Chess Master Garry Kasparov Slams Bernie’s Socialist Followers

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The world-famous chess master and former Soviet citizen Garry Kasparov, has some harsh words for Bernie Sanders supporters. In a recent Facebook post that went viral, he stated “I’m enjoying the irony of American Sanders supporters lecturing me, a former Soviet citizen, on the glories of Socialism and what it really means! Socialism sounds great in speech soundbites and on Facebook, but please keep it there.”

He went on to explain that socialism destroys the human spirit, and that being able to even talk about it and consider it, is a luxury in wealthy nations. He admitted that income inequality was a major problem in Western nations, but added that “the idea that the solution is more government, more regulation, more debt, and less risk is dangerously absurd.”

Socialist supporters in the comments were quick to point out that what Bernie Sanders wants for America, is a far cry from the communist dictatorship that Kasparov grew up under. Kasparov responded a week later with an editorial at the Daily Beast, and explained that all socialized systems have the same inherent problems. “Once you give power to the government it is nearly impossible to get it back, and it will be used in ways you cannot expect,” he warned before saying that command economies simply can’t imitate the intricacies of the free market. “You cannot predestine which two college dropouts in a garage will produce the next Apple.”

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  • Mike

    The morons that worship the left won’t even believe it when it comes from peoples’ mouths that lived it and know first hand what it does. They don’t care about history, just their free lunch.

    • Reverend Draco

      As long as the lazy cocksuckers get theirs. . . nothing else matters – not the violence against their neighbors, not the economic collapse. . . nothing matters but they got theirs and fuck you, you owe them whatever their self-important, entitled hearts desire. . . just for being their precious snowflake selves. . .

    • Joe2D2

      Yes, morons a plenty. The problem is, when you follow the current political structure to it’s end, you’ll find the whole system is dictatorial with only different words being used to confuse the masses. Here’s what I mean:

      Q: What is the difference between a Communist and a Socialist?
      A: A Communist is a Socialist with a gun and in a hurry, while a Socialist is a Communist that knows what he or she is doing.

      Q: What is the difference between a Socialist and a Democrat?
      A: There is no difference, the two are synonymous.

      Q: What is the difference between a Democrat and a Republican?
      A: One is called Democrat and the other is called Republican.

      So, while your average Fluoride dosed, pill eating, GMO engorging, TV watching slob remains confused by the labels and lies spewed forth by our politicians and their media whore pundit counterparts, the core of the issue remains unchanged. The entire system to the core is the fucking matrix and Bernie supporters are merely pod born dream walkers that have accepted their programming.

      However, I would rate the average PFC Moron of the Free Shit Army (FSA), among the most indoctrinated into this system of control. So stupid are they to believe it is possible to grant the authority to someone else to steal for them and be in the right. Theft is theft, no matter the form and what political rhetoric you sugar coat it with. May these lowest form of scum get exactly what they deserve; fucking nothing. Go work for it motherfuckers and keep your grubby goddamn dick skinners off the shit I’ve worked my entire life to acquire.

  • BasicRules

    Following any of them, You become Socialist Followers.
    who are they to tell you what you can & can not do.

  • HanzP

    It is a false premise to assume just because someone supports Bernie’s candidacy, they support socialism. There are MANY reasons to support Bernie, starting with anti-fascist beliefs and anti-wallstreet sentiments amongst the American people. Remember, principles before personalities folks!

    • Razedbywolvs

      Please give a example of that false premise.

      • HanzP

        It’s inherent if the statement; I support Bernie for the reasons outlined above, but certainly not because he’s a socialist.

        • Razedbywolvs

          All three of the things you listed would fall under socialist, if you tried to enforce it by means of taxation.

          • HanzP

            By your definition then, the “American System” is inherently socialist and the argument becomes moot just the same.

          • Razedbywolvs

            That would be the dictionary definition,
            It’s only moot if you think there is no limit to how much debt you can accumulate.

          • HanzP

            No, the ‘magnitude’ of socialism would be a different, separate argument — whether incurred through debt, taxation or fiat.

          • Reverend Draco

            Ahh. . . so your socialist tendencies are only a matter of scale. Scale means exactly fuck-all.

            A certain amount of plundering your neighbors is ok, as long as you get yours, you lazy cocksucker.

