China Has Finally Ended the One-Child Policy

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For over 30 years the Chinese government has tried to stem the tide of overpopulation by preventing families from having more than one child. From one perspective, it could be argued that this policy was a success; albeit, it was the kind of success that could only be achieved through horrifying draconian measures, but a success nonetheless. It’s estimated that the policy prevented at least 400 million people from being born (conservatively) between 1980 and 2011.

However, using bureaucracy and brutality to regulate a human right as fundamental as having a child, has had severe consequences for China’s society (gee, who would have thought?). That’s why the Communist party announced on Thursday that they are officially ending the one-child policy, after senior party officials discussed the matter during a 4 day meeting in Beijing.

They didn’t have an altruistic reason for doing this though. In fact, their population control apparatus is still in place. The only difference is that now, parents will be able to have two children instead of just one, which was previously only allowed under special circumstances and in some rural provinces. The family planning regulations, the fines, and the forced abortions will all continue. There will just be a little less of it.

The real reason why they are doing this is purely economic. The productive output of a nation is directly related to the number of working age people in the economy, which is rapidly falling. China’s population growth has been declining faster than the government had anticipated, and percentage wise, their population growth is slower than it is in the United States. Now that their economic growth is sputtering, the government is starting to realize that they don’t have much of a future without more children. That basic fact of life may sound obvious to you or me, but then again, we’re not communist bureaucrats.

Their policies have also created a very lopsided population. As China’s life expectancy grows and fewer children are born, they’ll soon have more dependents than the working age population can support, both physically and financially. This is a serious problem that pretty much every developed nation on the planet is grappling with, but China made their own situation ten times worse by actively suppressing population growth.

And since their culture favors boys and frequently aborts girls, there will be even fewer children in the future, even if their population control measures are completely eliminated. Essentially, their population is going to look like an hourglass in the next few decades. The ratio between the number of dependents in their society (both young and old) and the number of workers, is going to be vast. It will probably be worse than it has been in any country, at any time in human history.

Historically speaking though, there is a precedent for this situation. When a population has significantly more men than woman, it doesn’t just hurt the economy. It can shred the fabric of society.

“Scholars Valerie Hudson and Andrea den Boer have found that historically, when large-scale female infanticide occurred in Asia, surplus men formed an underclass of drifting, low paid workers with strong proclivities for violence and crime. When work was unavailable, they plundered the land. Predictably, the ‘bare branches’ spent heavily on drinking, gambling, and prostitution. In both China and India, these historic patterns are re-emerging. Outbreaks of crime, violence, and vice, traceable to unassimilated young men, are erupting in regions where sex ratios are most skewed.

“Social turmoil is a constant threat in societies with surplus males. It takes nothing more than an economic contraction to ignite the kindling. Historically in China and India, when famine struck regions with surplus males, the young men organized and rebelled, throwing off their overlords and taking their lands. In China, such uprisings led to the establishment and overthrow of the Ming dynasty. The maverick scholar Gunnar Heinsohn claims that in the Middle East today, a ‘male youth bulge’ fuels Islamic militance.”

And like I said, this problem isn’t going to go away just because they loosened their laws. Their population now has a 35 year bottleneck, and there is no way around that. And while countries with similar population growth problems like Russia, Japan, and Germany, desperately want their citizens to reproduce, China is still trying to control their population.

They simply refuse to completely abolish these horrendous laws that are not only unethical and cruel, but threaten to destroy their society. I think we can safely say that China isn’t going to be some global hegemon in the near future. Right now they’re a strong contender to replace the United States as the world’s only superpower, but it isn’t going to last. Their population control policies alone, are enough to turn them into a basket case nation within the next few decades, and there is no going back.

Let this be a lesson to the statists of the world. This is what happens when you submit to the control freaks. They toy with the natural order, and treat living beings like tokens in a game until it bites them in the ass, and everyone suffers.

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