Chinese Troops Reportedly Amassing Near US-Mexico Border

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If recent accounts coming from some in the alternative media are to be believed, then Operation Fast & Furious may soon give way to an even bigger story surrounding the U.S./Mexico border. Indeed, even the notorious Mexican drug cartels might find themselves taking a back seat.


This is because claims are now being made suggesting the major presence of Chinese troops stationed inside Mexico, both along the U.S. border and the port areas.

The first question, of course, is whether or not this information is accurate. If it is, the second question immediately becomes, “why?”

Unfortunately, however, all the information we have currently comes from anonymous sources who have yet to be verified in terms of their reliability.

The reports currently garnering the most attention are those coming from Steve Quayle of the Q-Files Radio Show who recently interviewed a cross-border trucker who claims to have actually seen a major Chinese military base inside Mexico.

The trucker claims he was delivering a trailer load of food to a military camp 60 miles south of Laredo, Texas. As he was entering Mexico, he says he was escorted into the country by the Mexican Federal Police to protect the truck from hijackings and robbery.

The camp itself, according to the trucker, was about 2 miles wide and 3 miles long and was staffed by Chinese soldiers complete with armored vehicles and living quarters constructed from refurbished shipping containers. As his truck was being unloaded by the soldiers, he claims he was able to count the armored vehicles parked neatly in rows. According to the trucker, there were 10,000 armored vehicles located in this facility. He also claims that there were water tanks, generators, and communications complexes.

After this report and based upon the information given by the trucker as well as the geographical knowledge available to him through other individuals, Quayle claims he enlisted his own source which he refers to as “Cross Border Eyes,” to go to the area which was the most likely location for the Chinese base. This area was determined to be in the triangle between Sabinas Hidalgo, Lampazos de Naranjos, and Arroyo Blanco.

Upon entering the area, “Cross Border Eyes” claims he immediately noticed large numbers of Mexican Federal Police in many different types of vehicles, including some that were painted “that odd green characteristic of Red Chinese vehicles.” “Cross Border Eyes” then claims that he tried numerous other entrances to the triangular region by other roads, tracks, etc. but, at each location, there were massive levels of Federal Police on patrol. He is quoted as saying, “it was like you stuck a firecracker into a red ant hole and blew it, and you know how all the red ants come up out of the hole . . .”

Quayle also reported on the same day that High Frequency communications were being broadcast on U.S. military frequencies carrying with them “heavily oriental accented operators speaking broken English in direct communications with Conus [Continental United States] Military Comm Stations . . . . . . . . the accent was not Japanese either, but Chinese.”

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  • kbcoss

    i live in mexico.. in the border region.
    this is totally untrue…and humorous.
    the mexicans would never, ever, allow that to happen.
    if even one US soldier accidentally crosses the border
    because he missed his freeway offramp… they go nuts.

    never ever….. the source is pulling your chain.

    • Maddie Lynn

      I agree this seems unlikely, although the Chinese DO own most of the U.S. national debt. Therefore, it seems reasonable that if they wanted to “foreclose,” shall we say, they’d need a ready military buildup to do that. It seems like it would be verifiable by satellite photos. Even Google Earth could have visuals of a 2×3 mile encampment 70 miles south of Laredo.

  • Jeff M

    I find this unrealistic. He was guarded th whole time from border to base, he was PARKED to offload by troops and yet he counted armored vehicles then saw telecomm stations and other equipment staged on a 2 mile by 3 mile base. Did he have free access to the whole base or was all of the sensitive complexes along his route on and off base?
    Show the pictures, supply a trusted source with the info and we can go from there.

  • Felonius Snit

    Well would THAT suck if it were true. Right now I wouldnt panic, but I know that I, and a whole lotta other people would like some kind of confirmation on this.

    If this were to be true, it would be a dangerous situation. But again, CONFIRMATION, PICTURES, something.

    Right now it just another “Black Helicopter” story,…(ironically black helicopter turned out to be very true it was later discovered.)

    ANY significant number of troops + APC’s would launch up red flags.

  • Hey You

    This rumour was active about 40 years ago – – and they haven’t crossed yet.

    Some of those people must be in their 70s and 80s by now.

  • flup

    Did a quick google search and found this same story from 1 year ago. Poor. Now find this site less credible.

  • Arizona

    ONE thing you have to say about americans,when it comes to being stupid,no one can top them?THE MONROE doctrain was put in LAW to make sure this NEVER happens.WILL our government check on this to be sure its not happening?NO!WILL anyone go take pictures of it happening NO,why not?BECAUSE if they did and it was true they would have to sound the alarm,OH I can’t do it theres a football game on.and my ass hurts and I don’t have any gas and someone else will let us know( WE HOPE).WELL its true and soon all of AMERICA will find out!!!

    • Anonymous

      @Arizona, There are pics of this base on youtube now!! see for yourselves!!

      • czman75

        Link please…

  • Ed_B

    Re: “doctrain”

    What’s a “doctrain”? A method of transporting physicians by rail? lol

  • Bryan Smith

    So why hasnt the AMERICAN government said or done anything about this? Oh yeah, because CHINA owns the government and the president!-

  • Anonymous

    The pic of chinese soilders are made of wax:|

  • GregGS

    This means that you are crazy or the US Govt. and Military Brass are treasonous bastards. Somebody at some point has to pay for their stupidity

  • Ron X

    Pathetic if true. Need to read up on the Monroe Doctrine.

  • dennisglodzik

    Chinese troops in Mexico? I know what happened to all those mental patients when they closed many mental hospitals. Obviously, they’re all on the internet.
    Then again, maybe that’s why Trump wants to build a wall.
    You think?