Claim: NBPP Busing Mobs To Florida For Zimmerman Riots

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QStarNews claims that eyewitnesses are reporting that the New Black Panther party is busing in mobs of people to riot if George Zimmerman is found not guilty of 2nd degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin.

Reports have come in from eye witnesses in Sanford, Florida that the NewBlack Panther Party, an extremist group that has called for the killing of George Zimmerman if he is found not guilty, is busing in thousands to that town. Sanford is the location of the trial and near the place where the shooting of Trayvon Martin by Zimmerman occurred. There have been threats of riots if Zimmerman is not found guilty and it is believed that the New Black Panther Partyand other extremist groups will attempt to take advantage of racial tensions after a non guilty verdict by organizing riots.

Racial tensions are thick across the country over this case, with claims like the one above, public threats against “random white kids,” by Trayvon Martin supporters, if Zimmerman is found not guilty, new documents showing the DOJ had a behind-the-scene role in organizing the original 2012 protests against Zimmerman and theories that Obama is planning for a race war if a not guilty verdict is rendered.

Authorities are taking preemptive action in preparation for potential rioting in Florida and released a statement and video to attempt to calm the racial tensions before the verdict, which is expected either this week or next.

Back in 2012, the New Black Panther Party had issued a wanted dead or alive poster (Shown below) on Zimmerman, and offered a bounty for Zimmerman. If these reports are true, the situation just got exponentially worse and more dangerous.

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  • Evie

    If they were taking pre emptive action, wouldnt these people be in jail. If it were us we would be.

    • Anonymous

      I’m assuming you also agree that KKK should be outlawed? That have already killed.

  • buttcrackofdoom

    i say shoot ’em on sight….riot, get shot…
    . get caught carrying a TV out of a looted store, get shot…get caught turning over a car….shot…. simple, but effective. i’m sick of hearing of these nuthin’ better to do punks! we got to many……

  • buttcrackofdoom

    and don’t forget to DOUBLE TAP(zombieland style)!

    • RickE.

      “Yes, we CAN” learn techniques from the drone strikes!! The “double tap” kills an additional number of humans after the first strike.

  • Coloured ball

    Time to eradicate some of the nuisance population.

    • Row Weil

      You were ignorant once…

      We shouldn’t be rejoicing about ignorant peoples’ destruction of themselves. It’s a sad, sad thing.

      • f8te

        Piss on them!

        • Row Weil

          And thus we spiral to our mutual doom, locked in an embrace of hate and ignorance.

          I’m not saying ‘Don’t defend yourself’ or ‘Don’t kill people who have made the choice to be troublemakers’, but there is a lot that can be done to illuminate these people before they decide to abandon their civility.

          That’s the problem with this society – nobody Speaks Out anymore!

          Seems like you guys just want to “kill yourself some Black People” though, for no other reason than the fact that you’re irritated with them >:(

    • Anonymous

      You hateful inbred cow humping rednecks

  • Lutz

    The NBPP is just an extension of the Obama administration. That is why they have free reign.

  • RickE.

    The New Black Panther Party needs to be eliminated. Period!
    Why are they allowed to threaten murder, intimidate, encourage rioting and terrorist activities with NO law enforcement action against them at all.

    Imagine if a person not of color did what these guys are advocating?

    We would be “disappeared”, and at the least imprisoned!

    I have had it with this administration’s blatant reverse racism and bullshit.
    Obama encouraged racist problems with what he irresponsibly said about Trayvon Martin.

    I live way off the grid, so I doubt I’d be messed with by black rioters, but I’m ready if they do show up!!

    • Anonymous

      They did… was called the Klan darling

  • Row Weil

    Was the misspelling a way to give yourself a cop-out?

    You are a god-damned coward! If you’re gonna say a hateful, racist word, at least have the Balls to spell it correctly!

    You are playing right into Obama’s hand!

    Can you not see that TPTB are trying to start a miniature race war over this?

    Instead of using logic to expose the truth about this situation, you are itching to fight and shed blood, like an animal!

