Check Out These Hilarious Responses From Men: How Will You Survive A Day Without A Woman?

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Today we will see thousands of women across the country marching and striking for “The Day Without A Woman.”

We’ll avoid the politics of it all, as that’s been covered almost to the point of exhaustion on various news outlets and social media.

We will, however, take a look at the humorous side of it, because the point of a Day Without A Woman, we assume, is to show men how important they are in our lives. To be clear, no one here at The Daily Sheeple thinks otherwise.

When the organization that started the movement asked men how they plan to support women on March 8, some of the responses, as you can imagine, were pretty hilarious. Some are nothing short of pure brilliance, and whether male or female, we think you might just get a chuckle out of these:

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  • Mike


  • Bruce Regael

    A day without women? Save us tax dollars considering it’s largely the female dominated education system that’s backing such nonsense.

  • frankw

    A day without women(looks around) I thought it was awfully quiet in here.

  • randy wellman

    i am watching news clips to see if any of my employees are out demonstrating….your FIRED!

  • TrevorD

    No difference to me. I like peace and quiet every day, no nonsense, no control, no stupid rules, no `hairdresser talk`, no shopping and no manipulation. My partner is a blow up doll and I am so happy. LOL………..

    • FreddyB

      Uhg, a blow up doll?!?!?! Pretty darn 70’s if you ask me. Since you are already saving a bloody fortune by not supporting one of these harpies may I suggest upgrading to a RealDoll? Added bonus is that they look real enough to get ya into the car pool lanes. 😉

      • RJ O’Guillory

        …soon he can go robotics and AI…..

        • TrevorD

          If they have a silence button, maybe. LOL

          • RJ O’Guillory

            …better yet….you should be able to program them with anyone’s sultry voice…(Stevie Nicks, Marilyn Monroe, etc.)… telling you only what you want to hear about your… “performance”. I can hear it now…”five-stars, oh, my God! Five-Stars…do it again!’. But with the AI developing, it will not be long before the start instructing us…guiding us…and becoming irritated…ha!

          • TrevorD


          • RJ O’Guillory

            …the real problem with Robotic-AI-Females…is that after you have angered, irritated or pissed them off…what does one do? I mean, imagine walking in on your Honey-Bot with a box of chocolates, attempting to apologize for a past indiscretion? It will simply stare you down to a demeaning inch-tall-cretin! Ha!

          • littlebit43

            Hit the off button. If they dont have one they are to much like the real thing.

      • TrevorD

        Thanks will look into anything that cant talk. LOL

  • Pat Taylor ╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐

    And the war of cultures in ɐʞᴉɹǝɯ∀ continues.

    • Wōtan’s Justice

      meh. 20th century is over, pretty ambivalent about what came next.

  • Tome

    A little over 30 years ago my Ex-Thing walked out. No wife no kids. Oop’s no kids. went almost year without. Missed the kids. She had beat me out of rights because they went to another city and filed got me for not showing up. Lost everything. A month after the divorce was final she walked in and said here is your damn kid i can’t handle her. So I raised a daughter by myself. Paid child support until she was 18. Judge said you have the kid. If you say anything she will have the kid and will never see her again. I dated a lot of women over the years. Never said would never get married again but did not. One lady in Alaska was serious about and daughter wanted me to marry. But would have to move to Alaska. Ex-Thing says you can’t take daughter to Alaska. Either daughter or not go to Alaska. Stayed here.Daughter has been away from home for 17 years now. Date a lot but still not married. More loving that I had the 17 years I was married! Still like my ladies!

  • greg

    maybe I can get my dog to nag me instead

  • Public_Citizen

    Memo to the people wearing A$$inine HATS and their lunatic supporters:
    For starters, it will probably be a most productive day at work without your interruptions and distractions to deal with. You shouldn’t be terribly surprised when management takes note of the spike in productivity and introduces you to your new trainee next week, who will be the person taking over your job and releasing you to the world of full time bitching so you can yell at the world about how unfair it is all day every day.
    You have become a dark cartoon caricature of what the Women’s Movement once was, only your self centered bitter anger won’t allow you the clarity of vision to see what you have become. You have made yourselves irrelevant and the rest of us, who have real lives, just want you to go away and stop bothering those of us who are trying to keep the world moving forward instead of standing in one place [or actually moving backwards] and making a spectacle of ourselves.
    Hopefully, whatever brain fever you are suffering from will soon burn itself out.

