Canadian Government Orders Residents to Get Rid of Their Old Wood-Burning Stoves or Pay Thousands of Dollars in Fines

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by Daniel Barker

In a blatant attack on those who prefer living as self-sufficiently as possible, citizens of Montreal have been ordered to first register their wood-burning stoves, and then ultimately get rid of them within three years, unless they meet rigid air quality standards.

The deadline to register wood-burning stoves and fireplaces in Montreal was December 22, 2015, and the new emissions regulations will be implemented in 2018. Those who refuse to comply will be subject to fines, and those who are willing to adjust will be forced to pay for expensive modifications to their wood-burning stoves and fireplaces.

From the National

“Starting in 2018, wood-burning appliances will be banned unless they meet the rigorous new emission standards of 2.5 grams of fine particles or less per hour. The bylaw is among the strictest in North America, said Real Menard, the city’s executive committee responsible for the environment. Presently, transforming a stove or fireplace with inserts so that it is in compliance with the coming regulations costs between $2,000 and $8,000.”

Many outraged Montreal citizens have left comments on news articles and social media platforms regarding the new regulations, voicing the fact that they see the new standards for exactly what they are: an attempt to demonize those who prefer to avoid dependence on the grid for their heating and cooking needs.

One such comment on the National Post story was submitted by a man named Tristan Verboven, who hit the proverbial nail on the head:

“After thousands of years relying on fire as a source of heat, suddenly humans have discovered fire is so dangerous that we must use the power provided by a government monopoly instead. Yet somehow vehicle and industrial emissions are not worth eliminating. Thats [sic] would be way more complicated than inspecting people’s private homes to enforce a law everyone knows is a racket.”

Wood-burning stove bans already common in the U.S.

These types of bans are already becoming commonplace in the United States. And although the U.S. bans are not directly issued by the EPA, the agency has issued stricter emissions guidelines that make compliance with local wood-burning restrictions nearly impossible to meet without either expensive modifications or investment in expensive new EPA-approved stoves and fireplaces.


“It seems that even wood isn’t green or renewable enough anymore. The EPA has recently banned the production and sale of 80% of America’s current wood-burning stoves, the oldest heating method known to mankind and mainstay of rural homes and many of our nation’s poorest residents. The agency’s stringent one-size-fits-all rules apply equally to heavily air-polluted cities and far cleaner plus typically colder off-grid wilderness areas such as large regions of Alaska and the American West.”

The argument in favor of wood-burning stoves

Not only are traditional wood-burning stoves and fireplaces a time-honored American tradition, but there are also compelling arguments in favor of their use.

One of the most eloquent and reasonable defenses of wood-burning appliances comes from the website, in an article entitled The Argument In Favor Of Wood Heating. It’s a lengthy read, but it offers a detailed analysis of the benefits of wood heating.

An excerpt:

“Judged by coverage in policy discussions about our energy future, wood heating is virtually nonexistent. Most politicians don’t debate its merits or plan for its strategic use. …

“The one thing that almost no governments do is encourage householders to heat with wood. Fuelwood is the only renewable energy resource that most governments don’t seem comfortable with.”

In other words, even though wood is a renewable resource that could reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, it is being systematically outlawed by the authorities.

The only logical reason for this is that governments do not want to encourage self-sufficiency; they would rather keep us completely dependent on them and the energy companies they represent for all of our needs.

Wood burning bans are just another method that the Agenda 21-promoting authorities use to keep us helpless and under their strict control, while generating enormous profits for energy providers.


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    • EnemyOfTheState

      This is absolute truth/proof that any kind of registration leads to confiscation. Wood burning is already banned all over the US. Those Canadians registered their stoves and now look at the mess. They’re probably the same ones who registered their guns.

      • PARIS_GIRL

        registration leads to confiscation! YEAH!! LOOK AT HITLER!! REAL PROOF!! GOVT’S HATE US!

