Chemtrail Weather Modification Caught by Satellite

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Here you have it, apparent weather modification at work. Notice the chemtrails are filling in a large area below the swirl at the top, and working over the vortex in the lower right system.  It’s believed the metallic particles in the sprays make the atmosphere maneuverable by EMF emitting technology such as HAARP and other land, oceanic and space based broadcast stations.

Spraying out over the ocean is also a common spray tactic on the west coast. The trails are done way ahead of time and blow in with the on-shore wind. By the time they reach land much of the toxic spray in then at sea level, pummeling the dense shoreline population. When these false weather banks then appear, they fill in the blue areas with more spraying.

I watched it for years. In this case above it looks like weather mod at work.

(For larger view of the top picture go HERE)

Why Chemtrails?

Chemtrails are a multi-purposed supposed geoengineering effort costing trillions of dollars while the PTBs deny they even exist. These aerosols are toxic to all forms of life while also partially cutting us off from the life-giving sun. Chemtrails also make the atmosphere a more potent medium for mind altering ELF waves as well as a potential atmospheric “screen” for holographic technologies.

And I’m sure a lot more. Viruses, spores, nano-particles and even psychotropic drugs have been found in chemtrail samples.


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Contributed by Zen Gardner of Just Wondering.

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