CCTV Catches HORRIFYING Moment NYPD Cop Shoots and Kills Dog… for No Reason

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This shocking CCTV footage shows a police officer shooting a dog in the head and killing it for absolutely no reason whatsoever.


What was that, target practice?

The NYPD still refuses to release the name of the cop that did it, likely for fear someone will see this video and want to treat him the way he treated the dog.

The playful and innocent dog, shot by an NYPD police officer for absolutely no reason whatsoever, was named Spike.

Via Daily Mail:

These shocking pictures show the gruesome moment an NYPD cop shot dead a family’s dog in what appears to be an unprovoked attack.

Two police officers were responding to a call at a neighboring apartment in the Bronx when Yvonne Rosado opened her door to see what the commotion was about.

Surveillance footage obtained by the New York Daily News shows her four-year-old pitbull, Spike, wandering out into the hallway and excitedly wagging his tail.

The barking dog – who seems more playful than aggressive – approaches one of the cops, who has already withdrawn his gun. The spooked police officer backs down the stairwell before opening fire, fatally wounding Spike with a single gunshot to the head.

One woman who appeared to live in the building had to be restrained after she tried to slap the officer who killed Spike.

Ms Rosado [Spike’s owner] said: ‘The officer just reacted badly. I was screaming, “He’s friendly! He’s friendly!” But he still did that to my dog.’  She told the Daily News that her beloved pooch was ‘a gentle giant’ and her ‘big snuffleupagas’.

Just reacted badly?

If this cop would do that to a harmless, friendly, innocent animal like someone’s pet dog, why wouldn’t he also do it to a child or someone’s grandma? To anybody?

“The incident is being reviewed by our force investigation division and the findings will be subject to a firearms discharge review board,” Police spokesman Lieutenant John Grimpel stated to the press, (as if with this video evidence it even takes an “investigation” because clearly everyone can see exactly what happened here). According to NYPD rules, “Police officers shall not discharge their firearms at a dog or other animal except to protect themselves or another person from physical injury and there is no other reasonable means to eliminate the threat.”

Clearly that isn’t what happened with Spike, as anybody with a pair of eyeballs can see. It’s on tape for crying out loud. That cop obviously didn’t know he was being recorded via security cam.

The NYPD has yet to issue so much as a basic apology to Ms. Rosado for her murdered pet, and instead, the department continues to hide a psychopathic dog murderer in its ranks, allowing a killer cop back on on the streets of New York City to likely kill again.

Way to serve and protect there, guys.

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  • Smarty

    If one of them ever did this to my dog….I’d….well…..I can’t say it here….

    • Reverend Draco

      I can. . .

      I would end the cocksucker, with extreme prejudice.

      Serial killers and other psychopaths begin with abusing and killing small animals, in virtually every instance.
      Let’s call ending these psychos “proactive policing.”

      • Smarty

        Well said Reverend. As a reward, here’s some burning bush for you…

        • Reverend Draco

          That should have come with a “trigger warning.”

          Burning bush, indeed.

      • I’d terminate police departments with extreme prejudice.

        • Reverend Draco

          Baby steps. . . take out those who have irrefutably demonstrated their psychopathy first.

          • Rick E.

            yes indeed! This is a must do situation!

          • If you study Sir Robert Peel’s reasons for creating the first police department, you’ll see the reason why they can’t be fixed.

          • Reverend Draco

            Absolutely. . . still, don’t want to take too big a bite – start with the obvious psychos, work your way down the line.

          • I don’t have to worry about the local departments because they are severely constrained by their budgets, and largely redundant due to high gun ownership and low crime. The worst problems in the state are in the two largest cities in the state, where the police are political toadies.

      • Rick E.

        I agree 100%! And may I add that for me it’s elementary. One kills my dog for no reason, that person is eliminated, period. I can-and will-accomplish this, and with extreme prejudice most certainly!
        I consider my dogs family, as they’re loyal and protective to the end.

        • Reverend Draco

          Most people consider their pets family – that’s why they care for them as they do.
          If assaulting or killing a police dog is treated the same as assaulting or killing a human police officer. . . the inverse must also be true, that maiming or killing a person’s pet be treated as maiming or killing a human person – no matter who does the maiming or killing. . . Equal Protection and all that, you see.

