China to US: ‘Take Your 60,000 Tons of GMO-Contaminated Corn and Shove It’

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China recently rejected 60,000 tons of corn being imported into the country from the United States when it was found to be contaminated with Syngenta’s MIR162, an insect-resistant strain of transgenic corn.

It seems MIR162 is not authorized in China, and the batch was returned according to regulations regarding genetically modified imports into the country.

This strain of Bacillus thuringiensis (or Bt) corn is only approved for food and/or feed in 11 countries throughout the world; the first country it was approved for human consumption in was the U.S., back in 2008.

So basically China — a country that had one of the worst food contamination scandals in history when tainted baby formula killed 6 infants and hospitalized 54,000…where one in three toys produced is filled with toxic heavy metals like lead that can cause brain damage…a nation with appalling levels of air pollution, bad to the point that the country has officially asked its foreign embassies to stop publishing data on it because it doesn’t want the world to know just how atrocious it is…a nation where mass animal die-offs in the tens of thousands are the norm…a country where the third longest river in the world actually turned blood red likely due to toxic run off…a country widely known for abusive working conditions in its factories and listed among the worst in the world for human trafficking/modern slavery… a country with government forced abortions daily due to a barbarous one-child policy, the kind where a mother is given an injection to kill her baby at seven months pregnant because she can’t come up with the $6,000 fine for violating said policy, who is then made to wait next to her baby’s lifeless body in her jail cell where she delivered him stillborn…China, home of the Tiananmen Square Massacre

China has not approved this corn to be served up to its population and actually rejected and returned the entire 60,000-ton batch.


Eat up, America.


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  • douseeyet

    I love corn! I reject the thought that these GMOs can be causing this third ear growth.

  • Hoser

    No wait; first, feed it to your Chickens, and Then we’ll just take the Chickens! American-Sheeple love chicken Mac-nuggets!

  • Hammerun

    It’s good to know someone sees Monsanto for what it is and what it’s doing.

  • China is expected to be producing it´s own trasngenic corn. It´s already in the test phase.

    They simply did not want US trasngenico corn, they want their own.

  • Mike

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Use it for bio fuel. the only thing it’s good for.

    • Bud Butley

      Actually, if GMO corn were used to make ethanol it would crud up engines and injection systems, cause fires from overheading and toxicity and would be banned. Immediately.

      • Rick

        Any idea how stupid you sound?

        All ethanol has been made with GM corn for over 20 years.

  • Dennis Selby

    Interesting. And the FDA is considering allowing China to sell raw chicken to the U.S. I’ve been teasing my wife about getting some chickens. I may have to if we begin importing chicken from China.
    FYI, Tyson has said they will not sell raw chicken from China.

  • JH

    Lessee… China, which sends us lead painted toys, dioxin laced shrimp, cadmium in everything else it ships as, melamine in our milk, is disgusted with your GMOs. GMOs created by Obungler’s cronies. Eat up, leftists! Yum! And wash it down with some of Obungler’s cronies fluoride, MSG and aspartame. I’m sure your Obunglercare will fix you right up if you get sick.. or euthanize you, whichever is cheaper

  • Me Here (GMO FREE)

    The best thing about not living in the US or China !!!???? … is not living in the US or China and having to eat crap that is good for nothing more than a higher profit margin.

  • Jim

    This is a twisted piece of propaganda, right here. Is the author implying that this corn is worse than slavery, turning rivers toxic, feeding lead to babies, and forced abortions? That’s INSANE!! China doesn’t care about GMOs, and Javier up there nailed the issue in one sentence. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not pro-GMO, but to compare genetically modified corn to said atrocities is deplorable, to say the least. Just…blech!

  • t.roth

    Good article .you point out all the things i was thinking. Like whats the angle.

  • Nexus789

    I never buy any food products that are made in China. Would never trust the quality.