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Celeb Propaganda: Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence

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December 24th, 2012

Soda pop Nazi NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg rallied 82 celebrities for this manipulative “public service announcement”.

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  • M. Pipe

    What a load. Demand PROTECTION for our children from our GOVERNMENT! A COP in EVERY SCHOOL!

  • Term

    Well there’s a list of celebrities who I’ll never watch again

  • freedom fighter

    I would like to know how many of these asswipes own guns??? and who are they to tell us what the fuck we can and cannot do to protect ourselves…

    Also most these fucks are “pot calling the kettle black” some of these fucks have done some pretty violent movies.

    WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT!!!!!!!

    Also I would like to see how they would respond to a violent person with a gun and them with no gun…bet they would change their fucking mind real quick.

  • Casey

    L.A. is doing their annual buy back today and it has been VERY “successful”. Record number of A-holes turning in their guns for $200 gift cards to Walgreen or something.

  • Lutz

    These Godless sewer rats are pathetic.

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