          • HanzP

            No, I precisely said I am against socialist policies. Learn to read gooder, my illiterate friend. 😉

          • Reverend Draco

            Yet everything you claimed to support are socialist.

            Reading comprehension not one of your strong points, is it?

          • HanzP

            Pretty much everything I said I was against is anti-Zionist (anti-fascism and anti-wallstreet). Does that help you comprehend what I wrote? The rest of the discussion was regarding definitions, semantics and argument.

            Again, here is my OP:
            “It is a false premise to assume just because someone supports Bernie’s candidacy, they support socialism. There are MANY reasons to support Bernie, starting with anti-fascist beliefs and anti-wallstreet sentiments amongst the American people. Remember, principles before personalities folks!”


          • Razedbywolvs

            Any magnitude of socialism is still socialism. Although the dictionary is not perfect I believe it is far superior wean engaging in wrighten conversations.
            “Hand me the thing that makes the clicking noise.”
            “Hand me the socket wrench.”
            Spinning clicking thing does not have a clear definition. Socket wrench does.
            You link has absolutely no relevance. For a better understanding of reality look to psychology and evolutionary biology.

            Your rationalization hamster is running faster than a pentecostal from a science fair.

          • HanzP

            “Any magnitude of socialism is still socialism” – Yes, you got it right this time!. We are already socialist by YOUR definition, so it is a moot point. Phew! I’m moving on. Cheers my friend.

          • Razedbywolvs

            Wow, you contradict your OP in your LP and then repeat your OP.
            Since “rationalization hamster” hasn’t made it into any legit dictionary and you wouldn’t look it up if it did.
            Rationalization hamster: From a likening of circular logic to a hamster running on a hamster wheel.

    • LiberalsRLost

      your bohemian grove avatar is a sub-conscience give away-regardless of your own premise for use……now the rest of your post is totally fallacious……

      You DID NOT point to any specific anti fascist or wall$treet points…just empty rhetoric ……. Bernie is a avowed lifelong socialist he has no redeeming qualities for POTUS none……

      Yet you think you can accept some of his economies of scale when no socialist country has a successful track record…..the top dog will become corrupt and then you have a Cuban or Venezuelan type leader…

      You have no justifiable argument for support of a pos-potus socialist ideologue like Killery or Bernie…..or a Wall$treet corrupt GOPe snobs…

      • HanzP

        Silly child.

        • LiberalsRLost

          you still can not ever make a case for Bernie nor his socialist policies based on a few sound bites….as being a viable choice……
          the GOP has been co-opted by war mongering neo-cons hence the quislings are in a snit that they have not found a way yet to buy off DT…..
          disclaimer I support none of them because 30 years of study on the NWO crowd proves out they control both parties and this is just about the best bread and circus ever………
          Americans will not rise up against the progressive/repressive left and will die a slow painful death…….
          My disdain for progressives is reflected in my mocking them all…….as opposed to your bohemian grove ‘all seeing owl’

          • HanzP

            Maybe if you learned to conduct yourself with a little decency towards your fellow man you would not be such a perfect tool for the NWO crowd which you purport to oppose.

          • LiberalsRLost

            I do my best and have little to offer those that still support the Bernie sanders and GOP neo-cons in this world…they offer nothing for a better nation with failed globalist and central government planning……
            My take away is that you support those ideals via bernie…….
            If I’m wrong then I apologize for any misunderstanding but if you do support bernie and his policies based on just a few points….then we part ways…..

          • HanzP

            I support Bernie candidacy only so far as his rhetoric is antifascist and anti-wallstreet and the single candidate in which a legitimate movement of the people can be organized around against those interests we mutually disdain as a matter of principle (rather than personality), namely this group:

          • LiberalsRLost

            a rich treasure trove……
            My deepest gratitude…….I enjoy reading, validating other authors research and then sharing with family and others……

            so a good night to all thanks….!

          • HanzP

            You’re welcome and I accept your apology. Hopefully we can learn from this interaction in a way that allows us to better reach out to others.

            BTW, I was looking for a PDF of that book and i have not found one yet — there are no digital copies available for purchase on Amazon.


            P.S. Maybe consider changing your name as today’s so-called conservatives (as in the Zionist Neocons) are arguably worse than liberals and liberals to seem more open to new information. Anyway, just a suggestion.

