Chicago Cop Seeks $10M from Family of Teen He Killed, Claims He’s ‘Traumatized’

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Officer Robert Rialmo

A Chicago police officer is suing the family of a teenager he shot in December, claiming his psyche was “traumatized” by the fatal incident.

On Friday, white police officer Robert Rialmo, 27, filed a suit against the LeGrier family, whose son he killed less than two months ago, seeking $10 million in damages. The officer claims the black 19-year-old college student attempted to hit him with a baseball bat, swinging it close to the officer’s head. This forced him to open fire, killing two and people and wounding one other.

Early on the morning of December 26, Northern Illinois University student Quintonio LeGrier called 911 asking police officers to come to a home on Chicago’s West Side. The young man, who was reportedly mentally ill, did not give his name or many details as to why he wanted a police presence. He only said he was being threatened and that an emergency was taking place.

LeGrier and a neighbor, Bettie Jones, 55, were fatally shot by Chicago Police Officer Robert Rialmo minutes later. The teen’s father Antonio LeGrier was shot in the chest. but survived.

Officer Rialmo’s attorney said his client, who shot Quintonio LeGrier six times, wants to send an important message that police are “not targets for assaults” and “suffer damage like anybody else.”

“Ever since the McDonald payoff, people are treating officer-involved confrontations like a lottery ticket and they’re waiting to cash it in,” Rialmo’s attorney, Joel Brodsky, told the Tribune, referring to a recent high-profile compensation case in Chicago.

The lawsuit claims that causing death to two people will “continue to cause…extreme emotional trauma” to police officer.

LeGrier family, which filed a wrongful death lawsuit days after the shooting took place, sees the situation from a different angle.

“That’s a new low even for the Chicago Police Department,” said family attorney Basileios Foutris. “First you shoot them, then you sue them.”

“After this coward shot a teenager in the back … he has the temerity to sue him?” Foutris told the Chicago Tribune.

The lawyer questioned allegation that student attacked police officer since he called 911 himself demanding help.

“If you’re calling multiple times for help are you going to charge a police officer and try to hit him with a bat? That’s ridiculous,” Foutris said, noting that the youth’s father also dialed the emergency number.

The Chicago PD has been under fire for months due to a series of officer-involved shootings that killed several people. The public deemed the incidents as part of a larger pattern of excessive use of force by Chicago police.

The shooting of the LeGrier family sparked even more protests against Chicago police brutality, with demonstrators claiming the police are killing civilians instead of protecting them.
Hundreds of protestors were calling for a resignation of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and an investigation into his administration.

Amid the protests, the Chicago PD’s superintendent Garry McCarthy was forced to resign, and the mayor created a special police accountability task force to review police officers’ conduct.

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  • Mike

    And you thought cops could not get any lower. Tada, they proved you wrong.

    • BW83

      This actually doesn’t surprise me. We’re a “heart on our sleeve”, overly litigious, society of pussies (I wish there was a better word) anymore. It was only a matter of time.

      What WILL make me lose all respect for the Chicago PD is if a single other officer shows up to a courtroom, rally, or television coverage to support this man.

    • Mr Reynard

      What d’ya mean any lower ?? The piece of shit tried to kill him with a baseball bat,& you think that it’s O.K. ?? What about if it was a close relative of you ?? yo will still maintained, “get any lower??”
      IMO. The cop should sue for all the money that he can get !

      • Mike

        What do I mean, suing the family moron.

  • frankw

    How Rialmo can even show his face in public after this bothers me. He should be shunned and turned away from by the public at the very least. And police wonder why they are held in such low esteem?

  • Dow Jones

    I love the Twilight Zone of USSA where total insanity is completely “normal”.

  • Thebob

    So he is suing the family he is suppose to be protecting after shooting 3 innocent people killing 2 of them…Yeah welcome to America….We are so screwed…Sorry piggy, you chose this line of work deal with it…

    • emmanuelozon

      Supreme Court has ruled that cops do not “serve and protect”; they enforce the laws only.

      • Thebob

        They don’t even do that, most of the time they have no idea what the law is or the fact they may be violating peoples rights…Ignorance of the law is bliss if you are a cop.

  • jaguar

    It sounds like another Racially based globàl elite show to divide the races to me…because this is pure insanity!!

  • BW83

    Here’s my thing, could he, the officer, be traumatized? Yes. Does he deserve compensation because of it? No. You take a job, willingly, knowing good and well dl certain dangers and risks are present. It doesn’t make it okay, but it doesn’t mean you need compensation either. I see this as no different than soldiers who fight in a war they signed up for or firefighters running into a burning building. Surely both potentially traumatic but the risks where known possibilities when the employee chose that job.

    On another note, this case, outside the “trauma” aspect is about as low as it comes. How a person can look themselves in a mirror after attempting to sue this family is beyond me. The fact of the matter is if he’s traumatized for killing this kid and another women (who by this account wasn’t s threat to him) he deserves every bit of mental anguish he’s experiencing.

  • James

    The family of the lady he shot is so traumatized they are sueing him personal for 100 million. Fair is fair hope they both win. If they can sue the citizen then the citizen can sue them!

  • SP_88

    Did we really just reach a new low? Is a cop really trying to sue the family of his victims? I was going to say: how was this cop even able to find a lawyer to sue them, but that’s a ridiculous question. A serial killer could probably find a lawyer to sue his victims in this sue happy country.
    This is why we are going down the tubes. The lawyers and the scumbags they work for are raping this country to death. Now the family must rely on another lawyer to save them from this frivolous lawsuit. And hopefully they will win and sue for costs and fees. There is no reason this family should have to spend money to defend themselves against this ridiculous greedy cop when they just lost family members because of him. They should be grieving, not going to court for crap like this.
    This cop this ‘s he is traumatized, what about the family? Doesn’t he realize that they are traumatized because he decided to shoot three of their family members, killing two of them? He shouldn’t be traumatized, or at least not suing for it. He knew when he took this job that it was very likely that he would be involved in some very stressful situations, especially in Chicago, the murder capital of America.

    • curenado

      They are suing for 100 million – for a dead fool. Black christmas!

  • emmanuelozon

    Sue the cop’s attorney for “emotional damage”.

  • curenado

    Chicago = dumb thug street trash, all colors
    Evidenced by this fool who wants to collect $5 from every welfare check they get.
    It doesn’t make sense to me, but hopefully hells a hole will finally open up and suck Chicago on in

  • Hsialin

    Cop is right in this case.

  • Kid Rob
  • Hollywood

    Murica…land of the clowns and fools.

  • yep

    find out where this cop lives and pay him a visit