Chris Dorner Was Executed – Fire Set by Police

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  • David B

    If this is true then the D A should prosecute them for murder! And none of that, ” I was following orders”! Didn’t work at Nurenburg!!

    • 123

      It’s Nuremberg, and no one said such a thing at those show trials

      • David B

        I stand corrected! Thanx!

  • This was nothing more than dry run or rehearsal for when gun confiscation is set in motion by the Communist in Congress and the Oval Office! Lee Baca Sheriff of Los Angeles County and Charlie Beck of Los Angeles P.D. are both on the Obama payroll! This is another case of WACO!


      If you are right, the odds for the gov don’t look good: 4 of theirs for one of ours.

  • Anonymous

    Osama Bin Ladened? Operation Sandy Hoaxed? The next one will be quick to figure out. The formula (from JFK-to Waco-to Okahama-to 9/11-to Behngazi-to Sandy Hoax)
    is starting to look very, very familiar.
    Detach and let the system crumble and the ‘inside” will just end up
    imploding on eachother.

    The Age of Tranparency where B.S. can no longer hide.

    Droning for Dorner – The Internalization of the Enemy
    by Zen Gardner

    “This Dorner situation is just too obvious. It’s clearly a Sandy Hook for drones and will certainly keep morphing into more useful police state images and enemy branding. They can’t help themselves.

    After all, never let a good crisis go to waste.

    Now we have a rogue cop (assuming all this really happened or is happening) being hunted down amidst the general population. Who’s gonna be next? Get used to it, people. This is the first of many. We are officially in a fascist gulag..the barbed wire can’t be far behind.

    “Tell a big enough lie…” And the American people bought it. Again.

    The Osama BombaRama Imprint

    They were supposedly looking for the lanky turbaned fellow with the magic cell phone in Afghan caves to kick off the decimation and occupation of the resource rich strategic middle east. This has taken almost 13 years to not accomplish since we’re still there, and has deliberately bled into several countries and drained the US economy like a vampire.

    As designed.

    See the similarity in the manhunt meme? While CNN could find and interview the notorious CIA asset Bin Laden, the world’s mightiest military and intelligence network couldn’t find this so-called mastermind in the rocky hills of nowhere. Now a so-called rogue cop is escaping the most policed “free” nation in the world.

    Get the imprint? Rogue ex-cops (and implied ex-military, militia, gun “nuts”, truthers, etc. etc.) hiding and ambushing our poor, innocent law enforcement officers. OMG…bring on the drones! Good thing we have all this high tech surveillance, eh? Maybe we need more, the mass mind cries.

    And it’s much more than that. It’s the internalization of the enemy. The target is now officially here. They’ve been working towards this a long time since the Oklahoma City false flag op, and now with DHS terror lists going as far as listing Ron Paul supporters and people with more than 5 days of food it’s gone absolutely insane.

    But who’s looking?

    People consciously and subconsciously think they can’t afford to open their eyes. The conditioning is too strong and constant, and the fear of retribution for even speaking up against what’s going on is escalating by the day. All by design. Welcome to the police state of fear. The polarization has been going on for decades, carefully marginalizing anything with brains enough to challenge the system, and now it’s moving into full blown totalitarianism.

    The Osama bin Hidin’ Meme

    The picture of the renegade terrorist who could strike at any time is a very strong fear imprint. Think of the DC shootings. Now fabricated mad gunmen mowing down our children. This is just another psyop in a very long list of deliberately staged terrifying events to condition the mass mind to not just be afraid, but to look for help from their “authorities”..the same ones who are now trying to take their last line of personal defense away, their guns.

    You can just imagine this new meme being played out by these manipulators at will. Just as they did with the Gulf of Tonkin non-incident to start the murderous demolition of Vietnam. All they have to do is say such and such an event happened, something totally made up or easily staged, and that the culprit is so and so. No judge, no jury, just pointed, shrill accusations backed by the complicit criminal media rat bastards. They’ve done this for ages and it’s always worked on the general populace.

    Next come the community snitches as the paranoia gets whipped up into a frenzy. Not a nice scenario but history bears me out.


    I’m just trying to point out the subtle yet obvious methodology of the cryptocrats, the shifty lying snakes who rule during this last ride of the wicked.

    Fear is the biggest enemy. Don’t let any of their machinations intimidate or cower you. It’s then that you become a voluntary victim and prisoner in their matrix of hate. No one has to be subject to that.

    Be smart, be vigilant, but most of all be conscious and led by heart, truth and love.

    And don’t stare at this stuff too long. Time spent dwelling on anything becomes a form of fascination and the unwary can get some tentacles start to drag them into a wrong state of mind and heart. Keep up with what you need to keep up with, but always make the fun and fascinating and wonderful your main dish. I might sound severe in the way I sound off on some of this crap they’re pulling, but I laugh heartily throughout the day and am one happy chappy.

    Hope you are too!

    And screw the bastards! They ain’t gettin’ my loyalty through fear and intimidation.

    They can’t fool any of us when infinite consciousness lights our way! Celebrate that!”

  • neslo

    Simply murder

  • Bill X

    I thought he was another psychiatric killer. That’s what the other article said.