Chicago Police Know Where Gun Violence Is Coming From, But They Can’t Stop It

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Chicago cops

Illegal guns get into Chicago through lone dealers, not large trafficking organizations, and that makes any legislative action taken to stop the flow totally impractical, according to Chicago police.

Police researchers say that most illegal guns come from nearby states like Indiana and Iowa after being stolen or resold by their original owners, according to a Tuesday report from the Chicago Sun Times. In this way, the trafficking of firearms is different from the trafficking of illegal substances, which relies heavily on national and even international crime organizations. As a result, the arrest of individual gun dealers does virtually nothing to stop the flow of illegal firearms.

“You are a single salmon swimming upstream at Niagara Falls,” Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told the Sun Times. “If your policing strategy is to decrease the number of guns in your city, good luck, because there are too many guns out there. It’s better to go after the person with the gun.”

Police operations to take down these individual gun dealers usually take the form of sting operations and bribing street level offenders for information.

In one case, a police informant convinced a dealer, John Thomas, to broker a gun sale bigger than any he’d sought before. He sold seven guns, all of which were obtained illegally: four handguns, two semi-automatic rifles, and one shotgun. The buyer paid $7,200. “The most money I’ve seen or made,” Thomas said.

Many argue that it’s unclear whether these methods effectively combat gun sales or simply create more incentive to get in the business.

“You have this specter of whether it’s creating crime, which is troubling to a lot of people,” Katharine Tinto, a law professor who studied the investigative tactics of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, told the Sun Times. “It’s not as if you’re trying to get someone [who] you know is a violent gun offender. You’re going after someone and purposely trying to entice them into doing a felony.”

Chicago’s rates of gun violence continue to soar, with 514 fatal shootings and 2,977 total shootings so far in 2017, despite various initiatives to combat crime.

President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the Chicago Crime Gun Strike Force in June. The group consists of ATF agents and counterparts from the CPD and Illinois State Police, who will work to investigate shootings and gun traffickers through ballistics technology.

Sessions has faced criticism for not including Chicago on a list of cities that will receive guidance from the Department of Justice (DOJ) about long-term strategies to fight violence. However, the DOJ already coordinates with the city under a program called the Violence Reduction Network, which began in 2014.

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  • dav1bg

    I wonder how many Chicago gun deaths are felons? Might be saving police a lot of work and saving the prison system millions.

    • RMS1911

      A lot of the Chicago deaths are people near the intended target or just in they way.

  • Large McBighuge

    I have a way better solution… Get rid of all the dumpocraps and the B.S. “laws” stopping innocent people from buying and carrying guns.

    • g.johnon

      i am with you so far, but we have to get rid of the neocons too.

      • Large McBighuge


  • rok1953

    teach marksmanship in high scools

  • darkhorse

    if they can’t stop it in the streets why not just aim for the ones perpetrating it? Govt…banksters, “officials”…”authorities”…Soros, Israel, SPLC, ADL, yada yada yada yada………………..

  • g.johnon

    so the case here is: city with most stringent gun laws in the country is the city with the most gun crime in the country. can such reality even register in the leftoid brain?

    • Tanya Reeder

      Nope, sure can’t. That’s just way too much common sense.

  • John C Carleton

    Now how would that look if the CPD tried to arrest all the minions at the halls of government, white house, pentagon. CIA, FBI, BATF, HLS?

  • Mike

    you want to stop the gun violence, GO AFTER EVERY GANG IN EVERY CITY and deal with them like the terrorists they are. 60% of gun violence NATION WIDE WILL THEN END.

    • MarkovDeBeeste

      Those gangs are black and Hispanic. Never fly in today’s PC environment which is why it will only continue to get worse until Shitcongo is renamed New Detroit.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    I feel quite confident in speculating that if the criminal on criminal (gang, etc…)violence were removed from the gun crime stats, where criminals are shooting one another, the average Americans hand wringing over “gun violence” would cease. It would put the “mass shooting” events into a much narrower perspective, highlighting the extraordinarily low probability of ever being harmed in one. Even if most of them were real.

  • rouge1

    We don’t have that problem in our constitutional carry state lol.

  • RMS1911

    Funny how all those states the guns come from don’t have that problem especially since they have so many that they can spare a “good” amount but don’t suffer from the shootings.
    It might be something other than the guns.
    It might involve afros.
    It might involve (C)rap that so called music.

  • Oingo Boingo

    Straw Man, or Woman, gun purchases and resale funded by the EBT Card cash back feature or other Hood scam revenue flows is one of the most common crimes in Da BLAK Get-Toe.
    Hood Rats getting dey Hoz or Grannies to buy a gun as a fronter so that the Hood Rat gets the gun is also commonplace.
    I personally witnessed a Black Granny Buys The Gun scam get turned down at a dealer retail store about a year ago. The dumbasses were SO obvious. Granny didn’t know Jack about firearms. Her Granchowd kept prompting her answers until it wasn’t bearable anymore and the counter clerk told them to just forget it because it wasn’t going to happen.
    Next !
    Don’t hold your breath waiting for Da Fedz to do anything about this, because that would look like they were trying to suppress the BLAK entrepeneurial spirit and “Community Enterprise” makin’ mo munneez, an awl.
    The fact that the All Holy, protected, enabled, untouchable and unaccountable BLAK female is a major part of the gun running also has a lot to do with willful Federal inaction.
    The Fedz would rather show pix of a White Nutbar’s “arsenal” of SCARY GUNS that consist of mostly bolt action hunting rifles.
    bbbbbbut,,,but…but THEY”RE SCARY…
    unlike horrid BLAK ghetto females, that aren’t scary at all, Yass-suh.

  • Steve Rusk

    What utter misdirection, when you leave your house the greatest chance you have of being shot and killed, more or less randomly, is not from a psycho, robber or terrorist. here in America you’re most likely to be killed by a cop.