Children Snatched by Government, Mother Arrested. Why? Because They Were Homeschooling (Video)

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A Buffalo mother’s children have been kidnapped by the government. Why? Because she dared to homeschool them.

Last November, Kiarre Harris decided to homeschool her two elementary school aged children because she felt they deserved a better education than the system could provide.

“I felt that the district was failing my children and that’s when I made the decision to homeschool,” she told WKBW.

Harris followed the school system’s procedure for withdrawing her children. She filed documents at Buffalo City Hall, and she has proof that the district received her paperwork on December 7, 2016.

“I spoke directly to the homeschool coordinator and she told me from this point on my children were officially un-enrolled from school,” she said.

But a week later, Child Protective Services called Harris to find out why her kids weren’t in school.

“I told them that my kids were homeschooled now and that I could furnish the documents if they need to see them,” Harris said.

Unfortunately, Harris’s ordeal did not end there. A few weeks later, CPS workers and police showed up with bad news: they had a court order to take her children. When she refused to cooperate, she was arrested for obstruction.

Harris told WKBW her children were placed in a foster institution, and she hasn’t seen them in three weeks.

The Buffalo Public School system said it cannot comment on the case, but said that in order to homeschool, a parent has to have full custody of their children – but Harris said she has always had full custody.

The Buffalo Common Council plans to address Harris’s case tomorrow.

Harris is not the first – and sadly, will not be the last – parent to face government opposition to taking her children out of their indoctrination centers.

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  • Mike Patton

    This is an absolutely appalling story! I pray for this mother who only wanted to do right by her children.

  • Howard Beale

    Welcome to the USSA Comrades.

  • TrevorD

    The control bubble is about to burst. Humanity has had enough….

  • Laura

    This is how they are going to keep the children,poor dears. To home school, you must have complete custody but now the state has custody. Being charged with obstruction is actually a good thing here as she is eligible for a public defender.My heart goes out to her and her babies.

  • celticreeler

    Gee, when I unenrolled the younger half of my children, my school district said nothing. Absolutely nothing. The older half had been at the top of the public school academically, too. No curiosity whatsoever on the part of my public school (i.e., ?why are you dissatisfied?”)

  • Jon

    Someone needs to tell this lady about a national organization called HSLDA. “Home
    School Legal Defense Association.”
    It only costs about $10.00 a month for membership. They have expert lawyers that specialize in every State and they win legal battles over government people that abuse their power all the time. These CPS people can be sued and get in trouble too.

  • jimmy joe

    I swear to a god, somebody would be VERY HURT right now!! VERY FUCKING HURT!!!

  • jimmy joe

    I sense a civil war coming our way, soon!!

  • G’ma G

    How does CPS do It !?!? How do they keep finding the parents that don’t just shoot them in the head for kidnapping their kids

  • Phil_Ossifer

    From the article: “The Buffalo Public School system said it cannot comment on the case, but said that in order to homeschool, a parent has to have full custody of their children – but Harris said she has always had full custody.” The article is very sketchy on details but if she was divorced or separated and the court did not grant her full custody of her kids then CPS might have a case. The deciding factor will be whether she can produce a court order granting her full custody.

    • SP_88

      You might be right. But the problem is that she was not given due process. She was found guilty and is now in the position of having to prove her innocence. Her children were taken before she had a chance to prove her case.
      This is America. We don’t punish people first and then let them try to prove that they are not guilty of anything. Especially when her children are going to suffer along with her, even though they haven’t done anything wrong.
      This is an extreme measure to take just because of some paperwork or a stupid technicality. It’s not like the children are in any danger or at risk of anything. They could have left the children with the mother until this was sorted out.
      Also, she does need to have full custody, but also, the consent of the other parent would be acceptable. They can’t do anything about it if both parents agree with it.

      • Phil_Ossifer

        Depends on what the law is in her particular jurisdiction. Needless to say, homeschooling parents need to remain ever vigilant and comply with all regulations and rules because CPS organizations are universally hostile to homeschoolers and go out of their way to persecute them. CPS essentially is above the law in a manner similar to how the IRS operates.

  • SP_88

    CPS or DCF, as they are sometimes called, is a rogue organization that preys on families, using their children as leverage. They are known liars and they will use any and every dirty trick they can to try and force people to go along with their agenda.
    This woman and her children are victims of one of the most disgusting and abusive agencies in the state’s arsenal.
    There are plenty of people who abuse and neglect their children. But as long as they are following the rules of the state, they have nothing to worry about, unless they are blatantly beating their children, and the children are at risk for serious harm. But usually someone will have to report those types of parents.
    The typical targets for CPS are parents who are not allowing their children to be indoctrinated or who are not following some other state directive, no matter how wrong it may be.
    Things that typically draw the attention of these parasites are issues regarding school or homeschooling, medical treatment choices such as wanting to use homeopathic medicine, and certain types of lifestyle choices such as living off the grid.
    These destroyers of families will seek out people who have decided to think for themselves instead of letting the state think for them so they can use their children as leverage to force them back onto the tit of the almighty state.
    As you can see from this article, this woman was not given any warning or due process. She is guilty until she can prove her innocence. And her children will suffer in some state-run child warehouse until she is able to battle against the state and prove her innocence.
    She will not likely have the resources to prove in court the guilt of CPS agents. There should be an organization that helps people who are victims of these degenerate parasites so they can get their children back in a timely fashion, and bring justice upon the perpetrators of this heinous kidnappings. If there was such an organization, perhaps these rogue agents would think twice before acting on such dubious accusations. And of course all it would take is money. If there is money to be made, the lawyers would come out of the woodwork to fight on behalf of the victims of CPS. It would save a lot of families a lot of stress and heartbreak just because they didn’t have their paperwork in order.

  • Guillotine_ready

    Educating the young is the main weapon the state has to maintain control from generation to generation. It has always been used by despots and the pretty painted despots like we have here in the US.
    We have to believe in the rights of the family to decide what is best for themselves and we have to stand even with people we may not like if our right to raise our young is threatened. In the US the right to raise your kids as you believe is right is almost entirely gone due to apathy and laziness.

  • Namma

    It comes down to money. CPS gets funding for every child in their custody. They might even somehow be splitting the funding through bullshit paperwork with the local BoE. What I don’t understand is why folks don’t use the web and internet to inspect, research and learn how to get back into control of their local city, county and state governments. THEY are ALL servants of the people. Learn how to get control back. Only involvement will do this. If you don’t like what’s going on – get up and find out how to change it. The control mechanisms are there, you simply need to find them and use them.