          • Just remember that you won’t get any affirmative defense in the statutes.

        • Ken, Megapolis

          Hi Rick. Regrets. The society we live in is but an over reaction to some shit in Syria, Paris and Brussels. We get punished for the crimes of Bin Laden, Jihadi John and any other Abu Big Bad Daddy.
          I am sick of it.
          But standing by those who swear “hurt my women, children and animals and get hurt yourself.”
          Happy Easter to all friends.

      • It is not Paranoia

        No you woudn’t.

        • Reverend Draco

          I really would.

          • billdeserthills

            You Ain’t No Kind of real Reverend

  • Reverend Draco

    “We will investigate ourselves and determine that we did nothing wrong,” said every criminal ev- I mean, Police spokesman Lieutenant John Grimpel stated to the press…

  • Jeremy Bradigan

    Jeez, I’d act the VERY SAME way if this cops’ mother walked out her front-door. I’d give her about the same time to explain herself before shooting her in the head! What a fucking pig.

    • I think I can say with knowledge of almost complete unanimity that everyone on this group is glad you are not a police officer. If you are, the same thing applies to what they would do you if you were the dog, and reacted the same way.

      • Jeremy Bradigan

        1st off, WHAT? Your grammar is atrocious. 2nd, wah-wah-boo-hoo… your heart bleeds. Retard.

        • Reverend Draco

          His grammar is a lot better than yours. . . you might want to pay him to teach you a thing or two.

        • Grammar is of no use if the supportive critical thinking capability is absent, as it is manifestly so, in your case.
          You lead with ad hominem, which is a good indicator.

        • gato felix

          Bwahahaha dude you just got into a rumble that you gonna wish you hadn’t started!

  • Razedbywolvs

    Obviously it was anther suicide by cop.

  • Nexusfast123

    Don’t worry about ISIS in the US as you have your own home grown terrorists to be concerned about – the police.

  • csbubba

    “The incident is being reviewed by our force investigation
    division and the findings will be subject to a firearms discharge review
    board,” Police spokesman Lieutenant John Grimpel stated to the press
    Big problem here with bacon is “self investigating”

  • ensurgent

    If New Yorkers had a pair, and it’s evidenced they don’t, as they let a Jew take away their ‘big pop’, any New York police officer should have shown up hanging from a tree in Central Park, dead, with a cattle-prod a-foot-an-a-half up his ass, with a note attached stating, ‘Here’s Justice For The Dog’!

  • Frank Energy

    I am amazed that police are so poorly trained, that they are not to a large extent “dog people” who can read dogs. This is a disgrace, given that for most humans, their dog is their favorite family member, their love, and their protection.

    Considering this, it is a disgrace that most cops can’t read a dog, And by the way….in the line of duty, would you be expected to take a minor bite….or would you discharge a firearm in a crowded building in order to neutralize that tail wagging?

    If I had to give up my gal or my dog, the dog would go first. But if someone killed my gal, they will get the same result if they killed my dog.

    • Police officers are usually a pretty good mirror of the population that they serve and protect, if they do. All bets are off if they are nothing more than the enforcers for the government, as they are in the vast majority of cities where they don’t have strong public support.

      • Frank Energy

        Still, any police officer ought ot be trained to understand the most common “defense” of ordinary citizens, and not kill their family members.

        • Altruism is no more frequent in those who take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Ignorance of the law is just as rampant among law enforcers as among the hoi polloi. Those who will obey orders that Oathkeepers won’t don’t deserve to live, IMO.

          • Frank Energy

            Those who should know better or made oaths they don’t intend on complying with or can’t understand…..well, they need to be extracted from their “positions of authority” stock out

          • Most of the failure to understand is a goal of “the deliberate dumbing down of america”.

          • Frank Energy

            Yep I see it daily, and these same sheep bleat for their enslavement, thinking it is freedom

            how sad is that

          • It is about as sad as them being those who would sign a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights and/or install the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto in lieu of it.

