part of for quite some time now and my local chapter of skinheads are willing to stand up and fight so even though I do not know who they are they do have my respect.

            PS: It’s spelled cuckolded but I don’t suspect your type pays attention to any details, that’s why you’re so easy to manipulate ie. brainwash.

          • SexualMustard

            Leftist troll. GET A FUKIN LIFE

          • Faktriot cukservative 😉

          • SexualMustard

            Leftist troll. GET A FUKING LIFE

          • Faktriot cukservative 😉

          • SexualMustard

            I’m a constitutionalist. You’re dillusional and probably nuts.

          • You are a cuckservative and a faktriot just like Alex Jones.

          • SexualMustard

            Leftist troll. GET A FUKIN LIFE!

          • Faktriot cukservative 🙂

      • SexualMustard

        That’s what I thought.

        • NonYo Business

          Since you are a inept internet user. Here you go.

          • SexualMustard

            I’ll be damned if I’m opening any links. I both heard and saw the David Duke interview, if that’s what u sent me. The Duke interview needed to be edited from a business owner and news agency standpoint. Think of the backlash Jones would have received if he didn’t. Think about it. The msm would have had a box of hollow points to throw at him. I too was disappointed by the outcome of said interview. But, if that’s all u have it won’t cut, in my perspective.

          • NonYo Business

            Worship your false idol. I care not.

          • LOL! Good one!

  • Trevski

    Dont we think US politics ( and indeed elswher) is a dead duck. How can anybody trust those in power after all these revelations? The tide has turned, never before have we faced such in your face criminality by our wanna be and present `leaders` Things will never be the same, a new order is popping its head up and thank god people are noticing it. Now wondering what should we do now? Are there a group of great and good awakened powerful individuals ready to take the helm and stamp out the rot for the sake of humanity. Am hoping so and I pray for peaceful transition to sanity. Although don`t think these nutters will go down without a fight. Its a very interesting but nerve renshing wait. I find myself with butterflies in my stomach.

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      Abdicatimg personal responsibility to a “group of great and good awakened powerful individuals” is what got us into this mess in the first place.

      • Trevski

        No we voted thru a veil of lies and deception then but if we have `awakened` now to some point then who and how do we appoint `our` representatives? We still need leadership of sort

        • If people cannot be trusted to govern themselves, 
          how can they be trusted to vote for OTHER people
          –who ALSO cannot be trusted–
          to govern over everybody?

          Be responsible for your self and your actions!

          • Trevski

            If the whole world awakened today we would still need to elect some of us to take care of a few things. Awakening maybe bliss to you and individual but we need some common sense in these matters and a bit of organisation to clean up the mess. Or do you mean the awakened don`t need leadership but eveyone else does. Seems like double standards,seems even more like what the nutcases running the world presently think also. .. Not matter how awakened you think you may be there still needs a structure when this one fails. Or do we just sit and meditate by the nearest tree and let things `be` ? Am sorry dont buy that and am fully awake but realistic too

          • WHO would do the electing and WHO would they elect and for WHAT? “…to take care of a few things” is really vague.

            YOU can “…just sit and meditate by the nearest tree…” if you want, just stop interfering with me and MY freedom.

        • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

          “We” may need leadership – Sheep always do, and the leader is called the “Judas Goat.”

          We, the awakened, have need of no such thing – being fully capable of leading ourselves.

          • SexualMustard


          • Trevski

            I refer you to my comment to Dennis Wilson ??

        • berrybestfarm

          I’m hearing way too many people saying they are voting for the lesser of two evils of the 2 major parties rather than one of the many other parties they believe in (or have even bothered to look into). I am observing this as an outsider. I am steadily rescinding all citizenship documents.

  • ferebetv

    Remember OKC fed building to get the rapist reelected!

  • Kathleen Carter
  • Abe

    I found this in the EU Times tonight.

    Hillary Clinton “Night Of The Long Knives” Killing Spree Claims Life Of Attorney Shawn Lucas

    As to why Hillary Clinton ordered the death of attorney Shawn Lucas, this report explains, is due to a 28 June lawsuit [UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA Case No. 0:16-CV-61511-WJZ DNC CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT] filed against her Democratic Party by a grassroots funded political action committee named JamPAC that claimed the election system was being rigged against candidate Bernie Sanders.

    On 1 July, this report continues, attorney Lucas performed a legal act called “filing of service” upon Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party, but which on 22 July the Democratic Party filed a “motion to dismiss” based on what they claimed was “improper service”.

    As Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party’s “motion to dismiss” was nearing to be heard by the US Federal Court, this report notes, the main witness for JamPAC was attorney Lucas—but who, according to the Washington D.C. police report, was mysteriously discovered dead on 2 August: “R-1 reports she arrived home at 1913 hours and located her boyfriend Subject-1 laying unconscious on the bathroom floor. R-1 immediately called 911. DCFD Engine 9 responded and found no signs consistent with life. Subject-1 remained on scene”.

    With attorney Lucas now being the latest victim of Hillary Clinton’s “killing spree”, this report says, the lawsuit against her Democratic Party will now be postponed because he is unable to testify, and it may be dismissed entirely because his testimony was so crucial as to if proper service was made or not—and that the Clinton cabal “obviously” knew about beforehand when filing their motion a fortnight before his death.

    As to how Hillary Clinton’s cabal is able to accomplish their “Night of the Long Knives” murderous acts, this report continues, is due to the “assassin network” established by what the SVR labels as one of the most feared CIA operatives ever encountered by Russian intelligence—former CIA director, and deputy director, Mike Morell.