    Instead of exposing the manipulations of TPTB to set different ethnic groups at odds with eachother, you are trying to get self-masturbatory emotional satisfaction by ‘taking revenge’ against the ‘reverse discrimination’ that you feel you’ve suffered under!

    You are just as primitive and bloodthirsty as the people you claim to be ‘defending against’!

    Shut your god damned mouth, you ignorant fool!

    • patty groth

      Row Weil
      Thank you Row Weil

      • patty groth

        Also cuddo’s to RickE and Lutz….Robert Raulerson….really?

        • patty groth

          Also..Row Weil..what is the double tap? oh..I Think I just got it.

    • Deb

      I say if the blacks want a race war they won’t be winning. 12% of the population. Whites are heavily armed with LOTS of ammo. Will we run the streets like savages, NO. but try coming into my house and see what happens.

  • Andy

    Or if you really want to hurt them without killing them,go the FBI shot placement,two to the chest one to the groin!Obama is behind GZ going to trial,plus he wants a disaster to happen,what better way to call in the troops!Are the Hispanic’s or Whites gonna riot if GZ happens to be found guilty?Doubt it,different cultural values,but if GZ is found innocent,and there is rioting Hispanic’s and Whites won’t be so complacent as they were during the Rodney King idiocy!Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  • M. Pipe

    NBPP- Kill them all & let God sort them out!

  • They never fear white riots now do they? And if we speak of defending ourselves we are still wrong according to some.Here’s the deal,if you try to kill me ,I kill back!

  • Anonymous

    You NBPP can riot if you want, but the ONLY thing you can loot from me is a burning lead through your skull.

  • Yeah, if a white person were posting these kinda of threats the illegal DC terrorist would be on their case with the inept DOJ!

    • ray

      White People are on here posting death threats based on lies and rumors from the radical right.

  • Anonymous

    Bringing it


    The Irony…I hear more treats from white people than black people. We’re actually being rather peaceful about this…It’s like deep down you want a fight. The media won. WOW

  • Diane James

    Why not just go after Zimmerman family member. even the score. You got one of mines, I get one of yours. 🙂

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You even being upset that someone called you cracker just shows your ignorance. The word was derived from whip masters on plantations. The slaves never knew the whip masters name only the sound of the whip Crack so thus called them crackers. If someone calling you a name that actually degrades themselves by een saying it upsets you then you are nothing as a person except also ignorant

  • ryan

    geeeeesh……… I think the Martins and the Zimmermans should get together and sue the media and government. After all its the government that labels people inviting racial profiling. Its the government who placed my people on reservations, blacks in projects and whites in trailer parks. It is the government who decided that little black kids aren’t smart enough to master the same skills as white kids, so they the lowered the standards.It was the government who sent so many white kids fathers off to war so where as children grew up with no dads. It was the government who decided that children cant have a school prayer or moment of silence. It was the government who decided that you need to self identify your ethnicity before you get a job. It is the government who says here is 300 bucks a month , but if you try and do better we will take that 300 back. If people remember when they were kids , you played together laughed, ate candy, no body cared , its just until we start paying attention to the media as adults do we subscribe to a less than human approach to our brother’s and sisters. We are the people, together ,collectively, mentor ship, charity,tolerance, and genuine affection for our nation. We the people should unite, accept our faults and strengths, We can improve the collective lives of each other. Poverty isnt prejudice, poverty is helplessness. The government isn’t the help we need , we need each other to succeed. Approach each and every person as a family, understand that we all are born with a divine spark, and our choices of birth are not to us. We are just born, no choices from skin color, nationality, or gender….but we do choose type of human being we want to be. Theres no little girl at 5 years old who dreams of being a single mom, or there s no 5 year old boy who dreams of being a gang member . We get a limited amount of heart beats and breathes, we decided how we will use them.