  • Tiger

    Great stuff.
    A day without drama in the workplace.
    A day without some bitch going off on her employees.
    A day without gossip.
    A day without complaints.

    I personally always preferred a workplace without women. Still do. They overestimate themselves.

    • PopDeGator

      There’s an old workplace saying, “I’d rather supervise 100 men than 3 women.” Definitely spoken by someone who has been there.

      • Tiger

        Oh my friend great saying believe me I have been there. The pissing and moaning and complaining and the gossiping and then the monthly thingy drove me nuts but I am a woman and never have I been like this. Never. Maybe being raised by POW had something to do with that and having a stepfather who was a Marine.

  • Joel W

    “A Day Without Women” otherwise known as the best day at work, EVER!!!!!!!!

  • Luap Seugirdor

    I have never heard of this movement before. I was watching some videos yesterday regarding this, and this day is highly regarded in Russia. So what is it? Is this supposed to be a day of protest against men, or a day to honor women all over the world? Come to think of it, I have not heard or seen any advertising for this day anywhere in my area.

  • How will we men ever, EVER possibly survive for an ENTIRE DAY “without a woman”?

    Geez, ladies, get a fücking clue, would ya? We will be just fine without ya’ll making complete fools of yourselves right in front of us. We don’t have to actually SEE that to know that it’s happening.

  • huntress

    These dingbats do not represent me. They are a disgrace to ALL women!! The entire world is laughing at them, but they are too flipping stupid to even notice.

    • Clementine


  • M_111

    I was too busy working to notice it was today. We have four women here and not one person said anything. Am I supposed to do nothing all day? How stupid is that. That just goes to show you that you DO do things that only women do and they are supposed to notice when you don’t? So since my hubby and I share responsibilities, does that mean I am a better feminist. Or is it because we are equal in a sense and it is a non-issue for us? I think the latter. Sure, I do most of the cooking, but he takes care of the motorcycles. I am cool with that. I own no weird vagina hats and I appreciate when the door is held open for me!

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    Now hang on a damned minute! This was a day without women? And I didn’t get invited to it?

    That’s some f*ckin’ bullsh*t right there. I was remodeling a bathroom for my partner’s sister… and she never shuts up. Doesn’t even make sandwiches! Doesn’t do anything but talk and stand in the way. I don’t think he knew either because he was right there with me hanging sheetrock.

    Oh… DS… you’re gonna have to do a better job keeping us menfolk informed about these unscheduled days off.

  • Tim Webb

    Could get to quite like this.
    How about a week without wimmin?

  • Vinchenz

    How about a World without Feminists? Ahhh,like Heaven on Earth.

    “And we have all of these commercials that show what a feckless boob the man in the house is. That’s not the way I see the men in my life, most especially my 12-year-old son,” she added. “I consider myself a postfeminist. I consider myself one of those women who is a product of her choices, not a victim of her circumstances.” (Kellyanne Conway).

  • Praetor

    A day without women. Protest called ‘A Day Without Women’. WTF, can you say about this. What are they going to prove, their not needed, life goes on without them. The only thing they will prove, street walkers are unattractive and cheaper. Ridiculous.!!!

  • Wile E Genius

    I’m starting to like this plank in the platform. Can we see it in action again. Next time make it a week.

  • Clau Pou

    One more day please…just one. Pleeease!

  • Sam

    WILSON TANGO FOXTROT, I missed the entire thing pussy hat wearing screeching out loud nonsensical “protest” and now this? Another load of horseshit that smells the same.

  • Ncyweth

    Whenever an event like this happens and while the media/world watches, I often think, Ok, what new law/policy are the politicians trying to ram through congress/senate that will betray the trust of the people.

  • arnieus

    A day was not long enough. I didn’t miss them for a second.

  • G’ma G

    Thank you commenters for telling it like it is and not sugar coating with political correctness.

  • AmericaAwakens

    TOO funny! Men do not care what words they say; I like that (coming from a female).

  • Rich Kemp

    Today is the day I ask someone for directions!

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Men on this day should fornicate with a swine and produce more muslim offspring.
    Who will than become operatives of the Democrat-Communist Terrorist Organization.

  • littlebit43

    Pray for more days just like it.