    • BigGaySteve

      People will say “you can have my woodstove over my cold dead hands”

      • I’d have no problem having a few sparks fly if looters came to take my heat source away

        • DebbieCaldwell

          Better ur heatsourse that your souls

      • or: “You can have my woodstove if you can carry it in your hot burning hands.” as they try to lift it off themselves during an unfortunate set of events that landed them in such a predicament

      • icetrout

        way too many people coming to North America,past time to close the door…

  • Mike

    government=enemy of all people.

  • august

    i know People who live in Canada
    i will ask About this

  • Nabi

    Canada is just following the policy of the majority America communities.

    • Which are following the mandates of Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030.



  • mirageseekr

    Perfect thing for mass civil disobedience and when they send the bill for the fine tell them what they can do with it.

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      It would be far more effective to pay the fine with bullets.

  • Adol Hintner

    All you have to do is weld one together with a welding iron. If they want to come to inspect it, cut it up with a cutting torch or saw.

  • Reverend Draco

    My stove, my house, my rules.


    • Your stove and house just need to be somewhere where we don’t buy or enforce the greenie weeenie crap.

  • Doral Hemm

    So…….. the rich will still have their high tech fireplaces to cuddle up in front of, but the untermensch will have what? …. maybe a video of one on the tv?

    • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

      Yes-and the opportunity to reflect on “the good old days”….

  • Pete752

    If they’re going to start this kind of shit over wood burning stoves, they had better also put an end to the chemtrailing/geoengineering bullshit that is making a whole hell of a lot more folks sick than any emissions from a wood stove is capable of.

    • You aren’t supposed to know about that.

    • Haruka Wind

      The real problem that is turning most people off wood heat is the fact that someone can burn almost anything including plastic, broken electronics and even batteries. Of course its against the law to do that but you know how it is when you can’t prove the jet black smoke coming from next door is burning rubbish and not some greenwood fetched out of the local creek. Those people ruin it for everyone else and think they get away with it until they get a knock at the door demanding them hand their wood stove over.


      HEAR!! HEAR!!

    • Pete752
  • Praetor

    Fines, if they go unpaid, become a lien on property, and only are satisfied if the property is sold. Never sell the property. The fine becomes meaningless. Government for and by the oligarchs. The saying of that old wise man, ‘they can go F themselves!!!

    • Smarty

      They will start all the usual bullshit after the lien. Foreclosure, wage grabbing, you name it. It’s time for civil disobedience on this one. Considering that (most of) those affected are probably of the country variety, it would seem possible that they can group together and just tell them to fuck off. I sure hope so…

      • Canada, being a British commonwealth, is still under the queen. America needs to restore and enforce her Constitution, as We the People should always have done, then we wouldn’t have these problems.

        • PARIS_GIRL


          • She is the final decision maker through the Governor General of Canada.

  • Indeed, the oppressors want to stifle self-sufficiency as much as possible!
    Personally, aside from self-sufficiency, I’ve always loved the smell, aroma of burning wood.
    Revolution is the only recourse!

    • Haruka Wind

      Theirs a huge difference between the smell of wood and burning plastic which stinks up the whole neighborhood for hours. The real problem is people abusing their stoves by burning plastic and other toxic rubbish in them.

  • Silverado

    They’re only banning the stoves that smoke. Get a new(er) one that doesn’t and you’re home free. This happened in Washington state here a few years ago and compared to how polluted the smoking wood stoves around the neighborhood used to be, this should have been done years ago. Oh and my latest generation wood stove still heats my 2100 square foot home nicely but it does it using a lot less firewood. These stoves are much more efficient. So there’s a financial incentive to make the change. Hey I dislike 99.9% of everything the govt does. But this article here is much toodoo over nothing really that pencils out for the homeowner, for a change.

    • lilred

      Hey let’s hear it for the homeless crisis here in Washington state!

    • BigGaySteve

      They are chasing diminishing returns. People need to be able to use stoves that don’t require electricity so that when the nigapocalypse happens you can have heat. NYC legalized peeing on the street, I wonder if they still kill blacks selling untaxed cigs?