  • Apex predator

    the best defence is….a murderous offence j/s

  • jay dubyah

    I went to the NBPP site and read their 10 points of defense. My reply.
    I call bullshit on your 10 point program.
    1. You do absolutely nothing to raise the moral standards of your communities. If you think so, it looks to the rest of us that you’re doing a piss-poor job of it. High crime, single motherhood, please.
    2. Full employment? Stay in school, get an education, get some skills, stay out of jail. It’s not that hard for the rest of us so, why’s it so hard for you? I have worked since I was 12, mowing yards, planting onions, baling hay.
    3. Reparations? No. Sue the tribes that captured your ancestors and sold them to the Dutch, Portuguese or whomever. America never colonized Africa but it looks like the Chinese might. Oh, and black on black slavery is still practiced openly in two African nations, Mozambique and Sudan. Look into it.
    4. Decent housing? Keep your fucking neighborhoods decent. White people don’t go in and trash them. It’s your responsibility. Take care of your own shit. Man the fuck up.
    5. That’s a no brainer. Stay in school. Oh, too many thugs there for anyone to get an education? Re-read my #1.
    6. Apparently many of your brothers disagree as they are, disproportionate to your population, voluntarily joining the military.
    7. Only you can end B on B violence. If you’re doing such a great fucking job in your communities, why is it getting worse instead of better? The police don’t seek you out, they fish where the fish are. Get it? Oh, and had you been white and zimmy black, Holder would have been on you like white on rice for putting out a bounty on a man. A man who hadn’t even gone to trial yet. You got a pass because he didn’t “want to inflame the situation”. Horseshit. He’s a racist and besides, he’s got you fucks to inflame the situation.
    8. Don’t commit a crime, you won’t go to jail.
    9. I agree. I wonder what the problem is with finding qualified jurors in your communities? You should look a little deeper into that.
    10. The death penalty isn’t racist but it is unnecessary and expensive.

    According to the US constitution, we don’t owe you people shit. Even so, the US has spent billions trying to placate your demands but your situation doesn’t improve. That’s on you.

    The NBPP is a group of opportunistic layabouts and there will never be peace or justice as long as you exist. You’re a bunch of idiots, especially if you believe your own bullshit. I think I speak for the majority of whites when I say that we’d rather see our tax money go to educating black people to become productive citizens and part of the American fabric than to feed them in jail or on the public dole. You and your bullshit are what’s repressing black folks. You don’t want to do away with ghettoes. On the contrary, you can only grow and thrive on their existence. Assholes, you and anyone who buys into your shit.

  • Locus

    The NBPP bus caravans are rolling in, sure. It’s known as role playing tourism and Florida thrives on it. They’re actually headed for ‘Revenge City’, a special area of Universal Studios where everyone can riot and mayhem right off the bus. In fact, most tours begin with participants overturning the tour bus itself. Then it’s off to self-directed activities where they can hone skills of Molotov tossing and parked car burning (not that VW Bug though, it lit itself). Life size cardboard cutouts of Klan, corrupt redneck mayors, firehouse-wielding policemen and other ugly racial iconography, shop keepers ready to beg for mercy and disappear down trap doors, lots of gelatin glass to break (replaced every night). Rioters score hit points with property damage and shoplifting (take all you want, it’s all-inclusive) and dodge ‘automatic weapons fire’ from South Korean shop owners perched on the roof. Be sure to visit the photo gallery afterwards to purchase glossies of yourself in action, including a DVD of grainy helicopter news ‘footage’ (new!). You’ll find souvenirs everywhere and take all you can carry, like tins of soup stamped ‘looted from Universal Studios’.

    NOT. Actually another attempt by excitable press to portray the US as a deeply polarized and angry nation on the edge of chaos has fallen flat, as several hundred very excitable and vocal people got stirred up via the Internet and three hundred million went on with their lives.

    Even in riot-enabled Revenge City the shopkeeper staff note a change in the guests these days. “They’ll come in smiling, knock over a few things, pose for the surveillance cameras while holding me at gunpoint, I always help them to find the best place and angle for a gritty and dramatic souvenir video, we exchange some racial banter and we’re done. They always leave great tips and some insist on paying for their purchases (I decline politely as park policy, this cash drawer is only for show) and leave their numbers so I can send the store video clips to their phones. Great people, fun times.

    It’s a strange world but someone has to imagine it.

  • jammie

    look what happend to paula deen for something said 28 years ago after a black man held up the bank where she worked.hum!