2016 Campaign Hits New High: Someone Skywrites Negative Comments about Trump over Rose Parade

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This presidential election is unlike any America has ever witnessed already, and election year just now hit. How much more entertaining will things get before November?

Take this for example.

Someone who obviously has a lot of dough paid for some very high tech skywriting to diss Donald Trump in the skies over the Pasadena Rose Parade.

Lines like, “Anybody but Trump,” “Trump is disgusting,” “Iowans dump Trump,” and “Trump – Bend over, get…” (cut off before the video ends) appeared in the air over the approximately one million people’s heads who show up for this thing every year.

Again, it has to be someone with enough money to afford not one, but the five planes it took to write all of these messages.

Breitbart is claiming it was a Rubio supporter. (Sheldon Adelson, perhaps?)

No, apparently it was Alabama millionaire real estate developer Luther Stan Pate IV.

Pate is the man who set up, on Dec. 29, a new anti-Trump Political Action Committee. FEC filings show that Pate is listed as the Treasurer and Custodian of Records for the new group entitled the “WeThePeople Foundation.”

Not that Trump is so wonderful here, but Rubio? Really? Guess Pate supports amending the Constitution, something Rubio has said will be his first order of business as President of the United States.

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  • Mike

    The more his opponents on both sides attack him, the better he looks. No more establishment candidates EVER.

  • Dan Morgan

    I’m sure security was pretty tight for this event, so this little stunt had official approval before the fact.

    • Why would skywriting require any more security than just flying across the sky?

      • Dan Morgan

        Since 9/11, just try flying over a large public gathering without clearance.

  • Bruce
    • sunshine

      So who will you be voting for?

  • sunshine

    Lol they are so desperate, they feel they’re losing control and the sheeple are getting restless…..uh oh!

  • NonYo Business

    If People still think… election after election… that it matters whom the President of the USA is… then they aren’t paying FKING attention. Damn Sheep.

    • whiteberry

      I agree!

    • It would matter if the president were a competent administrator with a dedication to honoring their oath to protect and defend the Constitution, but since the majority of the military can’t keep the same oath…

  • ccambridge

    Pate is filled with hate.

  • whiteberry

    If I had that much money to throw away I think I would do something beneficial… like feeding the homeless… what a douche!

    • In case you haven’t noticed, doing that can get you arrested. Depending on what you fed them, you might not be doing something beneficial.