Celebrities Are Planning A ‘Hunger Strike’ To Protest Trump’s Immigration Policies

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Celebrities are planning a hunger strike to protest against president Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Several wealthy socialites will gather together and punish themselves as a way to beg their rulers to enact a change.  Can anyone guess how this will work out?

The protest, organized by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights center, kicked off on Saturday in front of a McAllen, Texas, immigrant processing center, and organizers claim they will keep up the fast in front of the facility for 24 days. According to The Daily Wire, celebrities and immigration activists are launching a “hunger strike” aimed at forcing the Trump Administration to reunite around 2,400 illegal immigrant children with their parent.  The hunger strike’s goal is to also end a “zero tolerance” immigration policy which mandates that immigration enforcement officials bring criminal charges against undocumented migrants who break American immigration law.

We can pretend the ruling class cares about those beneath them, but then we’d be no better than an indoctrinated fool. When has a slave ever earned freedom by petioning and begging the master to loosen his chains? If you really don’t understand that the government is your master and they don’t care about your hunger strike, then you are the perfect piece of property for your master to own and control.

Several high-profile celebrities, like Alec Baldwin and Martin Sheen, have pledged their support, along with members of the Kennedy family. It also appears that celebrities may be able to avoid any actual “fasting” altogether by sending a check to the Kennedy family in an amount equivalent to the cost of food they might eat in a 24 hour period.  That’s right, hand over even more money to your masters, and this time willingly.

Of course, if that didn’t allude to the fact that this whole thing is nothing more than a sham and bunch of wealthy celebrities on their knees whining to the ruling class, the “hunger strike” in McAllen really isn’t much of a hunger strike at all. In fact, you only need to “strike” for 24 hours before the “fast” passes to another celebrity and you don’t even need to go to McAllen, where it’s more than a 100 degrees and desert conditions, to protest.

Yeah. We’re sure the government will get right on it and comply with your desires as you beg the state to change its rules.

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