Classified Report Trashes Defense Shield Plans

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Associated Press has obtained paperwork that shows the multibillion dollar missile defense shield planned for Europe may never be able to actually defend US interests from attack by missiles fired from Iran.

A briefing by the non-partisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) advised lawmakers that the plan is flawed.

The four-phase shield based in selected NATO states would allow deployment of SM-3 Block IIB interceptors, that would in theory at least protect The United States and Europe from intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) threats.

The GAO investigators said that reports by the Defense Missile Agency showed that Romania was a particularly poor location for a system designed to protect the US, and that the chosen site in Poland would only be of use if the interceptors targeted an Iranian missile in the very short initial phase of powered flight, an option which the White House has opted not to pursue.

Other problems include production glitches, defects in the radar system, showing that it can’t tell the difference between missiles and other objects and massive cost inflation.

A separate report by the National Academy of Sciences recommends scrapping the fourth phase altogether and deploying the interceptors on the East Coast of the United States instead of in Europe.

Considering the spiraling costs of the project, that essentially experts say will probably not deliver the required results, Congress may have to re-think the efficiency and benefits of the system in relation to the final costs.

No comment thus far has been made by Moscow. The Russians fear that the system is intended to counter its missiles and that the aim is to undermine its nuclear deterrent, something that the White House has consistently denied. Neither Washington or NATO has yet given Moscow legally binding guarantees that the system will not be used to target Russian interests.

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  • Locus

    We cannot stop theirs, they cannot stop ours. In its simplest form Mutual Assured Destruction really works, and has worked through decades of Cold War anxiety.
    ‘conflict with consequences’, which led us to

    Now imagine a false flag event staged by a third party to provoke the major powers into conflict with one another… or a false flag by one’s own government to justify a preemptive strike on the other… among strategists these possibilities were always on the table. When you introduce scenarios that include deception, insanity and stupidity MAD and game theory breaks down to absurdity and makes the system vulnerable to easy manipulation.

    Which is why I am no fan of what is academically known as ‘game theory’ and any attempt to apply it in real life — beyond that most simple principle of mutual assured destruction. Pursuit of so-called ‘high-level’ game theory scenarios just leads strategists into the stratosphere of possibility and becomes a pointless philosophical exercise.

    Which can be dangerous.

    Never play chess with anyone who applies ‘game theory’ in everyday life. For they will have concluded that the only way to win with any statistical assurance is to destroy the board and kill the other player before the game begins. I refer to this phenomenon as “the zeroth move”.

  • Nexus789

    The biggest threat to everyone on the planet is Israel. These people are very dangerous. The Iranians are not even players.

    More hubris and bullcrap. All these systems can be defeated. There is no protection.

    Iran is threatening the hegemony of the dollar trading system as was Iraq and Libya. They are now basket cases but have western debt (banking) systems and oil production is sold in US Dollars.

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