“Chemical Weapons Used On American Citizens”: The Latest EPA Hearing

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The following is an EPA Hearing held last week regarding aircraft emissions and climate change.

While some of the people testifying did speak to the propgandized version of man-made climate change that has been sold to the public by governments in league with the United Nations, other researchers and opponents to geoengineering took the opportunity to testify against Solar Radiation Management (sometimes referred to as chemtrails), or the spraying of heavy metals and other chemicals in the air to supposedly block the sun and stop, what we are told, is global warming.

Here’s what Stop Chemical Terrorism had to say on the subject:

On August 11th, 2015, activists met with the EPA to provide a legally-binding testimony to discuss the intentional release of chemical terror agents into the atmosphere from aircraft, such as sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, and bacterial agents.

This terrorist attack, using the euphemism “geoengineering,” is a violation of the Environmental Modification Convention, chemical terrorism laws, biological testing laws, and is even admitted as “genocide” by the IPCC.

With 40% of people dying from air pollution, one person every 1.3 seconds, we are left with one question: why does America use chemical weapons against their own citizens – knowingly and intentionally murdering their own population like a rabid dog that bites the hand that feeds?

Third world countries have a long history of using chemical weapons against their citizens. Now that America is behind China, what should we expect? Not only that, the Central Intelligence Agency, a funding source for geoengineering, has a long history of using chemical and biological weapons against Americans in projects such as Operation LAC, Operation DEW, Project 112, and Operation Ranch Hand – where soldiers were intentionally gassed with Agent Orange in order to “destroy Cuba’s crops.”

One interesting point brought up in the testimony relates to post-9/11, when the planes were grounded. A man testified that during that time period when there were curiously no trails in the sky, the sky cleared up and returned to a normal shade of blue verses the washed out sky we see on most modern days.

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  • The government has been doing it to military members for longer than to civilians. You can get a free copy of The Power Hour’s Beyond Treason DVD and DVD-ROM of documents if you are a veteran.

    • molon_labe

      I learned everything I needed to know about our government in iraq and the local VA. The rest is just icing.

      • I learned everything I needed to know about ‘your’ government in vietnam

        Molon Labe!

      • In the short run, you learned that neither the government nor the people give a rat’s ass about what the Constitution says, and just take the oaths and give it all lip service to get along. In other words, Jefferson was incredibly prescient.

        • molon_labe

          I took an oath and still hold true to it. Remember, when the boot comes down, there will be some guys pushing back.

          • If you hold to it now, it might not occur to you that you violated it by going to Iraq, assuming you did so as a member of the American military. Sadly you are in good company, hopefully you have learned the error of your ways.

          • molon_labe

            You have your opinions and I have mine. Think we’ll be going our separate ways here.

          • I don’t have opinions when it comes to the Constitution, I have a very clear understanding of what the men who wrote it intended it to mean and do. Their definition of treason was very clear and the only crime so described. They were equally clear about the responsibilities of Congress and the President vis a vis waging war. If Congress didn’t declare war, there isn’t one. If one is fought without a declaration, that is an action of our country’s domestic enemies which is aided and abetted by the actions of those who took an oath to protect and defend a document they are ignoring, generally due to ignorance. The only cure is education, which is why TM2000-25 was taken out of the equation.

          • molon_labe

            Then tell everyone else to stop voting for assholes. You’re preaching to the choir slugger

          • It doesn’t matter who anybody votes for when the Federal Election Commission is filling all of the federal positions without regard to the election outcomes. Ignorance will be the downfall of this republic, just as Thomas Jefferson wrote: “If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.”

    • DmaxD


  • Honey badger

    Funny thing about the chemtrails. Back in the 90’s you never saw anything more than some small water vapor trails and there use to be cotton like clouds. Now it’s all grey sky’s and big old fucking chemtrails. Can the government just be overthrown like the constitution intended it to be when things are out of control?

    • The Constitution says nothing about overthrow since it was meant to be replaced within a very short time, being only a starting point for what the writers expected us to enforce and improve. We didn’t do either, so we are using the equivalent of Henry Ford’s first prototype to do the job of a tractor-trailer. We the People will have to do whatever we can, since we didn’t do what we were supposed to. The overthrow part, of which you speak, is in the Declaration of Independence, as the duty we should have done long ago.

      • Honey badger

        I appreciate the correction.

    • Tuaca1107

      They have been spraying us since 1960.

      • Honey badger

        I will have to take your word on that one. I wasn’t around and in the 60’s. Can’t believe they have been doing it for that long!

  • ccambridge

    I miss those blue skies. Stop spraying anoles aholes and allow nature to take its course.

  • masterblaster

    The Chemtrail people were ignored. The conference is all about carbon and co2 they are laying the foundation for the globalists to impose carbon taxes. They don’t give a shit about chemtrails and would lose their cushy guberment useless jobs if they every diverged from the party line. The EPA is the first agency that needs to be abolished. folowed by the dept of education and justice dept.

    • travtw

      Sad but true. It’s going in one ear and out the other. Funny thing is chemtrails are effecting those people too yet they still don’t care or take it seriously? Idiots. We are a country full of morons. Complacent jacka#%es. The experiment didn’t work Lord. Sorry we failed you. Time to wash it clean and start over.

  • DmaxD

    I wish Hitler would have killed off all the Geo engineers.

  • DmaxD

    Like fools seeing the emperors clothes, the sheep don’t see chemtrails unless Rush Limblab or someone from TV tells them.

  • TellItAsIs99

    Here is another weapon used against the people: the highly deadly mandatory clot-buster TPA drug given in the ER for a non-life threatening moderate ischemic stroke. TPA has a history of deadly failed test trials and only a controversial possibility of a modest benefit. This stealth euthanasia drug is now starting to be delievered to home’s after the 911 call. Search: AAEM TPA position, The NNT TPA stroke, or in emergency medicine blogs or http://www.stroketreatmentrisktpa.co.nf for the stroke TPA drug controversy.

    • Eileen Kuch

      If you’re certainly right about this, you’re talking about premeditated murder here, a felony mandating life in prison w/o parole, or even death.

  • 426Hemi

    Chemical aerosols are sprayed in advance of incoming low pressure weather system off the Pacific in order to dry out the upper atmosphere. The chemical aerosol ‘chemtrails’ are also sprayed over the tops of the storms offshore in order to prevent convection and thereby stop precipitation. The HAARP transmitters are the other half of the program – they kill the spinning cores of storms by focusing modulated very high power RF on top of the cores from Satellite or by using the ionosphere (HAARP) the pulsed instantaneous heat generated kills the rotation and weakens the weather system. Certainly these aerosols could be laced with biological agents, the government thus getting as much mileage out of their covert programs as possible.

  • +100
    You can say that again.