      • akulkis

        Actually, they aren’t selling untaxed cigarettes. That guy they killed last summer was selling individual cigarettes out of PACKS that had already been taxed. The ordnance he broke was a local ordnance, because Manhattan store owners don’t like competition from street vendors — and is supposed to only garner a ticket. If he had been ACTUALLY been selling untaxed cigarettes (he had been charged with this before), the state would have sent him up the river — there’s nothing government hates more than someone openly defying tax laws — so they would have put him away for a couple of years, making it not worth the risk to continue. The problem here was the problem of cops everywhere these days — they all think Eric “muh authoritah” Cartman is a role model.

        • If they were already taxed, they could have gotten him on several other grounds: gouging, doing business without a license, selling tobacco to underage,…

          • akulkis

            “Gouging” is a made-up leftist activist’s term which has no actual meaning, let alone any appearance in law books. Doing Business Without a :License — supreme court has ruled that it is a civil right to be able to buy and sell things. Selling tobacco to underage is the only legitimate thing they could have got him on… IF they had a decoy do the purchase.

          • Got citations?

      • What are you going to do when you run out of dry wood, or can’t get it with your fuel-less vehicle?

    • Roddy Pfeiffer

      I live in China where a huge percent of the rural population heats and cooks with wood and straw. The smoke travels for hundreds of miles and is a big contributor to PM2 pollution.
      Wood heat is cool until everybody uses it.
      Get a modern stove. Use less wood and pollute less air.

      • berrybestfarm

        According to your logic it will all work out once the population is reduced.

        • As goes the population will go the pollution. The most obvious pollution source where I live is monster diesel truck exhaust plumes.

    • berrybestfarm

      My pocket book would thank me if I had the resources on the front end to buy a more efficient stove. As it is keeping my car running to get to work is a higher priority–as well as the cost of registering the car to be able to “legally” get to work.

      • Silverado

        Listen, I’m not unsympathetic to that cause. I’ve been there myself. A couple of things…the difference between 7 cords and 4 is substantial. Sell those 3 cords, save the money for a better stove? Maybe look for a used newer generation stove? Around here in the Sea-Tac metro area of Washington state Craig’s List has a few of them I see. There’ll be more in the off-season. The other thing? Burn dry wood. I know expert stove people already know to do this but even with an older stove, as long as you’re burning dry wood and you have the stove actually burning and not chocked down like while you’re at work, there will be a lot less smoke, maybe none if it’s burning hot enough. Anyway the final thought and the point at which you’ll know that you’re safe and basically undetectable is when you have a new(er) generation wood stove that doesn’t smoke. You don’t want to deal with some govt wonk asking stupid questions (or even writing a ticket) about why YOUR wood stove still smokes?? Then yopu know what you’ll have to do. Good luck!!

      • You might want to begin preparing to live in that car, in case you have to.

    • Haruka Wind

      Very well versed comment ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sounds like a pellet stove.

      • Silverado

        Pellet stoves are another solid alternative but you need electricity for those. I’ve seen pellet stoves that burn dry corn kernels. Hey, whatever you have around that burns!! Anyway, the newer generation wood stoves I’m talking about don’t require power although to move that heat around, electricity for some kind of fan would be a plus.

  • FiverPrometheus

    Any politician who supports this should be burned alive in a wood stove.

    • Haruka Wind

      Don’t blame them its the people burning trash in their stoves that are to blame.

      • FiverPrometheus

        I implore you to learn all you can about UN Agenda 21. Start by YouTubing Rosa Korie.

      • FiverPrometheus

        BTW the politicians don’t care about the environment. They just care about using it to dominate the public. If they cared about the environment they would speak out about Chem Trails , G.M.O.s , B.P.H. and the bee decline caused by pesticides. No they want your wood stove you weak pathetic slave !

        • Haruka Wind

          Ignorance is the root of many arguments and for your info people do burn rubbish in those things.

        • What makes you think they know anything more about any of that than most do?

          • FiverPrometheus

            I’ve often wondered what percentage of politicians are useful idiot tools of the NWO. No doubt many are ignorant and many are willing participants.

          • What is the difference between being useful tools of the NWO and being useful tools of ignorant voters?

          • FiverPrometheus

            No difference at all. Ignorance, apathy,denial and Stockholm Syndrome are all forms of treason.

