Carly Fiorina Is Scary, but Her Hillary Clinton Diss at the Undercard GOP Debate Was Hilarious

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I know. Fiorina is scary and she’s basically there as a female stand-in to balance the fact that everyone knows Hillary Clinton could cannibalize a baby on the White House lawn and still get the Dem nomination.

Still, her Hillary diss at the Undercard GOP debate was pretty hilarious:

After saying how honored she was to stand on stage next to the other two guys who won’t be nominated, Fiorina promptly took Hillary to task, describing herself as someone who has “actually done things with her life” and, “unlike another women in this race,” who Fiorina did not name (even though there’s only one other woman in this race), “I actually enjoy spending time with my husband. ”

Oooh. Buuuuurn.

Don’t get me wrong. Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly is a warmongerer who openly brags in the debates about how she turned around a fleet of trucks full of computers destined for store shelves to be sold to the American people so that the NSA could fill those computers with backdoor spyware after 9/11. At the last big GOP debate she even made a comment about why can’t the DHS check people’s social media like their parents do. On practically every policy, she’s a horrible living nightmare. Like I said, she’s scary.

And most of us have long ago digested the fact that the Clintons’ marriage is a ridiculous sham for political purposes, but still. Carly went there.

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