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CBS Reports 2012 Election Results Early, Obama Wins

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October 22nd, 2012

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  • Dennis Patterson

    It is interesting to note that the powers “that think they are” show 17% voting for neither of the 2 major parties. It’s never been close to that. Makes you wonder what they are planning to do with that story.

  • johnd24

    Obama is a danger to this nation.

    • Mondo

      What is good for this nation, in the eyes of a fool,johnd24,is only that which is good for the fool.
      A nation which satisfies this fool, is on its way to irrelevance. There are too many of them, hence the still ongoing problem with white man still thinking to be superior to man of color. Too stupid to realize the inequities of his reasoning. Not helped by the fact that our education system is a failure. Hence this mentality.

  • Jean

    Perhaps it’s become time to invoke the Declaration itself?
    If it’s TRULY this far planned in advance (and I’d guess it is far worse than this hints at), these puppets are doign exactly what they are supposed to do: Driving the sheep (lemmings?) over the edge of a cliff. Because in the confusion there is PROFIT: Desperate people clinging to ANY hope for a future, even if it means One World Government / NWO / Global Currency / Mark of the Beast.

    Don’t need to be a conspiracy nut to see the writing on the wall… But it helps, when you’re looking for order: The order is there, yes; in the cracks, you see?

    Malkav’s gift, if you will. Cassandra’s curse. Same diff.

  • Jean

    re: Dennis / 17% voting for neither of the parties? THAT I would believe – too many people getting fed up with the bull.
    More interesting (can’t watch video at work) would be if they showed a higher percentage of total votes (% of votes :: eligible voters) then normal – and then we trend that data against prior elections to see what happens – do we have a trend of mroe or fewer people voting? And is this election anomalous?

  • midnightmom

    Why am I seeing a clip of People’s Court???

    • Ed Thomas

      Take a look at the bottom of the video and you will see the early election results that CBS aired during that episode of Peoples Court.

  • chris martel

    The station claimed that it was a test, I have never seen a test like that, if it were a test there should not have been any numbers except zeros. I am beginning to wonder if this “test” was done by a patriot working for the network to let us all know what is in store for us.

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