    • The human body won’t burn at such a low temperature.

      • FiverPrometheus

        I’m just trying to get anyone who might be reading this to feel like we have the power to take back the government from the usurpers. But since you mention it green wood has to take time to dry before it will burn properly therefore we can dry out these traitors to freedom and humanity before burning them in wood stoves. I’m hopeful this response is to your satisfaction.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    WTF does it take for people who are supposed to be “free” to recognize tyranny??!!

    • Who is so free?

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        Is the subtlety of the quotations around the word free and that word also being prefaced with the word supposed so unclear? Seriously….

        • The word wasn’t prefaced by the word as much as it was describing the people.

  • M_111

    They are doing that in CA as well. Shit is just coming to a head.

  • jim_robert

    Good ol” Boy Wonder Trudeau is partially behind this. Expect the loonie to drop even further as he turns Canada into Zimbabwe.

    Of course, all the smoke stopped going up chimneys will be replaced by marijuana smoke in Trudeau’s socialist dystopia, but leftists are too stupid to figure that one out.

    • America is closer to Zimbabwe, economically, than Canada is likely to get.

  • whiteberry

    Electric heating bill for one winter season… $1500, wood bill for one winter season… $300. Who gets the $300… a hard worker. Hence, they want to make it illegal. Fuck those douche bags! I’m not giving mine up!

    • Haruka Wind

      All it takes is one bad apple burning plastic and other rubbish in their stove to turn a whole neighborhood against wood heat. Heck you can’t even open the window for some fresh air because of it and that doesn’t even touch on industrial pollution.

      • whiteberry

        Who opens their windows for fresh air when it is 30 degrees outside…?

        • Haruka Wind

          Anyone who has trouble breathing

        • My hatch is never closed when my stove is operating. Asphyxiation is not a pleasant way to die.

          • whiteberry

            Anyone who doesn’t know the difference between a window and a FLUE shouldn’t have a stove to begin with…

          • You show me the flue and I’ll be happy to open or close it.

          • whiteberry

            Wow… we’re talking about wood burning stoves for heat. Now I remember why I ignore you…

          • I am no more off topic than you are. Feel free to ignore common sense, since you eschew it.

    • You better be prepared to live like the unibomber, then.

  • the one

    The Canadians love their socialism. Now their socialism is gonna love them. Bend over Canada, get some!



  • Heres Albert

    Get rid of your wood burning stove or be spied on by this

  • BAN ALL FOREST FIRES,,, ALL OIL FIRES,,,,,,ALL COAL FIRES,,,,,,,ALL ENGINE FIRES/COMBUSTION……..ALL COMBUSTION OF ANY SORt,,,,,, fry your food on rocks in the sun, or tinfoil stoves, or really big magnifying glasses

    • Haruka Wind



        • Haruka Wind


          • ALL CAPS = YELLing…… at least back in the day it did

          • Haruka Wind

            Well to be truthful i just mirrored the style of your first comment

          • PARIS_GIRL


        • PARIS_GIRL


  • QV3

    Prince Philiph is grinning from ear to ear. His and hers De-population programme is successful.

  • Shut the full cup
  • berrybestfarm

    And of course the cost to the poor to do this thing (as opposed to not doing a thing–real law) will be covered by the government? No? Just goes to show how arbitrary law is: What was legal yesterday is illegal today and if you are poor you are a criminal.

    • Pete752

      “What was legal yesterday is illegal today”

      I call it the ‘assbackwardization’ of society.

  • Haruka Wind

    Maybe this wouldn’t be happening if people weren’t burning plastic trash in them and every other toxic substance under the sun!

  • icetrout

    Looks like Canada has a full house… NO ROOM FOR ANY MORE IMMIGRANTS !



    • No nuclear fuel is combustible.

      • PARIS_GIRL


  • Chris

    Burning wood is a carbon neutral activity. It doesn’t matter if you burn it or if it sits and rots the same carbon will be released. No difference.

    • The difference will be in the compounds in which it is released because of the difference in the chemical reactions involved. The organisms that do the rotting absorb the carbon as food. Your comment indicates that you don’t understand what carbon neutral means.