Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

Political Gamesmanship

Carly Fiorina Announces POTUS Bid, and the Internet Speaks

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Carly Fiorina, destructive former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, announced her POTUS bid today. The Internet does not approve.

USA FREEDOM Act: Just Another Word for Lost Liberty

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

A look at the USA FREEDOM Act’s details, as opposed to the press releases of its supporters, shows that the act leaves the government’s mass surveillance powers virtually untouched.

Christie Advisor Guilty in “Bridgegate” – DOJ

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

Federal prosecutors have announced charges against former allies of Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie related to the 2013 corruption scandal surrounding road closures near the George Washington Bridge.

Baltimore Mayor Who Said Officials Gave Protesters “Space to Destroy” Claims She Never Said It

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Then, of course, there’s that pesky issue of a law enforcement source confirming to Fox News that the mayor did indeed give her police chief a direct stand down order on Monday night…

12 Unanswered Questions About the Baltimore Riots That They Don’t Want Us to Ask

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Why did the Baltimore riots seem like they were perfectly staged to be a television event?

White House Refuses to Disclose Secret DHS Cellphone Kill Switch Order

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

The White House has refused to release information about a secret policy that permits the Department of Homeland Security to unilaterally shut down private cellphone service in the event of a national crisis.

Read Ted Cruz’s 2009 Defense of Obama’s Stimulus as an Aid to America’s “Economic Recovery”

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

What a total and utter hypocrite Ted Cruz is.

The White House Correspondents Dinner Was Oozing with Hypocrisy

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Every year, the White House holds a White House Correspondents Dinner. It is an opportunity for people to pretend that the American head of state is not guilty of a wide variety of high-level crimes.

Iranian General Accuses US of Organizing 9/11 Terror Attacks to Justify Middle East Invasion

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Nooooo. They wouldn’t do that… would they? Kill 3,000 of our own citizens just to create a freedom-less police state and theater of seemingly never ending multiple wars (on terror) for profit and empire?

Al-Qaeda’s Air Force: United States and Saudi Arabia

Saturday, April 25th, 2015

The truth is that the United States, NATO, and the GCC/Arab League are bombing in couched support of ISIS, increasing its gains and hold on power with every sortie fired.

Hillary’s Charities Suffer A “Geithner Moment”, Will Refile 5 Years Of Taxes

Friday, April 24th, 2015

The evidence continues to mount. Hillary Clinton is absolutely the wrong person for the job of President of the United States.

Jeb Bush Praises Obama for Continuing NSA Metadata Surveillance

Friday, April 24th, 2015

President Barack Obama isn’t likely to hear many kind words from Republicans looking to succeed him in office. However, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is praising him for continuing a controversial surveillance program.

No Matter Who Wins the White House, the New Boss Will Be the Same as the Old Boss

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

We have handed over control of our government and our lives to faceless bureaucrats who view us as little more than cattle to be bred, branded, butchered and sold for profit.

Ron Paul: The Drug War and the Prison-Industrial Complex

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Ron Paul discusses how drug warriors and the prison-industrial complex are working hand-in-hand to deliver big profits to the corporatists by maintaining one of the highest prison populations in the country in Idaho.

“Clinton Cash” Book Alleges Foreign Donations to Family Foundation Linked to Political Favors

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

A new book accuses the Clinton Foundation — run by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, her husband Bill Clinton, and their daughter Chelsea — of accepting quid pro quo donations from foreign sources while Mrs Clinton was secretary of state.

Viral Video Shows Exactly How Misinformed Americans Are Due to War Propaganda

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

What country in the Middle East do you think is the greatest threat to world security?

Ten Wonderful Things I’m Grateful for (Irony Alert)

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Since every volume on the nearly endless shelf of pop psychology self-help books recommends working up some gratitude as the key to happiness, I’ve conjured up a list of what I’m grateful for. (Please turn your irony setting on.)

“Any Reader of Orwell Would Be Perfectly Familiar” With US Maneuvers – Chomsky to RT

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Major American media organizations diligently parrot what US officials want the public to know about global affairs, historian Noam Chomsky told RT. To US leaders, any news outlet that “does not repeat the US propaganda system is intolerable,” he said.

102 Years of Taxation: Chart Shows How out of Control the IRS Has Gotten

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

It is probably not shocking to anyone to hear that the IRS is among the most hated and feared of the government agencies. A quick look at the history of the income tax might provide some hints as to why we despise the agency so much.

The Medical Cartel: Too Big to Fail, Too Evil to Expose

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Somehow, the FDA gets away with its crimes, its homicides. There are no alarm bells, no arrests, no hearings, no public statements, no press reactions, no shakeups at the Agency. The power of the medical cartel is gigantic.

Cisco Shipping Hardware to Bogus Addresses to Throw off NSA Intercept-and-Implant Efforts

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Cisco became an inadvertent (and very unwilling) co-star in the NSA Antics: Snowden Edition when its logo was splashed across the web by a leaked document detailing the agency’s interception of outbound US networking hardware in order to insert surveillance backdoors.

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush: Corrupt Successors to the Same Old Dynasties

Saturday, April 18th, 2015

Appointing the children, spouses or siblings of the old sell-outs insures that we’ll get the same ‘ole same ‘ole. Hillary and Jeb are just corrupt successors to corrupt aristocratic dynasties.

Media Attacks Assad as Terrorists Attack Civilians

Friday, April 17th, 2015

We must observe these events from a logical standpoint and always take whatever comes from NATO media outlets with a large grain of salt.

Will Washington Kill Us All?

Friday, April 17th, 2015

In the midst of these emotions and minds swayed not by facts but by propaganda, hubris, and ideology, there is a great chance that Washington’s response to a false alarm will bring the end of life on earth.

The Income Tax is Immoral and Unconstitutional – and Not (Just) for the Reason You Think

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

I have just paid my accountant more than a month’s worth of income to complete my tax returns…

Monsanto Is the Dept. Of Homeland Security for Food

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

It’s becoming clear that Monsanto is a key figure in “national security” concerns—protecting Monsanto at any cost equals protecting national security.

Look How Far Bloomberg Is Taking the Propaganda Against Kroger Grocery Stores for Not Banning Guns

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

How many times have you been shopping at a Kroger and seen someone walking around with a rifle strapped to their back anyway? I’ve shopped at Kroger randomly for over 30 years, and I’ve never seen it ever.

9 of the 11 Ebola Treatment Centers Built by Americans Have Never Seen a Single Ebola Patient

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Wow. And it only cost American taxpayers $1.4 billion dollars.

White House Releases Photo of Obama Posed with a Rainbow, Confirms How Dumb They Think You All Are

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

They must actually think the majority of America really is this utterly, mind numbingly stupid.

Chelsea Clinton Says Her Mom Hillary Should Be President for “Symbolic Reasons”

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

Because it’s all just a dog and pony show anyway, other answers the Establishment would have accepted from Chelsea included, “Because she has a vagina,” or simply, “Because reasons.”

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