          • LiberalsRLost

            you are now going back into history on the classical definition of a liberal which has been hijacked by the progressives as much as conservative label has been hi-jack by the neo-cons…..and both play the Hegelian dialectic…

            way too few of us aware of how we re played by both sides…..but by classical definition I would fall into the liberal camp and now into the limited government camp….. presently no label since both and political spectrum are owned and hi-jacked for and by the bankers…

          • HanzP

            Yeah, that’s the general problem with labels generally — it’s why I belong to no party or assert any particular philosophy as a defining characteristic. There is of course the problem of falling victim to narrow groupthink by way of those same labels too. If I assert anything politically, I would rather assert Jeffersonian principles, including those outlined in the Declaration of Independence than ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’. Conservatism for example has zero coonection in modern parlance to either Edmund Burke or Russell kirk . But I also recognize complexity and important lessons from history — including the necessity of an FDR moment (parallels to Sanders are not accidental) — as was the response to the to the orchestrated catastrophic events by the bankers from 1913 – 1929.

            There are periods in history to organize around pure political theory (Jefferson attempted to do this but failed at the constitutional convention, but was successful with the DofI ) and there are periods that require Realpolitik — just to avoid slavery and a decent chance for our children.

            Anyway, back to my movie — Parallax View — it’s pretty good so far.


          • HanzP

            BTW, the author of that website also supports Bernie politically.

          • LiberalsRLost

            on edit…if you have not read this it is a good primer…

    • Frank

      After reading the string and replies, regardless of whether a person only supports Bernie for one or two of his “fix it” points – Wall Street, education, etc., a voter/supporter can not honestly expect to get only what they want/support and not get everything else in the Bernie package. Support Bernie and you support ALL of his initiatives, and his promise to tax and spend to pay for it all. We’re there now, under Obama, and our nation is catastrophically in debt and circling the drain. Only for the suicidal narcissistics is more of this is going to be better. Like Venezuela is now; we’ll all be cold, hungry, and sitting in the dark if we stay on this path.

  • I forgot

    I’ve been in communist/socialist countries and you don’t want to live that way.

  • Publeus

    —Right Wingers can’t be trusted. You just know that a Republican will try to pull something. As it turns out, that’s usually not too bad, as there is continuous mistrust, monitoring, resistance, and push back; extremely unusual events notwithstanding, such as 9 11(Clinton’s were up to their necks in it, also). Never give a politician a blank check, whatever the party.

    Left wingers can’t be trusted. They pretend to be ‘ Of the People ‘, and then turn on the people. The People cheer as The People are rounded up, lined up, and shot. The worst atrocities of the last century were committed by the Left.

    U.S. Democrat KKK; Russian Soviet Socialist; Chinese Communist; German National Socialist,…

    The worst of the worst. Over One Hundred Million Murdered by the Left. The one great exception was the Italian Fascist. Decidedly Right Wing.

    I would be ashamed to call myself Republican. I would be humiliated to call myself Democrat. People swear that the Left has changed, but it hasn’t, any more than the Right. People often asked, ‘ How could they let that happen?’

    Watch Tv. Listen to those around you now.

    This is how…

  • Joseph Conrad

    Regulation of the flow and value of cash and product value is vital in a capitalist
    economy. Financial transaction and non-labor produced capital gains taxes are essential. Above all, CRIMINAL BUSINESS VIOLATIONS MUST BE SEVERELY PUNISHED. THAT IS, A BANK FIXES A MARKET/RATE, THE CEO GETS JAIL !

  • Libertarian Jerry

    The idea that the highest tax rates under the Eisenhower Administration were 91% is pure fiction. Fact is that most rich people at the time had their assets tied up in foundations,trusts,endowments,tax free bonds and corporations. By structuring assets into these various entities plus the addition of tax write offs and tax deductions the average millionaire’s net tax burden during the Eisenhower Administration was under 10%. All the propaganda about the “rich” Paying their fair share” during the post war boom is just that………propaganda. Propaganda used in the Class War of Bernie Sanders and his misguided followers..

  • ISpartaChrisI

    Liberalism is the devil’s tool. Pushing his ideologies for world government. After convincing everyone he does not exist, he proceeded to create the left and right. In reality there should only be the moral centre that Yah has laid out for us and will enact in his eternal Kingdom. Come quickly!

  • Tatiana Covington

    Die, socialism, die!