Check Out Mayor Bloomberg’s New Sandy Hook Gun Control Commercial

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This new piece of fearmongering propaganda titled “No More Silence” is hitting cable TV just ahead of the one-year anniversary of the Newtown shooting.

A clock ticks as people in a drab, desaturated world observe a moment of silence for the victims, then a camera follows a guy with a duffel bag in slow motion as he tosses the bag to the ground and heads into a school, presumably to shoot the place up. A dramatic female voice says, “But with 26 more school shootings since that day, ask yourself: Is silence what America needs right now?,” alluding that what America needs is even more gun control laws.

The fact that Sandy Hook was already a gun-free zone and criminals are criminals because they don’t follow laws to begin with (that’s what makes them criminals by definition) apparently doesn’t factor in.

The commercial was sponsored by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and the 600-member Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

The latter group is led by outgoing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an extreme gun control enthusiast who continues to assert that the Second Amendment is about hunting and someone who has spent millions on all manner of anti-gun propaganda, even including gun control Thanksgiving place mats for the kiddies this year. While Bloomberg touts that his organization has approximately 600 members as if that’s a whole lot, considering there are some 35,000 mayors in this country, Bloomberg’s got less than 2% in his corner. Just last month, 23 of those members lost reelection.

By the way, while the mayor argues that average citizens should have less guns, he’s busy sitting on a city he bragged has the “7th biggest army in the world”. (Note, while it’s true this is wildly inaccurate as the NYPD isn’t even the largest police force in the world, according to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, it does have a state-of-the-art post-9/11 anti-terrorism system with the ability to take down rogue aircraft.)

Bloomberg needs to check out what Thomas Jefferson meant by “unalienable rights” and take a history lesson; his city’s overblown police state is exactly what America’s founding fathers warned against and why a person’s right to bear arms is absolutely critical to maintaining freedom against a tyrannical, oppressive system.

Besides, despite having some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, NYC still has more gun murders per capita than the entire country of Argentina.

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  • Horsenut

    The only people this commercial will affect is the simple minded liberals that are already againest guns in any shape or form. “We the People” that believe in the 2nd amendment will stand strong.

    However I still have questions that haven’t been answered about the ‘Shooting’. Acording to NBC on the report last week, they showed a Bushmaster AR15 and a Glock (Didn’t say what Cal.) that the kid with autism carried into the school. They said that the first shots started and then the 911 call came in. The police were on site within 4 minutes. The entire shooting only lasted 5 minutes, ending with the kid taking his own life. During which time he fired 340+ rounds of ammunition and still had 150+ rounds left.

    The 911 call that was released had a few shots in the back ground. But think about it! 340 round in 5 minutes. 5 minutes is 300 seconds. That means he fired more than a round a sec. How many magazines was he carring? At 30 rounds per Mag that’s 11 Mags. That’s a lot to carry. Did he carry it in in a duffle bag? How long did it take him to change Mags? Again that’s a lot of ammo for an autistic, skinny, shutin kid to fire. I have a hard time believing this kid did this. Not to mention all the other inconsistencies in the story!

    • rockelle

      They are using their “fuzzy math” to confuse the sheep!

    • ruSuspicious2?

      and now that Sandy Hook has been bulldozed we can fill in all the details you will never be able to confirm…

    • TGL

      They say “No More Silence” but they disable comments on all their U-tube content……..pussy s

  • CCCP

    Hopefully Bloomberg, Cuomo, and their legion of idiots are the next retarded kid with a gun’s target!

  • BigReb

    I live in queens n.y and I can’t even own a bb gun thanks to crappy politicians like bloomjew. I need to move to Texas and kick all the Jew libs out and keep Texas free.

    • Not all Jews approve of Bloomberg and the other Judenraten in government.
      See and particularly the video “No Gins for Jews” (which rails against those who promote gun contol) and the “handbills” page.

      Also, see my article

      • Sorry ,,. Should be “No Guns …” Not “No Gins …”
        I hate it when that happens.

    • BigReb,
      My point was … Lose your apparent prejudice towards Jews … Some of us will be your biggest allies when they come to confiscate guns and things get “interesting.”

    • dgs

      Yeah they claim an airgun is a firearm which is against US code. Even the batfe can’t regulate silencers a on airguns.the sheeple have let this country decay to s police state.

  • Derek the Donkey

    Guns need bullets Reb. . . from factorys. Get a dog, german shepherds as used by police and military are my choice. Get a donkey, needs no introduction LOL. Get some geese, perfect grid down burglar alarm LOL.
    Lastly when debating what to leave behind in the city as SHTF let it not be your sense of humour Reb. I’m serious. Laugh often and cry little.
    Good luck mate. We’re on your side.

  • rockelle

    Bloomberg gives me the shits…too bad “on his way out” doesn’t mean someones blasting him out into deep space!

  • BigReb

    thanks Derek but I’m not kidding I need to leave n.y and get far away from n.y I can’t even have a pocket rocket (sling shot). it’s really fucked up in the 5 boroughs. I don’t. think God could help us in n.y anymore.Ans thank. you for being on our side even though we are evil America

  • BigReb

    and Derek if need be I’m going to Ireland and helping kick the Muslims out and help keep my white redheads safe from the Muslim way

  • BigReb

    hey Carl I’m sorry if I offended you or other Jews that are good decent people. I do know some jtf (Jewish task force) in n.y and we are in the same boat with the Jews in n.y trying to take away our freedoms and illegal immigrants and other issues.

  • facebook_mike.przlomski

    What a crock of shit. U could do the same commercial about knives, cars, baseball bats, football, tramplings, swimming pools, drinking alcohol, etc. these libtards just want to pick away at our constitution until it’s a meaningless piece of paper. They hate this country and what it stands for and that’s the bottom line !!!

  • buttcrackofdoom

    ohhhkayyyyy, and since that event, literaly THOUSANDS of citizens have saved their own lives and other’s lives WITH GUNS. so we should all turn in our guns so the criminals can kill and rob us with impunity? obama said on national tv some things he wanted to do to take guns out of citizens hands and he said “if it saves just ONE kid’s life, it will be worth it”….but at what cost when we don’t have guns to protect US…hundreds, even thousands will DIE without the protection our guns provide, but it’s all WORTH it to save one child’s life!. stupid, how else can you look at these people? i guess it makes a lot of sense, when you don’t stop and think about it…DOZENS of lives and robberies are PREVENTED every day with GUNS! YEESH, what a bunch of friggin’ IDIOTS!!!!

  • MosinppK

    If this were truly still America,

    They would hire the parents to guard the front door of their children’s schools

    With fully automatic weapons

    But they do not care about our children

  • Evie

    When will a commercial be aired about all of the foreclosures, families on foodstamps, and people working 10 hour mcjobs. I would also like to see people losing health insurance and not be able to get on a government website. Humm, isnt this an emergency. Poverty? Hello.

  • John

    this article is nothing but biased lies. they intentionally misquote and misinterpret Bloomberg and draw a parallel between new york and a city state?? i honestly feel sorry for the helpless individual falling prey to this pseudo news.