Canadians Now Pledging to Build Their Own Wall to Keep Out Trump-Fleeing Liberals

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As social media buzzes with the news that Donald Trump will occupy the Oval Office for the next four years, Canadians have had an uncharacteristically abrupt reaction to the crashing of their country’s immigration website.


Democrats have repeatedly joked about fleeing to Canada if, in their eyes, the worst were to happen and Republican candidate Trump was elected as president.

But as liberals’ hopes of Hillary Clinton taking command of the White House diminished throughout election night, a sign emerged that earlier pledges to emigrate had some substance – Canada’s official immigration information website crashed.

Taking note from Trump’s campaign speeches and tweets, Canadians responded online to the website’s crash by announcing plans to build their own wall to block unwanted immigrants – “and guess who’ll be paying for it.”

Last year, Republican candidate Scott Walker considered building a wall along the Canadian border, saying it would be a “legitimate issue for us to look at.” However last February Trump admitted building a wall between the US and its northern neighbor would be “very hard” to do.

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  • OldeSoul

    Please…. Canadians cross the border into Montana in droves to buy stuff cheap, no sales tax here. Most of the cars in the Costco parking lot are Canadians loading up, then they stop at the liquor store and load up there. Even with the duty their own government charges, it’s still cheaper. They won’t be building any walls… unless they enjoy shooting themselves in the foot.

    • Razedbywolvs

      Never underestimate the Canadians propensity for Soaker’s.

    • RMS1911

      shooting themselves Canadians are skeered of guns

      • Mariewrea

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  • Mike

    lol, hey canada we don’t want them either.

    • none

      The Mexicans move to the US.
      The liberals move to Canada?

  • RMS1911

    they better build one two or they will be overrun with Mexicans claiming it belonged to their ancestors. I wonder if they know of the Clovis people?

  • niemo99

    Typical ‘progressive’ unconscious arrogance to think they can just pick up and move to a sovereign country as if it were another State – without asking the citizens of that country whether they’d be welcome. And you have to ask: why not Mexico?

  • Gil G

    Not if President Trump beats them first and builds a northern border wall.

  • j.hendricks

    I just realized I cannot go to canada anymore, now I have to update my passport, thank you libitards, and they can’t come here for health care now, we don’t have any.

  • SP_88

    Let them go. I say set up a charity to pay for plane tickets for fleeing Hillary supporters. Most of these ne’er-do-wells couldn’t afford to actually relocate to another country, and they will just stay here and whine and cry about being sore losers while being a drain on the economy and the country. So if there is a way to pay for them to leave, and sign a contract that they will never, ever come back, I think we should do it.
    These people contribute little to our country. They vote for the worst politicians that could possibly run for office. They lie, cheat and steal to get what they want or push an agenda onto us that nobody wants. I’m sick and tired of their bullshit. All they do is fuck up our country with bad policies, unConstitutional laws, regulations and executive orders, and epic greed and corruption.
    Get the fuck out of our country. Good riddance. And don’t come back. You people are a cancer in our society.

  • TrevorD

    My goodness America. With all this devised division, persecution and wall building you will be the next GAZA.

  • TorExitNodeUS

    The American Redoubt,

    You go girl.

    Carry on.

    Don’t fck with Idaho.

  • TorExitNodeUS

    Any one know when the next rendition of the virgina monologues is in the local theaters in Vancouver is?

  • seekaz

    We already have plenty of Marxist neo-socialists in high government office and it’s destroying our sovereignty and killing our freedoms. And like Trump’s wall, we are paying dearly for it. Keep em or deport them to an island somewhere. Thanks but no thanks eh…

  • seekaz

    And another note. Look what these equality bent, tolerant of all are doing to society when they don’t get their way…

  • cynic

    They may not get that far.

    Here’s something else which may become significant next year. The
    Russians have found evidence of the use of banned weapons, by the
    American sponsored terrorists in Syria, supplied by ‘NATO countries’.

    The international War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague may request a date with Hillary, and even Obama. All meals and accommodation supplied for as long as it takes. That could ‘trump’ all discussions of their legacies
    and pardons.

    ‘The Russian Government has sent a Hazmat team to investigate the allegation made by the Syrian Government on terrorists’ attack with chemical and other prohibited weapons. The Russian Hazmat confirmed the event, with the help of ANNA News, since the TV crew filmed last week the aftermath of the chemical weapon attack only hours after it occurred.
    The video will be used as part of the evidence against the terrorists,
    which are in fact backed by NATO. The Russian team not only confirmed
    the use of weaponized Chlorine gas but also the terrorist use also of
    prohibited white phosphorus. The video below clearly shows the
    investigation’s progress and the amazing moment when the shell released
    its poisonous gas.
    This is a solid case of use of CW by the very “moderate” terrorists
    supported and armed by NATO countries and Saudi Arabia/Turkey. The
    evidence is clear. Once the official report is out, there will certainly
    be a UNSC case against the very countries that backed those

    • none

      Do you think President Obama will be able to make a few. More enemies before leaving office?
      Do not worry, nothing will happen to them. Hillary has already transferred 1.3 billion from her charity. To an overseas bank.
      President Obama will move to Canada, and the US will end up with more countries hating US.