Chilling Surveillance Video Captures Woman Stopping Home Invasion

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A man has posted surveillance camera footage of a home intrusion on YouTube, and it is chilling.

The homeowner, Craven Coatzee, was asleep when the incident occurred. His girlfriend, whose name has not been released, heard noises in the house and took matters into her own hands.

In his YouTube description of the video, Mr. Coatzee described the footage:

This is edited footage – My girlfriend asked the guy to identify himself – she shouted “Craven?” – this all happened off camera – as there is no sound, it is pointless to show this – the field of view to the left is quite a bit. The guy then moved towards her – this is also off camera as the doorway is on quite a large landing.

Eastern Cape police spokesperson Alwin Lebans said the woman, 39, had been woken up shortly after 3:00 am on Tuesday by noises in the home. She grabbed her gun and went to investigate, reports News24.

“She was in the passageway and the men were coming towards her. She ordered them to stop, but they kept coming forward so two shots were fired in their direction,” he said.

The men escaped through a window. Lebans said they stole the woman’s purse, which contained an undisclosed amount of cash and her bank cards.

No one was injured in the incident and no arrests have been made yet.

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  • Hey, they just saved themselves with scary, evil guns. What a world.

    • But.. But.. Were they registered and serial numbered and licensed and background checked..?

  • crazy2medic

    Aim to kill, shoot to stop

  • Joe Lizak

    My wish came true. I could live anyplace in the world and a genie granted my wish. All I did was rub the genie bottle. Then the pavement apes showed up and ruined everything.

    • Obama Gave Iraq to ISIS

      I would ask the genie for an ass like a dog’s…
      squat n leave it. Done.

  • Great job by this couple. This woman defended herself, her partner and her home. So great.

  • deadhead

    You need to teach her to shoot, one in the head, two in the chest. Damn moon crickets.

  • Larry Parks

    I was hoping the cats would attack. I wish she had aimed better.

    • Airb0rne4325

      I don’t know man, he was up watching YouTube vids while his chick was in another room. His gun may have been for defense from her 🙂 she may have thought it was his ass coming down that hall!!!!

    • FalconMoose

      As I posted above: Went to the range today. Felt it. Speed is nothing without a good calmly placed site picture. Need to practice more. When I felt confident and guessed at the site pic, I missed bull’s-eye by 4-6 inches at 12 yards.

    • SKIP

      I sleep with a gun! you don’t?

    • mirageseekr

      My grandmother slept with a dirty harry 357 magnum under the pillow on the other side of the bed. Her words to me…”I will not be a victim”. She passed away at 85 and never was.

    • oldjake

      It is South Africa. An entire country that is a bad neighborhood, run by people less intelligent and more dishonest than Jackson and Sharpton.

      • And the target of the Pentagon’s Africom, like they need our military to really screw themselves up.

  • A. Crusader

    Filthy parasites…I would use a .12 gauge so you can ensure that what ever is infesting your home doesn’t get back up.

  • 1PissedAmerican

    why are they sleeping apart ? shitheads

  • Nightshade09

    Amazing the woman hasn’t been charged for a civil rights violation under Obama’ Department of Justice. .. This is why every woman should be trained in firearms use. She just saved her family.

  • FalconMoose

    Went to the range today. Felt it. Speed is nothing without a good calmly placed site picture. Need to practice more. When I felt confident and guessed at the site pic, I missed bull’s-eye by 4-6 inches at 12 yards.

  • Smarty

    Something about this seems weird to me. First of all, if you have cameras all over the house (including the bedroom – creepy), why don’t you have an alarm to compliment that system. Secondly, there is sleeping with a gun, and then there is SLEEPING WITH A GUN. Who goes to sleep watching Youtube videos while holding a gun all night? If the neighborhood was THAT bad, wouldn’t they have an alarm armed and ready to go, especially if they sleep with guns in their hands ?? I’m not saying it’s bullshit, but it is especially weird….

    • Joe Lizak

      I never thought of that! Good point. I was thinking of a good fence and a couple of watch dogs would do the trick. Strong windows made of plexy glass and a steel door with a bar going across the inside. Alarms are such pains in the ass. They always go off unexpectantly . The best way to be safe is to live where there’s no pavement apes. Why live in fear. Just go where they ain’t.

  • Joe Lizak

    Sleeping with a loaded gun in your hand while falling asleep watching You Tube…. is a very, very bad idea. One day your wife makes breakfast in bed for you on your birthday. She comes in with the tray and yells “SURPRISE!” …. Bang bang…you shot the gun….bang bang… it can’t be undone…..bang bang…my baby shot me down. (Kill Bill Vol 1)

  • mirageseekr

    Too bad her aim wasn’t better.

  • A. Crusader

    Was this in Baltimore!? Get a .12 gauge shot gun. Nothing says F-U like #00, #1, or #4 buck shot. Any hand gun is better than none, but having only 5 shots, all three parasites could have bum rushed her. It is easy to miss, even at close range. I commend her courage confronting the feral parasites. I hope they catch them and crush their testicles.

    • oldjake

      South Africa.