Christopher Dorner Shootout – Cops say “Burn It Down” (Video)

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by JG Vibes

Once again it has been proven that you are guilty until proven innocent if the government doesn’t like you. The manhunt for Chris Dorner ended in a Waco style arson, set by the LAPD.

A local media channel was broadcasting the police scanner live on the air and you can clearly hear the police repeatedly yelling “Burn it down, burn that mother f*#@+r down”.

In these sorts of situations, or in any encounter with the public really, even for average traffic offenses, police get very hyped up, vulgar and aggressive. Given the personal nature of this particular encounter they were naturally even more crazed than usual.

There is no question that Dorner knew something that they didn’t want him to and it was certain that he would not be taken in alive after seeing how trigger happy the LAPD was throughout the search. The media may have been acting as a mouthpiece for the police department throughout the whole ordeal, but twitter feeds were overwhelmingly filled with support, or at least people questioning the “official” story that the police passed down to the media.

I would not be surprised if this sort of assassination approach becomes a trend in cases where politically delicate suspects are sought after. Actually, come to think of it, this is how it usually turns out when they are after an “enemy of the state”

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