China Is Building a 75 Foot Tall, 10.5 Mile Long Metal Wall, World’s Largest “Dust Screen,” Around City to Block Pollution

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Supposedly this giant windproof metal dust screen, which is expected to span nearly 11 miles when it is completed later this year, will reduce air pollution from coal dust 40-60% around Qinhuangdao Port in Hebei Province.

It’s pretty sad that the people running things in this world would rather go to the lengths of building Orwellian nightmare fuel walls around their city that looks alarmingly similar to the giant metal mind control wall featured in the Divergent series of dystopic future books-turned-films…



…than to simply switch the the suppressed greener, less expensive energy technologies and be done with insanity like this.

It’s 2017, and that’s the mind-numbingly idiotic place that we’re at.

And all the while, they’ll keep pushing the anthropomorphic climate change agenda to tax you for your farts and tell you pollution is all your personal fault, like it’s somehow all your fault the people running this crazy system insist on using coal and oil when there are much more advanced, cleaner, and cheaper but therefore hoarded and suppressed technologies available.

Un-fn-believable, the lunatics running this asylum planet.

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