  • Right to the Point

    Over the years I have shown up at shops, farms and homes with 1000’s of encounters with dogs. Never felt the need to shoot any of them……

  • SimonSays

    They want war, So give them one.
    Russia is about to when that starts in one Hour The USFuckingA will end.

    • You have been watching too much telescreen. Time to shut it off and try to get an original thought.

      • SimonSays

        Congratulation for hopping up and down on one foot clucking like a chicken you are a fool if you think the USA can out do Russia with Nukes

        from the shit i see you post most of the time in reply’s to others makes you one of a few things

        • You just won my completely off point post award for today.

          • Reverend Draco

            It appears that the job of Incoherenceman changes hands on a depressingly regular basis. . . Or perhaps they’re like Jamie Madrox of Marvel Comics fame. . .

          • Maybe it is time for it to become a team sport.

          • Reverend Draco

            It’ll be an Olympic event by 2020 if Sanders or the Clinton is selected

          • The key word is selected.

      • Chinbato

        Time for you to get a life and stop living in mommas basement.

        • My momma died in the mid 80’s, probably long before your daddy wasted his perfectly good genetic material to create a cretin like you. If you can’t learn anything but ad hominem to throw around here as if you know anything else, those with an IQ above a carrot, unlike yourself, really have to wonder what purpose your sorry live could serve. I guess even the military doesn’t want you for cannon fodder?

  • Wesley Avrett

    There are reasons Indiana passed cop shooting castle laws. If they come with out a warrant, and discharge their weapons, it’s grounds for an execution.

  • Stew E

    This piece of shit should charged with murder and given the death penalty. He is such a monster there is no way he should be allowed to live

    • Such things happen under the stress of combat, and sometimes police work is a lot like being on a battlefield. That said, no one is in a better position to eliminate battlefield stress than the soldier who refuses to be unlawfully deployed or to obey unlawful orders.

  • anonymous4u4me

    What a pussy, what a disgusting piece of garbage that thinks he is a man and human. I hope he gets eaten by dogs in real life and is turned to dog poop. If this is NY’s finest they need help in their human resources dept.

  • disqus_vMNy1OacRQ

    So far I’ve read a lot of people agreeing with each other. I suggest look closer. The door was opened just enough to let the dog out, and no further. The dog was being used as a threat deliberately by the occupants. They did not come out to show any control of the dog, or even to say the dog was not a threat and is friendly. It was “sent in” to intimidate. It may have been a bluff. Don’t bluff with guns, that’s not what they are for. Don’t bluff with dogs lives, that not what they’re for, either. My dog, for instance is so friendly he tries to smile, like we do. Medium sized, but shaggy black fuzz ball looks solid, with those shiny white teeth and moves faster than a whippet, scares the shit out of some people, so I keep control on the whee boy till I know they’re OK with him. Blame a cop for being nervous when a powerful dog is sent in? Maybe, maybe not. Blame the cunts who sent the dog in like that. And then plead the victim routine. Yes.
    Absolutely, yes.

    • Chinbato

      I suggest you slit your wrists right now. That dog was CLEARLY no threat and the PIGS demanded the door be opened more. Its fucking retards like you that let shit like this fly. The dog was SHOT in a matter of seconds, so your “argument” is moot.

      Again, slit your wrists now. Or eat a bullet. Fucking slimeball.

      • disqus_vMNy1OacRQ

        Didn’t know the vid had sound, saw no indication the the police “demanded the door be opened more”. I’ll agree the dog wasn’t displaying attack/dominance signals (this is no guarantee of safety) and the cop was quick on trigger (not neccisarily a mistake, ever been a chew toy? I have as a kid, still love dogs, hate bad owners who use them as offensive weapons)

        As for slit your wrists, what the fuck are you? 1980’s teen bitch boohoo movie addict? Hahahah! Fuck wit

  • Chinbato

    Enough is enough. The police are not your friends.

  • Frank Energy

    A cop who doesn’t understand dogs, should be fired or stick with a desk job only.

    • A cop that isn’t omniscient is incompetent?

      • Frank Energy

        A cop who doesn’t understand dogs is incompetent, yes indeed. When faced with the citizens number one security device, a cop who doesn’t understand that, is not a cop, just a danger.

  • archer

    Classic case of “shoot first and then ask questions”.